The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


I blow you a sweet Christmas kiss!

Tomorrow it's Christmas day! Soon this year will end and i'm looking forward to a new year. What will 2011 bring me? 
This year, 2010, has had it's ups and downs but i'm so lucky that it ends as a happy one. There's hope and  my problems are slowly turning into possibilities.
This year was a very wonderful year for blogging. I'm so happy to meet nice people (YOU!) from all over the world. And i am so very, very happy with all your kind comments and support. Bringing me joy, confidence and also inspiring thoughts and ideas as well. I appreciate your visits and comments so much, even more than you will know. It's so great to send my fellow bloggers some of my drawings or cards at times. And i'm always surprised by the sweet packages i receive in return. I don't expect anything in return, but my sweet blogger friends are also kindhearted  and enjoying the happiness of giving. Thank you all! 

Sweet Rachel, i am so very happy with your wonderful book full of your even more wonderful poems. You are such a kind and sweet lady. Your sweet comments and support always make me smile and every time i read your poems i hear sweet laughter like bright little bells......

Our country and i'm sure all over the world is retrenching on expences. My Christmas wish is a hopeful one:
Don't retrench on your heart. 
You, my dear visitors have a kind heart for leaving me such wonderful comments and support. So therefore i give you this heart of gold.

I wish you all nice Christmas days and a fantastic new year full of LOVE, friendship, warmth and lots lots of creativity!!!  Kisses for all of you and even more kisses for my special friends (you know who you are) ;-)  I'll be off line till january, so see you later!



I should do a new post today (every tuesday) but i'm in bed because i have catch a cold. So lots of sleep, drinking lots of water and eating much oranges for me. The new post have to wait till next tuesday.
Sweet greetz to all of you and stay warm and healthy!



I've made some new organic worlds/ edited drawings.

Hungry little birds

The knife

Two royal children (Er waren twee koningskinderen)


And here are the winners:

 The winner of my original drawing Autumn, i miss you most of all  is: 
 Robert * Always 11 o'clock

And the two winners of a card or button of your choice from my Splash splash shop are:
 Martine * Atelier Colore

Laura * Nouvelles couleurs

Congratulations my friends. If you all will send me your adresses i'll send you (Robert) the drawing and Martine and Laura the card or button of their choice. Martine and Laura you can choose from my shop here.  If you mail me your choice i will order it for you and send it to your homes. :-) 

This was such fun, next year another give-away. I love to give.....


Sinterklaas give-away; the season of nice presents and surprises

 I miss you most of all.....

I was cleaning my working space and there she was. This autumn lady i drawed last year. Safely tucked away in an old sketchingbook. I had all forgotten about her and i'm so happy she suddenly showed up. So unexpected. But at the right time. Because i was thinking about a give-away. Sunday 5 december we have Sinterklaas overhere in the Netherlands. It's a children's party mostly, but grown-ups are giving each other nice little surprise presents as well. To find this lady again was a big surprise for me, so i think she's just perfect for a Sinterklaas give-away. Watercolors and ink on paper; 13 x 18 cm. I will send some other surprises as well.

I believe in the magical number of three, so i happily add two other items as well for this give-away. To celebrate my new project Splash splash kisses i also give-away 2 x a greeting card or button of your choice.

If you're interested to participate in this give-away, then leave a comment. Next tuesday the lucky number 7 december i'll pick the winners.
It's very cold at the moment overhere but my house and heart are warm and cosey. I wish you all a warm and cosey week! 


A scream for culture and splash splash kisses

I don't wanna talk about politics on my blog, but for just one time i make an exception. Because our new government (i feel ashamed about this government, it shows the world how intolerable we became) is destroying everything we have build the last hundred years.  Because of the crisis Holland has to cut down expences. Okay, sure, that's how it is, no problem.  But this government has decided that culture (such as theatre, opera, ballet, art) is just a hobby for the elite. Especially the left winged elite. Why should the man of the street has to pay for it? Ofcourse this is bull and very narrowminded and carped but our new government has decided to cut down expences on Culture in a huge way.  Taxes on art and theatre was 6% and will be raised to 19%! Buying art will be more expensive, but a ticket for the cinema will also be much more expensive. All kind of subsidies will be stopped. This means that lots of orchestras will disappear, that theatres has to shut their doors, there will be no projects for children introducing them to art and much much more. And musea will have to raise their prices, so the man of the street who IS interested in art cannot afford a ticket. This decision of the government is unthoughtful and most of all a resentful action to the left  winged politicians who were our government for a long time.
Last saturday 20-11-2010 there were lots of manifestations in many cities of our country and at the end of the day on a certain time, lots and lots of people were screaming. A scream for culture!

*And some famous dutch artists screamed as well.

It is very difficult to make a living on art alone. For me that is anyway. Next to drawing and painting i love  to make collages. With scissors and glue but also on my computer. And i think i'm pretty good at it. I've started a new project named Splash splash kisses (we could swim my little fishes and me) and i made a wonderful logo for it i think.

 Splash splash kisses design

So i have started a shop on Zazzle where i sell more 'commercial' stuff in the form of cards, buttons, bags etc. I have great pleasure in making my poppy images with sometimes a  vintage twist as well. Here you also will find my Organic worlds series.
So now for the fun stuff; some of my designs for splash splash kisses.  Take a look at the shop if you feel like it. I hope you enjoy this as much as i do. :-D 

I wish you all a wonderful week and like Brian i will upload once a week on all tuesdays.  So stay tuned!


Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson; for always lingering music

I'm sad to read today that the wonderful musician Peter Christopherson has passed away.  Making music in bands like Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV and Coil has had and have great influence in my life. Often you can hear music of these bands here on my blog. 

Check the new post on my Starpower blog if you like.


Mist * Strange twisted popmusic

I wrote about the bands i used to play/ sing in. That made some of you curious. So if you're curious how my voice sounds like, take a look at my blog Starpower.


To feel it all

I haven't been on my computer the last few days, but for a good reason. Very busy with drawing, making collages etc.... That feels so good. Ánd I finally finished my drawing 'Requiem for an innocence lost'. YEAY!
I don't know if you still can remember it, so first i show you the beginning. Than lots of photo's from the finished drawing. Why so much? To show you all details and beauty. I love it so much! I hope you do enjoy it as much as i do.
I have made an internet portfolio. I wrote on the first page about a friend painter (Caio) who described my art as violently feminine. And that i like that. But don't wanna rub it in your face. I wanna seduce you to enter my world, wander around and to feel it.
To feel it all.

Requiem for an innocence lost
From the very first beginning till the end....
Ink, pencils, pastel and watercolor on paper.
68 x 50 cm

The next one is moved, so therefor a bit blurred, but i love it a lot this way.

This drawing is giving me so much creative energy and ideas.
I wish you all a good week with lots of creative energy as well.
Sweet greetz and kisses!


Strange days and sweet friends

Strange days lately. I had this virus that kept me on the bed thursday, friday i felt fine the whole day and friday evening feeling sick again. But i'm okay now.

I feel a bit guilty for having the feeling to neglect all of you, my wonderful blogger friends. But i'm not neglecting you, i'm reading and visiting you, really, but strange enough it still seems that i cannot find the words to comment. Not find any words to write a blog also. My head is full with wonderful words that i gladly would like to share with you, but writing it down, or in this case typing it on my computer and post it, is a different story. Somehow it won't come out this way.
Next to working, being ill, taking care of my family, i'm also very busy with drawing, painting ánd experimenting with new graphic designs. More commercial, because my wallet is very, very empty at the moment haha. And the landlord doesn't seem to be very happy with my behind on the rent. :-S But i have trust in the future. I'm an optimistic person. I'll soon will post about this graphic experimenting. It's really fun.

Talking about wonderful blogger friends....... Two or maybe already three weeks ago i received mail from a very sweet lady from Germany. So unexpectedly and on a moment i could use some sweetness. The lovely Kathrin sended me a sweet letter and some very beautiful cards. Her photographs are so very wonderful, always making me smile and dream, and comforting me. That the world isn't such a bad place, that there are wonderful worlds and sweet souls out there too. Check out her blogs with all those lovely photo's of her. A book of magic and her awesome Swkalo with black and white photo's. Very dreamlike.
Thank you so much sweet Kathrin for all your support, your lovely comments and your thoughtfullness. I appreciate it more than you will know......

And thank you all my wonderful blog friends! All your comments and support have made me stronger and gave me the confidence to profile myself in the artworld of my state. I couldn't do that without all your support. So next friday i wanna start a give-away to thank you all ánd to celebrate my favourite season. So stay tuned!
Also a very warm welcome to my new fellow dreamers. I'm glad you found me, nice meeting you.


Fertility * I don't know what you see

Life turns me, i don't know what you see

Close up

The beginning of a new painting

For a long time now i had the idea to do something with fertility goddessess. My restlessness lately lead me to painting again. And i almost obsessively started to paint my fertility goddess with the strange grimas. The cycle of attract-distract begins. First i fell in love with her, then i didn't like her too much and now when i finished her today i think she's wonderful. But only in time i grow fond of my art and then i can let go.....
After finishing Life turns me... i had the urge to paint another one as well. So the last painting is the set up for a new fertility goddess as well. It's all about the circle of life: birth, blood, death and the beginning of new life.

The sources of my inspiration.....


Still almost blue

Life isn't always a picnic (tnx dear Caio for the expression) and that's the reason for my silence. I closed myself like an oyster, no energy left to communicate. Not in the real world and not in the blogworld.
But closing yourself once in awhile isn't bad, you can read here why. A new blog to express my girly feelings, writing stories and uploading beautiful images for surreeel dreams. The first post is about an oyster and is dedicated to my dear friend Caio. He'll understand. Thank you my friend!

I haven't forget you either my dear blogfriends and soon i'll visit your blogs again, paying attention to you all. You mean a lot to me.....


Everything distant, everything close

Lately i was so very tired, that i even didn't draw. Although that made me very restless, i couldn't find the peace to sit down and create something new. All i could do was take care of my responsibilities, reading, sleeping a lot when possible and daydreaming. But only daydreaming makes me sad and even more restless. My muse hadn't left me, she was knocking at my door but i just ignored her. Strange, because i just needed to let her shine. Yesterday, after a long sleep without any dreams i woke up and sat down at my table. There was the beginning of a drawing i wanted to finish.
I wrote earlier about my holidays in France and the view i had from the camping. Everyday i stood there watching this wonderful view and imagining that there must have been Celtic women on this spot searching the horizon for their beloved ones on sea. (there was an old Celtic settlement nearby this spot) It was fun to fantasize about this. One evening i started to draw such a lady. I hadn't finish it there, so i took this dream home. And now she was laying in front of me, patiently waiting. But i couldn't finish this drawing. Yet. So i turned the page. There were marks on this page from the celtic lady. Pressed through, almost invisible lines. I started working, using these lines. And there appears the sister of the Celtic lady. Darker, much darker. She must be the desires and pain of my lady. Hiding in darknes, waiting for the light to let her shine. As i finished this drawing, i imediately worked on my Celtic lady. Now i also could finish her story.

Everything seems so very, very distant

Everything seems so very, very close


Slow moving

I haven't painted for awhile and even not drawing also. That's not a good sign but i trust i soon will be able to create some new worlds. So because my lyrics are liked, i am brave enough to share another one with you.


He fellt a terrible weakness
She moved in an intense way
The sky above was cloudless
Her eyes had too much to say


She fellt the effect of the full moon
He looked at her too long
She showed him what's inside her mind
He couldn't believe what he saw


She won't cry his name
But then he made no moves
She sank into her own little world
as if she hadn't been there




I used to sing in a band, years ago. I wrote the lyrics for our songs. I would like to share these lyrics with you. They are not very good in a poetical (and i think in a grammatical way) and sometimes i just used simple lines because i had to sing them. But it was a challenge to tell a story in short, simple lines. :-D I always tried to tell little stories, just like my drawings. So just for fun i'll share them with you. I am looking for a way to upload the music in my computer, so in time you also can hear what we did that time. If there are some huge grammatical or ugly faults in these lyrics don't be shy to point that out to me. I really will appreciate it.

The first lyric i wanna share with you could be a sister of my drawing The strange hours. I just noticed that they wonderfully fit together.


She was so hot, so flushed
Dominated by impatience
It strongly took hold of her
She cannot explain why.

Like a priestess she looked
watching you with strange eyes
Inside her burned a bright fire
crackling wonderful hymns.

She was intense silent
Her hands were spread upon him
Moving slowly, moving down
Doing all kind of amazing things.

Blame me!
Blame me if you like
It gives me pleasure to warm you.
Go to sleep darling, sleep
i'll give you

The strange hours

Ha! No idea which ghost from Bretagne whispered this image in my ear. She looks a bit on an insect lady but we didn't have trouble with bugs. The rocks and menhirs were the inspiration for the background. I love this lady very much and was very surprised as she showed herself. :-)
I wish you all an inspired weekend!