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I proudly present

Ladies and gentlemen, i proudly present you my son, who shows you his favourite pages of my booklets. "Now i am famous, right mama?" he asked me. ;-) Sweet, isn't he? But yes, i am also proud of this 2 booklets i made with some of my best drawings (i think) from 1994 till 2008. In it also some poems and information. If you are interested, you can find them in my (new) blogshop. Soon to come more booklets, cards etc....

And for now two lovely pictures of my youngest beloved one:


Manon Doyle said...

Your son is so sweet and now you can tell him that he is famous!!!

Rachel said...

Momo, du kannst echt stolz auf deinen Sohn sein. Ja klar, er wird berühmt und lieb aufgenommen wie seine Mama..

Kinder sind echt der größte Schatz, den wir besitzen..

Ich danke dir herzlich für die Besuche bei mir und die liebevollen Kommentare..

herzlichst, Rachel

Leslie Avon Miller said...

What a fine job he has done! And yes, he is famous now. Someday I will be able to say, and I knew him when he first appeared on the internet!

Caio Fernandes said...


Renee said...

I love the book, but oh my goodness I love your son, he is adorable.

Please let him know I asked for his autograph.

Love Renee xoxo

Annie said...

Dag 'zoon van Momo', je mag fier zijn op je mama. Ze kan mooi tekenen en schilderen, ze kan goed met computer overweg, ze kan goed Engels, ze heeft een mooie blog, haar boekjes zien er leuk uit... En vooral, ze heeft een flinke lieve -tot in het buitenland bekende- zoon waar zij zo trots op is.
Groetjes uit België.

jbkrost said...

he's a fine looking young man!
your work is a strong as ever
congrats on the booklets


schöne Präsentation .....

Lilo said...

Wunderbar ... wie stolz er aussieht!

Elisabeth said...

Your work is brilliant, your son amazing, so Dutch.


It is wonderful you have encluded your happy boy here. You can tell him he is famous on Cape Breton Island Canada.

Great books too...

Momo Luna said...

To all: thank you so much for the sweet comments. It's a petty you can't see my son (Emil Lucius)glowing right now. In real his smiles are even more charming. :-D

@ Rachel: your welcome and my comments come from the heart.

@ Manon: it's so sweet he now really believes he's thát famous.

You never know Leslie. He's a clever chessplayer, who knows.... ;-)

He waves at you Caio!

@ Renee: he laughed 'cause he doesn't have an autograph yet.

Je laat me blozen van plezier Annie. Mijn echte naam is trouwens Monica. :-)

Thank you so much jb.

The same thing i thought Atelier Middelmann.

Yeah, so proud and sweet indeed Lilo.

Ha Elizabeth,
yes he's Hollands prosper. And (also very dutch i think) a very good footballplayer. He's in the selection team.

Hello Apollinaire,
always nice to see you here. Cape Breton Island Canada is very impressive, i can tell you that. I had to look it down and show Emil where exactly that is. :-D
And yeah i am happy with the books.

Sweet greetz to you all and a 'boks' (special greet) from Emil.