The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


What is it?

It must be spring, it sure is looking at this drawing. Because of the beautiful weather (and being busy as well) i spend my time outdoors as much as possible. That's the reason i am not too often behind my desk staring at the computer.  But at the end of the week the weather will be colder again and rainy,  giving me time to pay a visit to all my favourite blogs again. I promise, okay? ;-)
Friends, enjoy spring or fall, both such wonderful seasons of the year. 


I wish we can share all

read: Le mur - Sartre
taste: hot coffee

see: the sun shining 
hear: Silver swans
smell: the spring in the air
touch: the grass on my feet
think: about better times coming my way
feel: lots of joy because of the spring, yeay!


Keep breathing, let's talk about it later

Still working on drawings and paintings for the series Malleus maleficarum.  I wanna place the drawings in black boxes, so that you have to peep inside the boxes to see the drawing. And i paint the silhouettes of the women on large canvasses. White silhouettes on a dark black and red background.

Keep breathing
This drawing is a try out. I've painted all day long on a canvas, working out this idea. One painting finished, and i am happy with it. The silhouette is even more plain white.  Soon i will be posting it.

Let's talk about it later
The silhouette of the try out is from the drawing above. But i have decided that this drawing will not be in the series Malleus maleficarum. Because of the colors (green and blue). The Malleus maleficarum women will only be in white, red and pink. I noticed that these colors emphasize their nudity and therefor there vulnerability.  And that's what i wanna express in these drwings.

read: The memory game * Nicci French
taste: sweet white wine  ~  smell: japanese water incense
hear: Blithe field * illuminating moments  ~  touch: the skin of my paint smutted hands
think: about painting  ~  feel: happy and a bit restless


Exposition PRIKKEL draad

The day before the opening there was an article in a big Dutch newspaper (De Volkskrant) An interview with the curator of the exposition. The proloque says:

On the exhibition Prikkeldraad we see the dark and uneasy side of sex. 'Glossynude' and 'SBS6-sex' have a drawback. (SBS 6 is a commercial TV station, they had softporn in the late hours of night, nowadays it's a rightminded commercial station but the slogan SBS6 sex is still be used) This is why curator and writer Claar Griffioen made this exhibition. This is her perspective.
The shady side of sex is also reality. No glossy dream sex, nothing manipulated, but the naked truth. Everybody know the drawback of sex, but most of the time we hide it away.

It was a great opening, the gallery looks great, a spatial gallery and as an old squatter i like the squat history of this gallery.  They do a lot for the neighborhood and also lots of activities for kids. The opening speech was held by professor  Henk Oosterling, philosopher. A speech with humour and eyeopeners. Great art, although there have to be more uneasyness for my personal flavour. Or maybe i don't feel uneasy easily about sex.  I am proud to be participant in this exhibition.  And who knows what new roads it will bring for me.  The world broadcasting services thought my drawings as one of their favourites. Yeay! And it was such fun to watch people looking at my drawings. I had to hold myself, feeling like a kiddie in a candystore. LOL A much much better experience than the artmarket i must say.  This feels good, tasting for more.
Oh yeah and not to forget: the music on this opening was awesome. Scherzo Mechanica: Peter Zegveld and Dolf Planteijdt.

Some impression photo's, not all good quality, but soon more..........
poster PRIKKELdraad

On the road, Rotterdam harbours.
Almost there, where all the people are.

Here they are, my babies.
Inbetween two masturbating men paintings.
What does he think of it?

Another spectator.

read:Prikkeldraad, about sexual sadness and uneasyness. Stories from different writers.
taste: salty peanuts 

hear: Suicide
 with Dream baby dream and after that Bjork with Unravel, such a beautiful song.....
touch:the soft fur of my redhaired tomcat Willie 
think:about art and several themes/concepts for next drawings and paintings 
feel:happy and exhited for new possibilities.