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Slow moving

I haven't painted for awhile and even not drawing also. That's not a good sign but i trust i soon will be able to create some new worlds. So because my lyrics are liked, i am brave enough to share another one with you.


He fellt a terrible weakness
She moved in an intense way
The sky above was cloudless
Her eyes had too much to say


She fellt the effect of the full moon
He looked at her too long
She showed him what's inside her mind
He couldn't believe what he saw


She won't cry his name
But then he made no moves
She sank into her own little world
as if she hadn't been there



Joe's blog said...

the change from him to her in the last line is ingenious.

Two Tigers said...

Momo, you always have something to share with us that provokes the mind and heart, even when there are no paintings! You will be at it soon, I'm sure, and astounding us all again! It's good to make us a little hungry, the better to appreciate when the feast arrives!

kathrin said...

my dear friend, have a nice weekend ! big hugh Kathrin

Anonymous said...

*goosebumps* :)

a souldance.. very moving!

i hope your muse returns soon..awakening to golden autumn moons..


Helmi said...

Heel erg mooi, dat is iets waar ik me niet aan waag. Ik vind taal ook erg moeilijk dus blijf ik beeldend actief.
grt, Helmi

Inkpunk Artworks said...


I absolutely love your lyrics! They are deep and strong, just like you. Don't worry about taking a break from the painting an drawing, it will come soon. I hope all is well for you on this cold Autumn night.

Enjoy your weekend, my friend,

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like this poem, lyrics, story...lovely. My paintings become a place, a place with a story and I believe your words have done the same. I'm sure you will be back painting...it's all the same...art making! Thank you for visiting me.

Woman in a Window said...

I think she must be very powerful and connected, feeling the effect of the full moon. But I understand the chasm between the two. I was there once. Sometimes there is no choice but to sink back into your own world. But that last line underlines the pain involved, and how that transition can undo you. Very powerful piece if you take the time to look inside the lines. I would like to hear you sing very much.


Jasmine said...

Powerful lyrics Momo. I hope your art comes to you again soon. I have had a lot of creative blocks these past months. Maybe its sensory overload? xx

Poetic Artist said...

Beautiful lyrics. I hope the passion comes back to you soon.
My self I have not posted in almost a month. And I am not creating. I am a very deep dark place and searching for the strength to look for the light.

Luz said...

muy artistico su blog me gusta y voy a seguirlo.

Bitch said...

The window opened just before I have given up!!
Beautiful lyrics, Momo.
I am sure that you are going to
find your muse again...
Wish you a creative week,

Anonymous said...

Love your Blog Momo!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much Joe, i like surprises so there it is. :-D

Dear Gabriella, i like that; to make you a little hungry. ;-) And i think you're right, a little bit longing tastes sweet.
I'm at it sooner then i thought.....
Hugs and xoxo for you!

Hi sweet Kathrin, so good to see you here. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Big hug for you also.

Tnx Green whisper. I hope you soon can hear this song, it has a nice rhytm to dance on. :-)
Forunately my muse showed up again today. Very unexpectedly, but i'm happy.

Dank je wel Helmi. Ik schrijf net zoals tekenen al vanaf dat ik jong ben. Ik ben gek op taal. In het engels is natuurlijk moeilijker omdat het niet mijn moedertaal is. Maar blijkbaar komt het in het engels ook goed over en maak ik niet al te grote fouten. ;-)

Tnx Brian, my loyal friend. :-) I'm happy you love my lyrics, that means a lot to me.

Yes you're right Blue Sky dreaming; i like to tell stories. With words or with images.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Leovi said...

Esta poesía me pone muy melancólico.

Momo Luna said...

That's right Erin, that's why the he in this lyric went away.
I'm so happy you took the time to look inside the lines.
I'm working on how i can get the music from tape on my computer and changing it in a wav. Soon you can hear the music. I hope. :-)

Hi Jasmine, my art came back sooner than expected fortunately. :-)
It's because of some heavy times i went thru.

It already has returned dear Katelen. Sorry to read about your pain. i hope you'll find the light soon, like now.
Sweet greetz, hugs and kisses for you!

Thank you Luz and a warm welcome on my blog for you.

Yes exactly Monika. My muse popped sooner than i expected. Fortunately.
I wish you also a great week!

Thank you so much Joni and also a warm welcome for you. Nice meeting you. :-)

Hello Leovi. Yes i can be very melancholic. Tnx for commenting and welcome on my blog. :-)