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My hubby and love Des Oriënt uses Mozilla firefox for his browser. I've noticed that my page doesn't look like how i want it to look. The soft green background in the part of the posts has disappeared and show also the dark green background. So you can't read the posts (or very difficult) Perhaps the fault comes from my hubbies computer. So i want to check this out. Are there more Mozilla firefox users who has the same problem as i described above? Please let me know, so i can (try to) fix it. :-)
Okay, i've changed it, a solid background. I must say that i like this even more, a clearer design. I hope everyone now can read my posts (better). Tell me please, has the colom from the posts and the sidebar with links, profile etc. now a light background? Thank you.


Eva said...

I use Firefox, but I do not have a custom background so I can't help you.It may be a problem with Blogger. Have you contacted them?

Momo Luna said...

Hi Eva, tnx for your comment. The colom where the posts are and the colom with followers, profile etc....should be a light green, not the dark floral green. Can you read my posts?

William Michaelian said...

I’m using Firefox and I have the same problem: the dark floral pattern makes it hard to read the posts. But in Explorer, the page looks beautiful.

Annie said...

Dag Momo, ik gebruik Google Chrome. Onder de blogtitel zie ik een bleekgroene achtergrond van ongeveer 21 cm op 13 cm en daar staat je meest recente bericht in. De rest heeft de donkergroene achtergrond met motieven. Dus ik kan de tekst van je oudere berichten ook amper lezen.
Vermoedelijk moet er iets aangepast worden aan de html-code van de lay-out. Succes!

Momo Luna said...

Oke, all, thanks for the comments, i'll try to make it better......

Caio Fernandes said...

Luna i use explorer and your blog is beautiful fron here . but i suport your decision to use firefox . i did a time ago and it gave me much less problems that i have with this windows crap .
maybe the blogspot gives some special suport to firefox users , i heard that google never used windows for developing their programs . they used that " linox" i don't remember very well the name of that main free software . so firefoz was suposed to work better .
this is the advise of Caio , a guy that just know to turn on and out the computer , check email and post pictures on the blog .
kisses !!
Merry Christimas !!


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