The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


More organic worlds

Hi there my dear readers, at the moment i am not that much on the internet. I have a muscle disease and at the moment it's a bit rebellious towards my body. So i am a bit silent, but i hope to visit my favourite blogs soon again. For now some new insects and organics. I hope you'll enjoy it. Until later, i catch you soon. :-D










Let's play hide and seek!
I was already at the doorstep
as he asked me
who is who?


Poetical thoughts for my drawings

Innocent little town

If i withdraw
and fall silent
for a long time
where wander my thoughts?

To the home
with secret places
where i hided
but never thought safe.

He felt a terrible weakness
She moved in an intense way
The sky above was cloudless
Her eyes had too much too say

And where is he now?

Just forget

My breath fails me while dreaming.
Crimsonred blot my thoughts.
I try to banish
the vague shadows of a dark day
with blue skies
in a sunny eternity.

English is not my mothertongue, but i love to write in english because it makes me think better in what i want to say, what to express. If there are any HUGE grammatical faults in my writings, please let me know. I'll appreciate it. Thank you.


I proudly present

Ladies and gentlemen, i proudly present you my son, who shows you his favourite pages of my booklets. "Now i am famous, right mama?" he asked me. ;-) Sweet, isn't he? But yes, i am also proud of this 2 booklets i made with some of my best drawings (i think) from 1994 till 2008. In it also some poems and information. If you are interested, you can find them in my (new) blogshop. Soon to come more booklets, cards etc....

And for now two lovely pictures of my youngest beloved one: