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I used to sing in a band, years ago. I wrote the lyrics for our songs. I would like to share these lyrics with you. They are not very good in a poetical (and i think in a grammatical way) and sometimes i just used simple lines because i had to sing them. But it was a challenge to tell a story in short, simple lines. :-D I always tried to tell little stories, just like my drawings. So just for fun i'll share them with you. I am looking for a way to upload the music in my computer, so in time you also can hear what we did that time. If there are some huge grammatical or ugly faults in these lyrics don't be shy to point that out to me. I really will appreciate it.

The first lyric i wanna share with you could be a sister of my drawing The strange hours. I just noticed that they wonderfully fit together.


She was so hot, so flushed
Dominated by impatience
It strongly took hold of her
She cannot explain why.

Like a priestess she looked
watching you with strange eyes
Inside her burned a bright fire
crackling wonderful hymns.

She was intense silent
Her hands were spread upon him
Moving slowly, moving down
Doing all kind of amazing things.

Blame me!
Blame me if you like
It gives me pleasure to warm you.
Go to sleep darling, sleep
i'll give you


Caio Fern said...

This is a really good liric... i think lirics harder to write because you must to fit it into the music... poems are free so demand less fron the writer... this work of yours is very good...
oh... little luna.... i want to much to listen your songs and ... AND VOICE !!! oh my ... YOUR VOICE !!!

Steppenwolf said...

I like it.I often write poems to tunes in my head. It produces rythm just as you have done here. Your lyric makes a great poem.

jazzlamb said...

Sounds wonderful! I think you should continue writing! I really like the art you do too! It has a lot of layers. I'm glad you liked my work:D

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

ich staune immer mehr über dich. Du bist ja eine richtige Alleskönnerin, und das ist wunderbar!!!

Ich bin soooo stolz, dich zu kennen und gern zu haben..

deine Rachel

Momo Luna said...

Hi Caio,
tnx, i'm happy you like my lyric. You're right a lyric has to fit in the rhytm (hmm dont know how to write that in english lol)Sometimes that's hard but most of the time i find it easy. It forces you to think about how to say something with little words. Or something like that.
I always laugh when you write LITTLE Luna, because one thing you can't say about me; that i'm little. ;-) I'm about 1 m 79

Yes my voice.... i hope soon i'll can upload the music.

xoxo for you my friend!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Steppenwolf (i'm a steppenwolf too)and welcome!
Tnx for your comment, it makes me happy. Especially because i've read your poems and stories and they're good. I love it very much!

Sweet greetz for you.

Hi Jazzlamb,
also a warm welcome here for you. Tnx for commenting. In fact i've written lots of lyrics, poems (dutch) and even stories. But i was a bit inconfident uploading them here, because there are so much good writers and poets here on the web. I'm more secure about my paintings and drawings. ;-)

I'm glad you see the layers in my work. And i'm also glad you like my work. :-)

Momo Luna said...

Liebe Rachel,

always so good to see you here. I am very happy to know you as well my dear. And i'm also very happy with your sweet support.
<3 xoxo

Inkpunk Artworks said...


Your lyrics have the same sexual tension as your artwork, so yes, they do fit perfectly together!

When you sang, was it in Dutch or English? I would love to hear the original music!

It appears that you are working things through. Keep going!

Have a beautiful weekend, my friend,


Nevine said...

A lovely piece of writing, Momo. If I close my eyes... I can here its rhythm already. And the title is quite the surprise!


Two Tigers said...

Yes, I agree, the lyrics are a wonderful fit for the drawing - I can only imagine what the sound of your voice would add to the complete sensory package! Hope we can hear this soon. But we might have to sedate and tie Caio down first!

Enjoy the weekend, my dear.

Woman in a Window said...

Nice writing, Momo. Actually, hot is more precise. Very hot writing. I hear the Blame me! with a Joplin grrowlll to it.


Anonymous said...

hi Momo Luna your words are beautiful, and even more so together with your drawing..kinda like a completion, there's a wholeness to it. It is poetical, i think of lyrics as poetry..they both have rhythm.

I'm so glad you've posted this and very much look forward to seeing many more of your poetic works. and would also love to hear your music :)

Momo Luna said...

Hi Brian,

i'm happy you feel the tension in my work. :-)
I always sung in english.
Have a great weekend!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Nevine for your lovely comment. You're right i always wanna surprise people with the title, also with my drawings. :-)

I like that dear Gabriella, the sensory package. Haha i think Caio isn't that easily tied down. ;-)

Tnx Erin, i like hot! Because that was also the intention of this lyric. Ilove you can hear the janis Joplin grrrrrrrrrrowl, but i hadn't that great voice. Besides my voice sounds sweeter. My lyrics had two faces (just like my drawings) and i sung the most hard words in a sweet voice to mislead the listener or to hush them is a better word.

Hello Green Whisper. Yes i also thought that this lyric was a completion to the drawing. But at the same time i find it difficult to link my drawings to a poem or lyric because i don't wanna influence the viewers thoughts and emotions when looking at the drawing.

More lyrics will follow because i have lots of them. :-D

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

you are a good writer too

Crissant said...

I would like to hear it!!!!
Please, show us!!!!

Kisses, dear Momo!

Anonymous said...

"Hello Green Whisper. Yes i also thought that this lyric was a completion to the drawing. But at the same time i find it difficult to link my drawings to a poem or lyric because i don't wanna influence the viewers thoughts and emotions when looking at the drawing."

hi Momo Luna, that's a very good point. although if the image is viewed, before reading on.. those thoughts and emotions are already formed..in that first lingering look..

Momo Luna said...

Thank you dear Laura!

Soon, i'm working on it Crissant. :-)

Yes Green Whisper, you got a point. I like that very much: the first lingering look.....