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Work in progress

I'm working on a new painting and it goes well. It's a fertility godess and this is the start up. I have to work on it ofcourse, the seizes are not totally correct, i have to change her legs, but i wanna try to let the orange, red lines around her head as it is, not too much details but the rough idea. Anyway i'm happy how it turns out till now and i'm curious how she'll end.

Dream about birthday cakes, 'cause tomorrow i am a birthdaygirl. :-D


William Michaelian said...

I love this and your recent posts. You are serving the main course, and all we have to do is dream of your birthday cake? Lovely, generous birthday girl, bringing presents to her own party! Such a privilege, watching things unfold.

Inkpunk Artworks said...


So nice to see the work in progress. It looks awsome so far, and I can't wait to see further progressions.

I had no idea that your birthday was coming up...but again, maybe I did. At any rate, have a very special day.

Happy Birthday!!!


Madelief said...

Wat kan jij goed schilderen! Je madonna wordt erg mooi!

Fijn weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Denise Scaramai said...

...going to end well if until now it is lovely ...

this May 12, I was the birthday girl, and this year I had no cake ... :(
I was only in dreams ...

...then we are taurine!

Louis Vuittonet said...

looks great --have a very special day

SKIZO said...



jbkrost said...

very good composition.....
cant wait to see the finished detail.
keep going

ALeks said...

Hola lovely Birthday girl!! ♥♫*♫ EEEEEeeeeenn....lang zal ze ♥♫*♫ leven,lang zal ze leven,lang zal ze leven in gloria,iiiiiinnn gloria...iiiinn glooooooriiiiiiaaaaa...hieperdepiep HOERA!!!!! ☼♫♫ ♥♫*♫
˙♥♫♥·٠•●♥ ♥●•٠·˙♥ ღ
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MONICA !!!:O) Hugs and kisses!! Aleksandra

Harry Kent said...

wow, Momo is really flying now ... reborn for your birthday - how good is that?!! have a lovely day

Liv Sørvaag said...

Beutiful !!

Best from Liv

Dave King said...

I should think you would be pleased with it at this stage. To me it is splendid, full of potential with several ways it could go. I do hope you post further on it. I shall be very interested to see the development. A really great post.

Lozzano said...

This work promises, it seems to contain a own light, something spiritual.
Enjoy your birthday.
An affectionate greeting.

Melissa Ekberg Fernandes said...

it is good to see your process of work .
now i am really curious about .

Rachel said...

Liebe gute Monica,

alles nur erdenklich Liebe und Gute zu deinem Geburtstag, Gesundheit und Glück, Frieden und Fröhlichkeit, Schaffenskraft für weiterhin so viele wundervolle Bilder...

dies hier ist ein wirklich guter Ansatz, sie wirkt gut, warm...

ich umarme dich fest und lieb, Rachel

bondearte said...

Explendido!!!Momo luna,
Este realmente eé um excelente trabalho.

Martine said...

Ik ben ook heel benieuwd hoe het gaat worden. Ik hou nu al van haar hoofd.

mjfaustino contemporary art painting photography said...

Awesome artwork Momo Luna! Outstanding Blog! Best, mjf

will-Art said...

Geweldig werk!

whitney-anne said...

Belated Happy Birthday Monica!!
I love this one best of all . . the orange lines look like electricity somehow.

Karin Bartimole said...

This painting moves me - it is so beautiful. I love those lines around her head, too. There is a feeling of the sacred here, for me.
Happy belated birthday :)

joanna said...

Just wanted to let you know...your work is AMAZING!!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you dear William,
it's always a pleasure to see you here, reading your thoughts. :-)
A hug for you!

Hi Brian, lovely man,
how could you know, i never mentioned my birthday. Thank you for the congrats. :-D And yes, i had a lovely day, and even the day after.
Enjoy your weekend with lots of inspiration!

Dank je Madelief, ik kan me geen eerdere reactie van jue herinneren, dus welkom op mijn blog. :-)

Hello Denise,
yes we both are taurine. :-) I'm sorry you had no cake, i hope your dreams were good ones.

Thank you Louis, have a great weekend!

Tnx Skizo and see you! ;-)

Tnx JB and i'm going, although i now am working on another older painting. But this lady waits patiently, i'm looking at her every day, so i hope to finish the painting very soon.

Dank je lieve ALeks voor je verjaardagszang. :-)

I can tell you Harry that feels very good, and i'm still flying. :-)Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you Liv! Always a pleasure to read your comment.

Thank you Dave. At the moment i'm working on another painting, but this painting i will finish very soon. I'll make photo's of the development because i've had a good digital camera for my birthday. :-)

Tnx Lozzano, i'm very pleased at the moment with this painting and i think i mustn't do very much with it. For not destroying the mystery.

Tnx dear Caio. i'll finish it very soon i hope.
Hugs and kisses!

Danke liebe Rachel,
it's always a joy to read your warm, inspiring comments. You're such a sweetheart. I hope the booklet has arrived already?

Thank you so very much Paulo! :-D

Dank je Martine,
ja ik hou ook van haar hoofd. :-) En spannend is het zeker, want je wilt niet te ver doorgaan en het beeld verpesten. Maar ik heb er vertrouwen in dat het uiteindelijke resultaat prachtig wordt.
Geniet van het zonnige weekend!xxx

Thank you so much MJF and welcome.....

Will, dank je wel. Ik wens je een goed weekend! :-)

Hi Whitney-Anne,
yes i love this painting also a lot and it feels like i'm going a new direction and that feels great!
Tnx for the birthday wishes.

Thank you so much Karin. Yes, those lines amazed me after painting them. I won't change that because i love it a lot. And i won't paint too much details i've decided.
Sweet greetz for you!

Thank you so much Joanna and welcome! :-)