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Fun stuff and a GIVE-AWAY

Today Holland is coloured orange everywhere. Because today it's Queensday and that means lots of old folklore but also lots of music, theatre and free markets. People partying, having fun, wearing the strangest hats and for some people it means also lots of beer. Since i have kids i behave myself, thank you. ;-) It also means many people on the streets, very, very busy. I don't like that myself. Not anymore. But there are also activities in the parc.

Tomorrow is also partytime because it's Chris' birthday. It would be nice if you leave a comment on his blog. :-D Time flies, he becomes 14! Sometimes i think he's growing too fast haha. But he thinks he grows too slow.
And sunday also a little party. The presentation of a new book 'Nu je er niet meer bent.' (Now you're gone) It contains letters daughters wrote to their mother who has passed away. Daughters who lost their mother at young age, daughters who lost her when they are middle aged themselves etc... Some stories are cheerful, some sad, some funny or all three at the same time, but all stories are touching. I have written a letter to my mother also. The book is in Dutch. More information you can find here.

Because of all these fun things, ánd because of the expansion of my website with webshop ánd because of a new booklet; Strange organic worlds and also new cards, i think it's great to celebrate this with a give-away. Also as a thank you for all the nice and sweet comments, greetings, support and e-mails i received from you. That's so nice and much appreciated.

I wanna dispose two of my booklets: Strange organic worlds and also 4 x a beautiful card (of your choice). You can see pages of the booklet here. If you are interested and wanna take place in the lottery, just leave a comment. Saturday 8 may i will pick the winners.

Also i wanna welcome the new follow dreamers of my blog. Nice seeing you here.
Enjoy your weekend and dream about orange balloons!


Rachel said...

Meine liebe Monica,

Ich Freue mich, es geht dir Sicher Wieder Besser, ich Hoffe es Wirklich ..

Ein feines dir, Sonniges Wochenende ..

Herzlichst, Rachel

Caio Fernandes said...

ahhh it seens so exiting , all this Celebration !!
and Chris !!
happy birthday !!

just good news ! great .
all the best Monica !

William Michaelian said...

It’s great to see the website developments. Looking wonderful. Good wishes to Chris for his birthday.

I already have your beautiful Torch, so I won’t enter the drawing — more luck for everyone else.

You are a good generous soul, as only such a great artist can be.

And now I miss our old orange tree!

Tammie Lee said...

I found you while on Jasmine's Facebook page, your profile image stood out for me amongst her friends and I followed your links to here. I took a peak at this book you are giving away, it is charming. It sounds as though you are having a full and fun weekend. Lovely to find you.

Elisabeth said...

Ahh the joys of orange, and such wonderful excuses to celebrate. Happy Queens Day, Happy Mothers day and Happy Birthday Chris.

Cynthia said...

Yes, Momo, count me in please. The booklets
are beautiful and surreal as is your blog.

Orange ballons! The height of creativity and
joy - the temperature promises to be in the
80's today - so it is the perfect day for
orange ballons.

*Momo, please visit my blog poemflesh2. to read
and comment on the dialogue between the poet
Nevine and myself - I pretty sure you will
enjoy this dialogue - Thank you.

whitney-anne said...

Hey Momo you're really promoting your work in such a positive way! Keep on keepin' on!!

yvette said...

vandaag blauwe ballonnen voor jou!

Inkpunk Artworks said...


I'm glad you are back, I missed you!

I remember Queensday well, and Pinkster. Always big parties and festivals. The Dutch know how to have a good time!

I will pop on over and leve Chris a comment, I hope the weekend has been going well for you. I'm getting ready for my second market day and will give an update tonight or tomorrow.

Going to the post office on Monday to drop something in the mail to you!

Take care,

Poetic Artist said...

Your work is so wonderful. Fun times and happy bday's. Life is wonderful. You are really working.

Marie-Aimée said...

good wishes to Chris for his birthday and happy Queens day
the book looks wonderful !!!
count me in please
have a nice day

kathrin said...

enjoy the may !!! bigh hugh Kathrin

Helmi said...

Hoi Momo,
Fijn dat je reageert op mijn blog, dankjewel.
Groet Helmi

Patience said...

My spouse happens to a big dutch soccer fan -- so I've often heard of this mythical Orange Time...! Well, celebrations are always fun -- especially when tied to old traditions. Best to you!


ALeks said...

Hi Momo,I saw the parts of book about daughters and mothers,it broth tears in my eyes,as you might know my mom is faraway from me and I miss her terrible,I love the idea and the final result how it came out,the book!! Wonderful! I just went to wish belated Happy birthday to Chris and I want to congratulate you and your beloved for such a clever,talented jong man, :O)I love your blogs,the other one I did not visit that often but that I want to change!
Have a beautiful week and loads of good love,smiling smiles and warm hugs! Doeg! Aleksandra XOXOX

Zom said...

It's a wonderful booklet. I like the way your mind creates.

Laura said...

happy birthday, chris:) count me in for the drawing. beautiful.

Momo Luna said...

Liebste Rachel,
es geht mir besser, das stimmt. :-)

Tnx dear Caio,
all these celebrations were fun. Chris also says tnx for the congratulations. :-)

Thank you William,
yes i'm please with the site and it's fun to build it up step by step.
Btw you were the first one that received this booklet. :-D
An orange tree in your garden, that's great!
Sweet greetz.......

Hello Tammie Lee and welcome.
It's always nice to meet new people.

Haha Elisabeth, you're so right. Wonderful excuses to celebrate, we're very good at that.

Hi Cynthia,
thank you for your lovely comment, i'll visit your blog in a moment to follow this dialogue. :-)

Tnx Whitney,
yes it's fun to do a give-away once in awhile. And it's a positive way to promote my work for sure. I got lovely comments on your brooch. :-)

Dank je Yvette, je bent een lieverd.

Ha Brian, that was good to read; that you missed me. :-D I must say a break from blogging once in awhile brings some peace, but on the other hand i really miss my blogfriends too. Amazing isn't it? But so wonderful....
Oh yeah Pink pop is coming up also.
Tnx for your email and you're sweet for bring me some mail. :-D

Thank you Katelen, life is absolute wonderful. Today i have been painting a lot. :-D

I will Marie-Aimee, thank you for commenting.

I enjoy may Kathrin. Springtime; 3 birthdays (Chris, my love and i)
Big hug for you too!

Hallo Helmi,
graag gedaan en jij ook bedankt voor het reageren.

Thank you Patience. Ah yes, the mythical orange time can be fun. Orange is a happy colour. :-)

Lieve Aleks,
ja, ik kan me voorstellen hoe zwaar het moet zijn je moeder niet te kunnen zien. De presentatie van het boek was heel mooi, ook met een film erbij. Toen waren er vele tranen bij velen. Ik heb de eerste drie verhalen gelezen, zo verschillend, maar alledrie heel erg ontroerend. Ik kreeg ook goeie reacties op mijn bijdrage. :-)

Lieverd, een dikke pakkerd voor jou, en ik stuur je warme zonnestraaltjes. XOXO

Thank you so much Zom. :-D

Hi Laura,
i count you in. It isn't a drawing but a booklet and also some cards. :-D

Everybody thank you so much on behalf of Chris for the birthday greetings, he appreciates it a lot. :-)
Sweet greetz to y'all!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Beautiful work, here. Off to check on your other blog.... -J

Jasmine said...

Your work if beautiful. Good to see that you are back and feeling better xJ

Momo Luna said...

Thank you very much Harnet-Hargrove. :-)

Tnx jasmine, i think your work is beautiful as well! Yes, i'm happy to feel better. And now i've got to take care and not consuming my energy all at once. ;-)

Momo Luna said...

Thank you very much Harnet-Hargrove. :-)

Tnx jasmine, i think your work is beautiful as well! Yes, i'm happy to feel better. And now i've got to take care and not consuming my energy all at once. ;-)

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Wow! I just made it under the line - this would be something I would love to receive!!! Queensday looks so cool and thanks for your comment on my blog.

jbkrost said...

sign me up momo..
read your answer to (The Meaning)
good answers