The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


I blow you a sweet Christmas kiss!

Tomorrow it's Christmas day! Soon this year will end and i'm looking forward to a new year. What will 2011 bring me? 
This year, 2010, has had it's ups and downs but i'm so lucky that it ends as a happy one. There's hope and  my problems are slowly turning into possibilities.
This year was a very wonderful year for blogging. I'm so happy to meet nice people (YOU!) from all over the world. And i am so very, very happy with all your kind comments and support. Bringing me joy, confidence and also inspiring thoughts and ideas as well. I appreciate your visits and comments so much, even more than you will know. It's so great to send my fellow bloggers some of my drawings or cards at times. And i'm always surprised by the sweet packages i receive in return. I don't expect anything in return, but my sweet blogger friends are also kindhearted  and enjoying the happiness of giving. Thank you all! 

Sweet Rachel, i am so very happy with your wonderful book full of your even more wonderful poems. You are such a kind and sweet lady. Your sweet comments and support always make me smile and every time i read your poems i hear sweet laughter like bright little bells......

Our country and i'm sure all over the world is retrenching on expences. My Christmas wish is a hopeful one:
Don't retrench on your heart. 
You, my dear visitors have a kind heart for leaving me such wonderful comments and support. So therefore i give you this heart of gold.

I wish you all nice Christmas days and a fantastic new year full of LOVE, friendship, warmth and lots lots of creativity!!!  Kisses for all of you and even more kisses for my special friends (you know who you are) ;-)  I'll be off line till january, so see you later!



I should do a new post today (every tuesday) but i'm in bed because i have catch a cold. So lots of sleep, drinking lots of water and eating much oranges for me. The new post have to wait till next tuesday.
Sweet greetz to all of you and stay warm and healthy!



I've made some new organic worlds/ edited drawings.

Hungry little birds

The knife

Two royal children (Er waren twee koningskinderen)


And here are the winners:

 The winner of my original drawing Autumn, i miss you most of all  is: 
 Robert * Always 11 o'clock

And the two winners of a card or button of your choice from my Splash splash shop are:
 Martine * Atelier Colore

Laura * Nouvelles couleurs

Congratulations my friends. If you all will send me your adresses i'll send you (Robert) the drawing and Martine and Laura the card or button of their choice. Martine and Laura you can choose from my shop here.  If you mail me your choice i will order it for you and send it to your homes. :-) 

This was such fun, next year another give-away. I love to give.....