The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


i search for the moon

In the beginning of this year i told you about new paintings i was working on. Here she is, a new goddess from the FERTILITY series. It was a bit of a struggle in the end, but i am so happy that i made her complete today.
Just like Caio i complain about the colours, because for real the blue is very bright, her hair and body has lots of colors, more than you can see on the screen. And i welcome all my new blogfriends......


Spleen * But now i have my warrior glove

Life is treating me well these days but nevertheless i feel a bit blue and insecure. Especially occuring my work. :-s Wondering why bother, why do i have this urge to create, and worse; feeling insecure about it. And being secure about it at the same time. Pffff split thoughts haha. Driving me crazy.
While feeling blue and all, a package arrived at my door. I knew it would come and i opened it with a heart filled with joy. The package came from the USA. Sweet, wonderful Gabriella had made a beautiful wristee inspired by my art. She posted it as a  puzzle, nobody guessed by whom she was inspired but i saw it immediately. But i didn't dare to guess it right away, seemed so self-sufficient. The story she wrote about this wristee is wonderful. It makes it even more special. I am very happy with it! The wristee is soft and warm, and has beautiful silvercolored beans and button. To bring the warriorfeel that makes strong. And my favourite colors that brings joy. So if i feel blue, insecure or sad again i put on my warrior wristee, play my favourite warrior music and dance, dance, dance! Dear Gabriella, thank you so very much for this gift that brings me so much. And i'm honoured that my art inspired you. 

 I made some drawings: SPLEEN   *  More about spleen you can read here.

It's good to be on the www again. I will pay you all a visit soon! Kisses my darling blogfriends. :-)