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A sudden awareness of the phenomenon

I am/wasn't a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I mean the kind of devoted fan who screams when seeing him or reading everything about him etc... But i like his music a lot and i think he's a genius in performing. The news of his death shocked me and i was suprised that i even shed some tears. Because of his tragic life ánd i realized that his music coloured my younger days. It did although i preferred other music styles. His music touched me somehow. I remember the first time i saw the thriller video; it was so exciting and new. And i even more remember the clip of beat it. Such a yummie clip i thought because of the bad guys in it and they were dancing so sexy. Michael Jackon as radiant centre. He was happy when performing but i always thought his eyes looks so sad on photographs.

Today he's still inspiring musicians and dancers. And the kids of today also know his music. My eldest son, he's 13 now, finds Michael Jackson always a bit scary because of his looks. He wasn't very interested in Michael Jackson. But today there were many Michael Jackson clips on television. We were watching it together. "Oh mum, he really is very cool, isn't he?" "Yes sweety, he is." And i noticed my sons sudden awareness of the phenomenon Michael Jackson. Ofcourse he isn't aware of the scandals around Michael Jackson for the last years and i don't want to disturb him with it. He watched more videos for almost an hour. And i was wondering how it could be that the man who touched so many hearts all over the world died as a very lonely human being.

My son was very impressed by the earthsong video. And i agree with him, it's a beautiful song and a great video. Ofcourse at the end of his life he was a very eccentric man, but hey first stone, holier than the pope etc.... Michael Jackson left the world some wonderful music and i thank him for that.


New blog: secrets of death

I love old cemeteries. To wander there and enjoy the beauty of the old graves and the lovely old statues. Stone angels most of the time. To wonder who all these people were, their lives and dreams. Thinking about life and death. I love the quietness of cemeteries. Their serenity.
Since 2006 i have a(dutch) blog: moonlighted cemetery. But i don't like the provider of that blog any longer. So i am moving all the photographs and poetry to blogger. Take a look into my profile where you can find the url of this blog. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do.

Sweet greetz,


I am a woman

Debrina has a wonderful post about 'the beauty, strength and wonderment that is WOMAN.' And about the pride being an female artist. I can relate to that. But even in those days women have to work twice as hard to convince people that their art is really good. The art world is still dominated by male artists. In music business as well although you would think otherwise because of the many succesful women in the music business. When you are strong and know what you want you soon will be stereotyped as a b***h. It happened to Madonna. I was a singer in a band: there were five members, sometimes six. Two women and three or four men. And as we entered a club to play, it was always like.....ahhhhh so nice a girlband! Because the singer and guitarist were female. This happened ALWAYS. So therefore i don't want to be called a female artist. Because most of the time it means that you're not taken seriously. But it feels ambiguous though 'cause i am proud of being a woman and people who act like ahhhh so nice a girl........ don't mean it in a bad way. I suppose. They are not aware of the sexism in saying that. Don't they?
The guerilla girls are a group of artists who started in 1985 in New york to make people more aware of this situation. And they bring the message in a funny, sarcastic way. They do not only accuse the male/female issue, but it's also about black and white, US and Europe versus the non western world.

'In 1985, The Museum of Modern Art in New York opened an exhibition titled An International Survey of Painting and Sculpture. It was supposed to be an up-to-the minute summary of the most significant contemporary art in the world. Out of 169 artists, only 13 were women. All the artists were white, either from Europe or the US. That was bad enough, but the curator, Kynaston McShine, said any artist who wasn't in the show should rethink “his” career. And that really annoyed a lot of artists because obviously the guy was completely prejudiced. Women demonstrated in front of the museum with the usual placards and picket line. Some of us who attended were irritated that we didn't make any impression on passersby.'

More from the interview and their activities you can read on their website.


Savon de Marseille

I also like to post here about the little things in daily life that makes me happy. Let's start with French soap, better known as 'savon de Marseille'. I love it so much as i see all the beautiful colors of this pure soap. And ofcourse the delicat fragrances coming from the soap. Like vanilla, lavender, roses, honey, green lemon, etc....... My favourite is green lemon or lavender. If i smell the soap i feel very happy. And then wrapped in a silky paper. Ofcourse i can buy this soap here in Holland, but most of the time i buy it in France, as i go there for summer holidays. Just because it feels better to buy it there, for no reason at all. This summer i travel to France again and guess what i'll buy there? ;-) Do you also like this soap and what is your favourite fragrance?


A new version from an older drawing, operated on the computer. I like it a lot, so i use it now for my background. Please respect my creations, do not use this for your own blogs or something like that.



Hi there readers. At the moment i am very busy to start a webshop where you can buy postcards of my drawings. And in the near future my unique drawings and paintings as well. I'm also working on a project to make a book with my 'blood on the floor' images and poems. If that's finished and ready you can buy this book also in my webshop.

I want to write here on this blog about my art and/or poems, thoughts about life etc.... I hope you readers are patient because it will take awhile. But soon enough i want to do more on this blog than posting my art. I hope there is some interest in my activities on this space on the www. ;-)

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