The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Het gezin * The family

Ink and watercolour on paper. 20,5 x 13 cm

As i was drawing the family, and tried the red on a piece of paper, the following 2 little friends appeared. I love them, they're so cute i think.


Jasmine said...

Your 2 little friends are very cute. I love your use of red.

ALeks said...

They are more than cute,looking like they have lots of fun,sweet!! :O)

Inkpunk Artworks said...

I love it when that happens - something appears out of nowhere, and always with watercolors for me.

I am always intrigued by your symbolism. Who is standing behind the two of you partially hidden?

Have a great weekend!

Katherine said...

You are so free with your imagery Momo Luna. Wonderful.

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

die Familie, einfach toll gemalt, und die Freunde, das gefällt mir auch, aber die Familie wirkt glücklich und freundlich...

herzlichst, Rachel

Virginia Palomeque said...

Hi Momo Luna, This beatifull family transmits the happiness to the spectator. I like much the red one of behind. Great Work!!!!
Virginia Palomeque
(Thank's for your comments)

Annie said...

Kenmerkend voor Momo Luna is het gebruik van rood, de kleur van passie. En...
"Wie zich verliest in zijn passie, heeft minder verloren dan wie zijn passie verliest." (een citaat van Augustinus)
De man draagt een masker. Toevallig zo getekend of zit er symboliek achter?

Harry Kent said...

i just love your line-work, Momo, and the haunting nature of your images. They seem to emerge from the luna landscape of the unconscious, like dreams.

Jung used to say that all the people in our dreams are actually aspects of ourselves. So who is the little Momo peeking through from behind, trying to get a look-in?

And as for your really cute little buddies, one is looking and the other is listening - a great orientation for an artist to have. Have a great weekend.

Manon Doyle said...

Love the friends... they made me smile!! Your work is amazing... love coming to visit!

Melissa Ekberg Fernandes said...

the family is a classic already .
and the friends are really cute . could be a t-shirt , a card , everything . it has that pop quality that makes everyone have instantany simpaty .


auf dem oberen Blatt sind die zwei Frauen ganz da - der Schattenmann schafft es noch nicht, obwohl er ganz vorne steht. -Interessante Wirkung. Du bist sehr fleißig auf deinem Profil. Ganz schöne Arbeiten sind in den letzten Monaten entstanden. Ich bin oft bei dir, auch wenn ich selten was schreibe. Ganz oft lasse ich einfach nur deine schöne Musik im Hintergrund laufen.

Leni said...

thanks :)

i like your works. they are very fresh ;)

Crissant said...

Really positive and lovely images.
Very special!
Have a nice weekend!

kathrin said...

I love your blog, allways great ideas ans inspirations ! hugh Kathrin

Momo Luna said...

Hi Jasmine, yes, i often use red because it's my favourite color. :-)

LOL Aleks, that's what i thought also, looking at them makes me smile.

That's right Brian, therefore i like to use watercolors sometimes. It's always amazing if something like this happens.
The one that stands in the end is the girl who tells the story. And she tells many stories, it depends on the listener and viewer. :-)

Enjoy your weekend and the artmarket. :-) A big hug for you!

Thank you Katherine, my art never holds me back and that feels so good.

Tnx liebe Rachel, i am happy you see the happy family. :-D

Tnx Virginia, yes i love red.

Hi Annie, ja er zitten meerdere lagen in dit schilderij. Het masker is symbolisch. Fijn dat je het herkent. Dank je wel voor het mooie citaat en je lieve woorden. :-)

Thank you very much Harry for your comment. Once when i was on an artmarket an older man came to me, a bit shy, saying: "perhaps you find me a bit strange and i don't understand art, but it seems to me that all your drawings are self-portraits." I thanked the man for telling me this, that it was a great compliment and that he was absolutely right. :-)
The little Momo is indeed the little Momo. I'm happy you see it this way and that you also feel the haunting part. I like your description a lot. For the family ánd the buddies.
Have a wonderful weekend too!

Tnx Manon, the little friends make me also smile as i look at them.

Tnx Melissa for saying that, that makes me very happy. And what a very good idea about the t-shirts, that's worth a thought. :-D
Bring my good wishes to your father please and enjoy your weekend!

Momo Luna said...

Danke Jürgen,
und es freut mir das du nun etwas schreibt. I am often looking at your blog also, if there's a new update, but also silent at times. :-) I know abut the music and this makes me smile. As i change my music i often think about it; i hope Jürgen likes this too, i really do. :-D
Have a good weekend!

Thank you Leni! :-)

Tnx Crissant, i'm happy with your comment.
I wish for you also a wonderful weekend!

Thank you Kathrin, you are very kind! Good weekend i wish for you!