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Savon de Marseille

I also like to post here about the little things in daily life that makes me happy. Let's start with French soap, better known as 'savon de Marseille'. I love it so much as i see all the beautiful colors of this pure soap. And ofcourse the delicat fragrances coming from the soap. Like vanilla, lavender, roses, honey, green lemon, etc....... My favourite is green lemon or lavender. If i smell the soap i feel very happy. And then wrapped in a silky paper. Ofcourse i can buy this soap here in Holland, but most of the time i buy it in France, as i go there for summer holidays. Just because it feels better to buy it there, for no reason at all. This summer i travel to France again and guess what i'll buy there? ;-) Do you also like this soap and what is your favourite fragrance?


Debrina said...

Hello Momo Luna! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and making contact! Your name sparked my curiosity instantly and I had to come visit and explore your blog too! I have had a good read through your postings and I love where you are coming from! I adore your painting: Le fleurs du mal!! GORGEOUS! Your drawings remind me of Picasso's cubism. I've put you on my radar.

Caio Fernandes said...

hi honey!!! i like very much when people post things of theyr every day life.it makes the blog gets more personal and especial.
i am sorry but i dont know this soup , i think here in Sao Paulo we dont find this for sale , but now i am going to look for , and next time i go to europe you bet i am to try all the flavors.
this Confusion work is very good i like a lot this sasention of organic and roots and sure , the expression on the face.

Caio Fernandes said...

just 2 more things:
1 - your new profile photo is very cool .
2 - you are not been fair ....you comment about my taste for music (thank you ) but you dont exhibit yours. now i am curious . i would love to change information with you.

Alexandre Krestiachine said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! You're doing very interesting things here... I was looking here quite for a while around and found a lot of new ideas!

Momo Luna said...

Hello Debrina and welcome.
I'm glad you had a good time here on my place on the www. Thank you for your comment on "Les fleurs du mal' because i wasn't sure (yet) about this painting. It's unfinished also. Because of your encouraging comment i soon will make it better ánd finished.
I've put you on my radar as wel.... :-D

Momo Luna said...

Hi Caio,

yes, i also like some daily life information on other blogs as well. The soap is worldfamous i think, so i'm sure you can buy it overthere.
Thanks for your nice comment. The confusion drawing here is an adaption from an older drawing. I looked for it here on my blog and i find out that i didn't place this drawing yet. Soon to come. ;-)
My new profile photo: there isn't much too see on it, is it? No wrinkles etc anyway. :-P That's so nice about computers hihi.
Okay, you're right. I will update the music i like immediately. Music is besides art a very important issue in my life. In fact i've been playing in 3 bands myself. So a bit strange there isn't a list of favourite music on my profile....

Greetz, Momo Luna

Momo Luna said...

Hello Alexandre and welcome.

Nice to leave a comment here. I'm happy that my blog inspired you. That's a great interaction between artists who blog i think.

Renee said...

I have never tried it, but it looks pretty.

Renee xoxo