The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Merry Xmas

and a new year full of love and caring.
Lots of new creative ideas, beautiful paintings,
wonderful poems, nice photographs.
And LOVE, did i mention love? ;-)
That's what i wish for all of you!
Hope to see you all again in 2010.....



My hubby and love Des Oriënt uses Mozilla firefox for his browser. I've noticed that my page doesn't look like how i want it to look. The soft green background in the part of the posts has disappeared and show also the dark green background. So you can't read the posts (or very difficult) Perhaps the fault comes from my hubbies computer. So i want to check this out. Are there more Mozilla firefox users who has the same problem as i described above? Please let me know, so i can (try to) fix it. :-)
Okay, i've changed it, a solid background. I must say that i like this even more, a clearer design. I hope everyone now can read my posts (better). Tell me please, has the colom from the posts and the sidebar with links, profile etc. now a light background? Thank you.


And the winners are.......

So, i put the names in a singing bowl and i can tell you Emil is very precise and strict in this job ;-) He picked the following winners:

Caio and Emmy congratulations! Please, send me your adress information by mail and i'll send you the two booklets.


Pakjesavond: two give aways.....

Tomorrow evening, the 5th of december, we have in Holland 'pakjesavond' also known as Sinterklaasfeest. It's a very old Dutch tradition, a special event for the children. But even when the children are older or grown up this evening stays special. Drinking hot chocloate, eating chocloate letters or 'pepernoten', enjoying each others company and giving each other presents accompanied with little rhymes. Also we make some teasing presents with funny rhymes to point out someones flaws. For instance a game which needs lots of patience for the impatient ones. But you have to make the teasing present yourself. And it's fun to make these surprises.

I thought it would be fun to play Sinterklaas myself. Two give-aways i have; 2 x my two booklets Drawings 1994-2006 & Drawings 2007-2008. So if you're interested let me know by commenting this post. Next sunday, 13 december, the 13 will be a lucky number for two of you readers. My son Emil will pick two names from a Sinterklaas bag and they win two booklets each.

I wish a warm december with lots of joy for all of you.