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Open your eyes, i still beg......

Another edited drawing that turns into a new world. I'm thinking of painting these ones. I got very inspired by editing my drawings, creating new possibilities. For drawings ánd paintings. A world into a world into.... it seems endless. I wish you all a wonderful weekend that seems endless with full of inspiration!
Open your eyes

I still beg......


I swear i didn't mean it

It didn't fit entirely on my scanner, so a tiny bit larger on the bottom. If you click on the picture you get a larger look. Like Caio i complain about the colors, in real the colors are more intense and brighter.
Ink and watercolors on paper  *  29 x 40 cm


The things you don't see

The things you don't see, that's relevant in my life right now. My health isn't good at the moment, i'm mentally fine but frustrated because my body is letting me down. Big time! But you don't see a thing, i'm looking fine. So people don't understand and sometimes rejecting me. Because of the things they don't see, don't understand. Tired? I hear them think... everybody is tired once in awhile, but i wish i could be tired in a healthy way. Not the devouring tiredness i experience right now, not able to do anything at all. A prisoner in my own home. A nice home, but still.
I know i'll survive, that better times with lots of energy is coming again. I've accepted my disease and the physical consequences that comes with it. But i find it difficult to deal with the ignorance of others, feeling guilty all the time. I don't blame them, but it's very frustrating.
This is a reminder to all, including myself. Don't reject other people, because there are always things you don't see.

I also wanna let you know that there are blogs i can't leave a comment on. I don't know why and how i can change that. Know that i am reading and enjoying all blogs i follow.
Fill your days with joy and i wish you all lots of creative energy!

The things you don't see no. 1
The things you don't see no. 2