The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Seaflies hearts roses (more organic worlds)

Some new organic world images. Two with a new feel i think; deep down on the bottom of the sea.



La vie en rose

You can buy cards of these images at my shop.


Work in progress

It was such lovely weather, so i could paint in the garden.

How a city grows upon my canvas..........

Detail; earthmother needs some air.

~Dream about green horizons and fresh air~


Some old stuff

First i wanna welcome all new followers. Thank you, nice seeing you here.
It was a very busy, hectic week, my birthday ( i had a great weekend, tnx all who wanted to know) the birthday of my love, very busy at work, ending the week with a heavy migraine. But today it's less worse and the sun is shining all weekend, time to relax. I'm also busy with a large painting, almost finished, i hope this weekend. So no new work to upload, but i post some old stuff. Not that great, but fun to show i think.

This one is a collage i made for the group MIST (meaning fog) Two friends of me and i having a good time. I was singing and playing toy instruments. The girl on the left did drums and backing vocals, the girl on the right was playing the guitar and singing as well. We had a growing group of fans. Too bad we had to stop for several reasons. Sometimes i miss it a lot.

In my early twenties i was very active in the punk and squat scene. This is a quick sketch of what i saw those days. It's not so good, but now i am charmed of the naive style of this. :-)

At that time i was very idealistic and a bit naive. I made collages like this, to make some statement and hung it everywhere in the city. I did this with my love and a good friend of mine. I've lost her out of sight and wonder where she is right now and what she's doing?

I really don't know what i was thinking when painting this one. ;-)
I wish you all a great weekend!

Dream some melancholic dreams.


Great paintings from Brian! I'm a lucky girl.......

Friday the 7th of may i received a package from Inkpunk's Brian. It arrived at my home earlier than expected, fast mail this time. I was so happy because i knew that in it there was this wonderful painting with the tarsier. The generosity of Brian to send me this painting. How amazed i was when i discovered that there was not one, but two paintings in the package! Also the eye in the bright red and black. Ofcourse a kind letter, some beautiful cards (i will spread them dear friend) and a great sticker (3x) with a skull.
The stickers are very cool Brian, are these your design? If so, you should sell these too. Or maybe you are. :-)
Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts, for being a friend.
Now i have 4 (!) paintings of Brian and i'll hang them together on a nice spot. How awesome is that?!


Work in progress

I'm working on a new painting and it goes well. It's a fertility godess and this is the start up. I have to work on it ofcourse, the seizes are not totally correct, i have to change her legs, but i wanna try to let the orange, red lines around her head as it is, not too much details but the rough idea. Anyway i'm happy how it turns out till now and i'm curious how she'll end.

Dream about birthday cakes, 'cause tomorrow i am a birthdaygirl. :-D


Het gezin * The family

Ink and watercolour on paper. 20,5 x 13 cm

As i was drawing the family, and tried the red on a piece of paper, the following 2 little friends appeared. I love them, they're so cute i think.


Wind, fire, water, earth

Not yet finished, because as i was drawing the wind~woman, i didn't like it. The wind disturbes me. So i stopped. I don't know if i will finish this one. Also because i think it is too sweet, too much detail. Hmm, not so sure about this one. Perhaps i feel this way because i am painting a big painting and let go the little details in the painting. I am happy with that, but perhaps this means also a change in my drawings?
It's so great, painting again. That's also the reason i am not that much on the www at the moment. Discovering new ways. Finally brave enough to let go while painting. The results will be uploades soon.
Tell me what you think (honestly) about this 4 elements drawing. I am curious and i appreciate your opinion.

Let the wind blow away disturbing dreams...........


And the winners are:

A little bit later than 17:00 hours, because our computer crashed. :-S The photographs are crappy but here we go. The winners are:

* ALeks and Rachel
they both win my booklet Strange organic worlds. Ladies if you mail me your adress than i can mail the booklets on tuesday.

And the winners of a beautiful card are: Jasmin, Laura, Kathrin and Jayne (Harnett-Hargrove) You can choose the card you like here or here. You also can choose a card with an image of one of my paintings or drawings if you like, but then it took some days longer before i can mail it. Please let me know your choice, and e-mail me also your adress.

Dream baby dream!


Art and meaning

Katherine Treffingers art is beautiful and i find her bright colours and (abstract) landscapes with so many depths very inspiring. As she asked me to answer the question What is the meaning of doing art for you?, a project on her blog, i gladly said yes. It took awhile before i answered this question, but yesterday i send it to her and now you can read my answer on her blog.
It's a great project i think and i'm honoured to take part in this. Tnx Katherine.

Her other blog: Our living dream is also interesting, so bring her a visit.