The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Lucky charms, i wish lucky charms for all of you

The new year is now going on for a week and a weekend, so time for a new post. What can i say, i'm a slow starter. But when we Taurus people get a liking for it, we're unstopable. LOL. That's what i wanna do this year for sure: go for it! Being more secure about my qualities. So that at the end all my hard work will be paid off.  It has already started. For being secure about my website building qualities, i now have an order to build a website for a shop. I LOVE to build nice websites.
This new year will be a great year for sure. I have a little helper, a lucky charm. A beautiful gift from Martine, so that will help a lot. Martine had won one of my cards and as a surprise she sended me this sweet angel. Her dress is made of pieces of lace, shiny buttons. I scanned her, but on a computer you can't see all the fine details as for real. Unfortunately. Martine, this sweetheart has a nice place in my bedroom, where i can see her just before i go wandering dreamland.....

Being a slow starter in blogland doesn't mean i'm doing nothing. I'm painting and painting and painting.... YEAY! I'm so anxcious to show you my new work, but i can hold it back this time. So you have to wait till the paintintgs are finished. Because i know when receiving comments before it's finished, will make me confused and lost. Not for drawings, but for paintings it does. And it's a struggle, but a wonderful struggle this time, because i've crossed a line, i now can let go and flow, flow with the painting. And i'm full with new paintings, feeling unstopable, that feels awesome. At the moment the paintings are screaming louder for attention than my drawings. And this time i'm more than happy to give the attention it needs.
During all this painting extasy, i still had the time to make a new drawing as well. But a little bit different than usual. Maybe because of painting, i now had the energy to step out of my comfortzone and trying something else. On artschool we had to draw models with pastels. I didn't like pastels, all my work became smudgy somehow haha. But awhile ago i slightly used pastel in a painting and the result amazed me. So this time i have made a drawing in pastels. I'm not sure about this lady yet, but i'm pleased with her because of what she stands for. Something new; scary but exciting.

Keep the fire

Close up 

I often draw immediately on the paper without a sketch and gom. The figure comes to life while drawing. I'm aware of the sometimes strange proportions and poses. That doesn't bother me at all. If i think the figure is strong enough  i won't change anything at all. ;-) In real the colors are deeper and richer.