The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE



A new version from an older drawing, operated on the computer. I like it a lot, so i use it now for my background. Please respect my creations, do not use this for your own blogs or something like that.


Steven Wier said...

It is a really nice picture. The colours calm and the draught is consistent.
Great work.

And forgive for badly English, I must take a translator for the help.



Momo Luna said...

Thank you Steven and welcome. I also do understand the German language. :-)

Engel said...

Oh! I love this one so much, you are really talented. I love the color, it makes it look vintage or antique :) sooo nice.

Thanks for the comment and words of wisdom, they are welcome and most appreciated.


kathrin said...

hallo and thank you for visit ruhezone ! herzlich Kathrin