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Great paintings from Brian! I'm a lucky girl.......

Friday the 7th of may i received a package from Inkpunk's Brian. It arrived at my home earlier than expected, fast mail this time. I was so happy because i knew that in it there was this wonderful painting with the tarsier. The generosity of Brian to send me this painting. How amazed i was when i discovered that there was not one, but two paintings in the package! Also the eye in the bright red and black. Ofcourse a kind letter, some beautiful cards (i will spread them dear friend) and a great sticker (3x) with a skull.
The stickers are very cool Brian, are these your design? If so, you should sell these too. Or maybe you are. :-)
Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts, for being a friend.
Now i have 4 (!) paintings of Brian and i'll hang them together on a nice spot. How awesome is that?!


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Hi, it is a beautifull present...


ps: I wanted to tell you that I'm not very present on the Internet at this time, but when I'm online I came to see your beautiful blog
kiss my dear

ALeks said...

That is awesome gift just like yours to me, :O)
What a beautiful eyes you have Luna!!
Wow!! Enjoy your friends work and take good care of yourself,love,light and peace with thousand smiling smiles! XXX lieve Monica

Rachel said...

Liebe Monica,

da kannst du dich wirklich sehr darüber freuen...

herzlichst, Rachel

Poetic Artist said...

Wow wonderful gift.
I love the eye. Lucky girl.

Jasmine said...

That is so great. I love the picture with a bat in it.

Your card arrived this morning. Thank you so much! I love it. I'm busy packing for Wales, but as soon as I get home again, next week, I am going to put something in the mail for you. Thank you xx

Karin Bartimole said...

Lucky you! Those are really wonderful - as is the piece that you sent to Jasmine, which I just saw on her blog. I love it!! what goes around, comes around :)

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Laura,

yes, i'm very happy with the paintings. I'm not that much on the internet also at the moment. And when i am, i'm silent. I hope to visit all my favourite blogs this weekend and leave some comments. ;-) I just visited your web-site and it looks great! Great to see all your work together. I'll leave a message in your guestebook soon. :-)
Sweet greetz!

Ha lieve ALeks,
tnx, ik ben niet zo zeker van de mooiheid van mijn ogen LOL, ik vind ze te klein, en als een oog gaat hangen (wegens ziekte) noem ik ze altijd mijn zielige ogen haha. Maar ik hou van de kleur.
Ik wens je een heel goed weekend, geniet van het zonnetje!

Und das tue ich auch liebe Rachel. :-D (stimmt das --> tue ich? it sounds a bit strange)

Momo Luna said...

Tnx Katelen, and yes i feel blessed. :-)

Yes jasmine, i also love the bat a lot. And i love the brilliant red against the black with the eye. :-)

I'm happy you love my card. Have a great time in Wales.
Sweet greetz!

Thank you Karin,
it's so great to meet these inspiring, caring people on the net. It's a pleasure to share....
Sweet greetz for you!

Caio Fernandes one more Lord's lamb said...

his works are so cool !!

Lozzano said...

I agree with you ... A lucky girl!

Momo Luna said...

They certainly are Caio!

And i know that Lozzano. They have a good place here in my house. :-)