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Fun stuff and a GIVE-AWAY

Today Holland is coloured orange everywhere. Because today it's Queensday and that means lots of old folklore but also lots of music, theatre and free markets. People partying, having fun, wearing the strangest hats and for some people it means also lots of beer. Since i have kids i behave myself, thank you. ;-) It also means many people on the streets, very, very busy. I don't like that myself. Not anymore. But there are also activities in the parc.

Tomorrow is also partytime because it's Chris' birthday. It would be nice if you leave a comment on his blog. :-D Time flies, he becomes 14! Sometimes i think he's growing too fast haha. But he thinks he grows too slow.
And sunday also a little party. The presentation of a new book 'Nu je er niet meer bent.' (Now you're gone) It contains letters daughters wrote to their mother who has passed away. Daughters who lost their mother at young age, daughters who lost her when they are middle aged themselves etc... Some stories are cheerful, some sad, some funny or all three at the same time, but all stories are touching. I have written a letter to my mother also. The book is in Dutch. More information you can find here.

Because of all these fun things, ánd because of the expansion of my website with webshop ánd because of a new booklet; Strange organic worlds and also new cards, i think it's great to celebrate this with a give-away. Also as a thank you for all the nice and sweet comments, greetings, support and e-mails i received from you. That's so nice and much appreciated.

I wanna dispose two of my booklets: Strange organic worlds and also 4 x a beautiful card (of your choice). You can see pages of the booklet here. If you are interested and wanna take place in the lottery, just leave a comment. Saturday 8 may i will pick the winners.

Also i wanna welcome the new follow dreamers of my blog. Nice seeing you here.
Enjoy your weekend and dream about orange balloons!


For you, my friend

Hi dear readers,
i am a happy blogger because it's so good to make blogfriends who support you and leave nice comments. And it brings joy to support yóu and leave nice comments myself as well. At the moment i can't keep up with you all because of a lack of energy and some sorrow and troubles.

I have a chronicle muscle disease and there are moments that i can't do much mostly because i'm soooooooooooo tired then. I have to avoid stress and negativ emotions because that strengthen the effects of my disease. But how can i avoid that? I told the doctor that life is also with stress etc... ;-)

So at the moment i am a little bit low, but i know it'll be better again soon. The reason i write this post is because i want my loyal readers to know that i appreciate your comments and support very much, they make me happy! That i also still follow all your lovely blogs as well, but that there are moments that i'm a bit silent (not forgetting you or being rude). And it's notthat bad, don't worry, i have learned to deal with it. As i wrote to someone: i have learned to float instead of drowning.

Ha! i was worried you might think that i don't care or something because of the silence and i'm not commenting. Yeah yeah i know i am a pleaser...... but it comes from my heart.
I wanna let you know: i love you all!!!
Therefore soon there will be another give-away to show you my gratitude.
For now i'm gonna daydreaming in the sunlight.

Keep dreaming about new horizons......

Secret whispers


For real, that's so awesome!

Yesterday i had a sad, melancholic day. Today i had a hard day at work, but this day ends so good. I received mail from Caio with a great drawing and such sweet words on it.
And again; it's such a moving experience. I'm a huge fan of the work of Caio, it's so wonderful to see his work on his blog. It's even a better feeling to hold his book in your hands and you can study and admire all his work. But to hold a drawing from an artist you admire for real in your hands, that's emotional. A great feeling!

Thank you dear Caio for this wonderful gift. It's a comforting warmth after two difficult days. Kisses for you!!!


Art that circles the earth project

Shana Goetsch invited me for her Art that circles the earth project and i am more than happy to participate in this project. I sended her my first step and vice versa, she sended me hers. Shana has already received her package but unfortunately the package she had send me is stuck at the douane. I had to fill in a list in which i had to describe the content of her package and what it's worth (for taxes) so i hope that i finally will receive her package monday. You can follow our steps here.


A taste of life

I hope you all had a wonderfull Easter, like i did. The second Easter day was great; i painted all day long!
I finally finished my Taste of life painting, based upon a drawing of mine that's very dear to me. (A little girl....) I started the painting but it was a big struggle, i couldn't finish it. It wasn't good enough for what i wanted to tell. So it stood there in my room, whispering for attention. But i resisted all those whispers and let it be.

Yesterday i started a new painting. The first steps, the base and i am pleased. Curious what will become of it. But then i had to stop, it was enough for that moment. I felt a bit frustrated for being stuck.

My eyes dwell through the room and there she was, the little girl so old. Silent. I looked at her, afraid to approach her. But she was calm and my restlessness resolved in the air. I took a deep breath and started to paint. And paint. Until this girl could tell all she wants to tell. That makes me so happy. Now she has finished her story and i fell in love with her. I am so content on how she grew. I hope you also like my little girl, so old in her shoes. I haven't a good camera so i have posted the painting twice. One inside the house and one outside in the sun but with shadows (i like the shadows btw) I hope you get a bit an idea of the colors etc. The tree is black with red scratches, the earth is also with lots of scratches so you can see many layers. It's a pity this isn't so clear on the picture. But here is my new painting

A taste of life.