The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Swallow the sun

Hi dear blogfriends, i wasn't that much on the internet lately, being busy, and also the sun that invites me to sit in the garden doing nothing but draw. I will be even more quiet because next sunday i will be away for about two weeks. Enjoying even more sun i hope, but relaxing and drawing for sure. :-) I have neglected my blogfriends a bit, but i promiss after the holidays i will visit you all again. And i have much to tell, much exciting good news.  Enjoy the holidays if you have holidays, enjoy summertime when the living is easy. And for my friends on the other side of the world stay warm and cosey in the wintertime.
A big hug to you all!!!

At the moment I
read: Schim (If he lived) by Jon Stephen Fink
see: i close my eyes for awhile because they're tired, so i see fun thoughts popping up in the dark
hear: the sound of the fan
think: about a new home next year
feel: excited about the holidays and about a new home......