The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Mary and child

This is me with my eldest son, whois almost 13 right now. First of all i make a collage and then i work on it on the computer, using the drawing program iUlead Photo Plus. I brood on how i will print this image. Silk-screening? I want a large dimension. But perhaps that will be ugly because you see to much the pixels? How can i solve that problem? Maybe i can paint this on canvas.... Well, if i have decided what to do, i will inform you. ;-)



Gods and Godesses, mythological creatures, symbols, mystic tools. The modern world around us is impregnated with 'The forgotten language' of mythology. In images and everyday speech.
Female icons: The holy virgin Mary is an archetype for solid feminity: mother ánd virgin. An object of worship. Mary Magdalene symbolizes another image: selfconsciousness, sexuality, the remorseful sinner. Eva stands for temptation.

In old masterpieces you can find lots of symbols with specific meanings. Nothing is painted just like that. In my series Icons i use the female archetypes and try to place them in our time. I choose photomanipulation to realize this. Collages made of photographs, then edited on the computer. I use Photoplus from Ulead. Most of the time, i noticed, photomanipulations today are smooth, like realistic pictures. I like to edit my photographs rough, more like if it's painted. Therefore i use an 'antique' drawingprogram. And i love to use dark, thick lines. I can't help it, i love it so much. A clear outline, a kind of fencing off. Looking like glass and lead.


Innocent little town

Do U see who i am?

The black pearl

Piet Schopping

This is the art of Piet Schopping. An artist with an intellectual restriction. I'm a huge admirer of his work. Often i visit a museum of gallery, seeing art, thinking, hmmm yeah great, but it doesn't touch me. The art of Piet Schopping has it for me. His work touches, inspires and moves me a lot.
I love the fire in his images. Art as art is supposed to be in my humble opinion. I think he's a great painter.

Mutilated thoughts

Soms kun je er zo naar verlangen.
Een lang gekoesterde wens
het wachten moe.
Elke keer weer
die m - o - e - i - z - a - m - e liefde.
Fataal beklemmend,
eindigend in pure frustratie.
De ene sigaret na de andere.
Een beschadigde huid,
verminkte gedachten.
Ik weet het niet....
Soms kun je er zó naar verlangen.

Sometimes you are craving it that much.
A cherished wish,
tired of waiting.
Again and again
this e - x - h - a - u - s - t - i - n - g love.
Fatally oppressing,
ending in pure frustration.
The one cigarette after another.
A damaged skin,
mutilated thoughts.
I don't know.....
Sometimes you are craving it thát much.


I taste the smell of death.
I hear the sound of violence.
I am dizzy, but i am not afraid.
Because i believe in love.
Don't i?

My insanity series * 1995

* Dark mood * My insanity has the disturbing form of dancing butterflies

I am Jesus (unfinished)

I painted these after a difficult and dark period in my life. I had tasted the breath of insanity. Though the call of madness was very strong, i could resist it and stopped before the gate. In these paintings madness has the form of a butterfly. Intangible, brief and vulnerable. In many cultures the butterfly is the source of wisdom and strenght. Not because they're superior on mankind, but because they were initiated in the secrets of nature in a way that wasn't open for humans, limited by his intellect. Therefore animals function as a guide to other worlds. Usually the butterfly is a positive symbol of change and immortality. Beauty born from apparently death and rotting (cocon).


Outsider art

The human psyche interests me a lot. Especially the experiences of people who have different ideas than the average common line of thought. When i was at highschool we, the students, visited a mental hospital. To take our bearings. Maybe some of us wanted to work in such a hospital. A charming man showed us around, telling lots of stories. With enthusiasm. An attendant we thought. So we were very surprised as he told us that he's a patient. He was a teacher but ended here 'cause sometimes he thinks he's Jesus or at other times another holy martyr. He told this with lots of humour. He commanded me respect.
When i was at artschool i became acquainted with the so called 'Outsider art'. And i became enthusiast. I am very intruiged by the art of Adolf Wölfi.

I my art i often make use of arhetypes from the unconscious mind of mankind: fear, hope, madness, love, lust. The human figures i draw/paint symbolize emotions. Most of the time they're naked and sometimes bald too. i find clothing at most times inconvenient in a picture. At least in my drawings, paintings. I don't know why.

I rather cut my own heart

I came intensely and couldn't stop crying


Good sister


Sinister beauty

Two old doodles waiting to be worked out. I draw these doodles while listening to the music of Diamanda Galas. Her music is of a sinister beauty and she produces the most strange, enchanting but also disturbing intonations. The homeless man, descending to the darkest corners of his soul. For the sake of clearness: Diamanda Galas is NOT a satanist or something like that. Neither am i, i believe in love and light. She uses dramatic, piercing ways to express herself. To transcribe her message. I think she's wonderful!

A little girl. so old in her shoes

The scarabee

My female heart of darkness

I cannot speak

Floating bubbles in my head

Faded sun * 170806

God said no!

Don't touch me

The question


Queen * 131294


Le samoerai

Inca bondage angel

Detail from a much larger drawing....

I feel alienated

Friday the 13th

Animal nightlife

This was printed on t-shirts in 1995