The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE



Hi there dear blogfriends. Im back on the www and that makes me happy. I missed you all a lot for sure and i soon will pay your blogs a visit. New paintings and drawings i wanna share with you and i am so very curious how you all are doing. I will pop up on your blogs leaving a comment pretty soon. 

This is what i wrote some hours ago. The comment of dear Caio, i just read, made me blush. Am i too distant? But i am not a writer or storyteller. I dont wanna bother you with too much blabla. And yes, i do have a lot to tell, but i find it difficult to write it down in a blog, mostly. And i have some periods that im as closed as an oyster.  But i can tell you ofcourse that i love my new home, it feels good and safe. A house with lots of light. Less room then we used to have but thats good for cleaning up. Getting rid of stuff we really dont need. And i dont miss it so i didnt need it for sure.  But our new home isnt as complete as it was. Our darling red cat Willie Wortel alias Willie Wartaal is missing. For almost three weeks now.  Ofcourse we searched the neighborhood, leaving flyers anywhere. But im still hopefull he will come home soon. I keep my fingers crossed.   

I also can tell you that i feel pessimistic about our world. As if we, the people, are getting more and more angry, intolerant, hateful.That we are destroying our world, myself included and that most people dont seem to care. That all what\s happening in the world is puzzling me, bothering my mind. That i find selfishness, indifference even in my near surroundings.That i dont wanna be fearful and afraid, but i am at times. That i dont wanna bring fear and confusion to my boys but tell them about love and respect for all people. No matter what they come from or believe in. That im happy with the internet for connecting with you, beautiful people, showing me that love and connection is indeed all what matters and that this excist. And didnt i tell you that i have missed you?
I can tell about the frogs and toads in my garden making me happy, that i love to listen to the birds singing. That being aware of the scent of nature > grass and plants after some rain, chasing all dark clouds away.
 And most of all that im happy that all i cant find the words for find a place in my dreams, drawings and paintings. 

PS i cant find the apostrophe on my computer keyboard, very frustrating LOL
Love u Caio