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Everything distant, everything close

Lately i was so very tired, that i even didn't draw. Although that made me very restless, i couldn't find the peace to sit down and create something new. All i could do was take care of my responsibilities, reading, sleeping a lot when possible and daydreaming. But only daydreaming makes me sad and even more restless. My muse hadn't left me, she was knocking at my door but i just ignored her. Strange, because i just needed to let her shine. Yesterday, after a long sleep without any dreams i woke up and sat down at my table. There was the beginning of a drawing i wanted to finish.
I wrote earlier about my holidays in France and the view i had from the camping. Everyday i stood there watching this wonderful view and imagining that there must have been Celtic women on this spot searching the horizon for their beloved ones on sea. (there was an old Celtic settlement nearby this spot) It was fun to fantasize about this. One evening i started to draw such a lady. I hadn't finish it there, so i took this dream home. And now she was laying in front of me, patiently waiting. But i couldn't finish this drawing. Yet. So i turned the page. There were marks on this page from the celtic lady. Pressed through, almost invisible lines. I started working, using these lines. And there appears the sister of the Celtic lady. Darker, much darker. She must be the desires and pain of my lady. Hiding in darknes, waiting for the light to let her shine. As i finished this drawing, i imediately worked on my Celtic lady. Now i also could finish her story.

Everything seems so very, very distant

Everything seems so very, very close


Manon Doyle said...

These are incredible pieces, Monica. They are very deep.
I think as artists and people we all go through periods that we can't get the work done. I wrote a couple of posts ago my new favorite line *do nothing when nothing works*. Obviously... your muse just needed to nudge you. Your work is incredible as always! xo

whitney-anne said...

Both these pieces are so powerful. I too have imagined ancient people in the landscape of this country, it never occurred to me that others did this too! The way in which the creative process gets stuck or falters is often as interesting as when it does work - thank you for sharing.

Inkpunk Artworks said...


I can feel your pain and your struggles, but I can also see a breakthrough and some light. It will all come to you in time, just be still and listen.

So good to see another photograph of you! The shot of you with your hair blowing in the sea wind is very magical.

I see some different colors in the first one - some blues and lighter shades of red that I don't usually see from you. The face is bright and full of hope too! Both of them are excellent!

Take care, my good friend,


Two Tigers said...

I love these two ladies and the story of their creation. There must be the dark side to have the light side, they are not opposites or enemies, but part of the same whole. I am sorry you have been through a melancholy time lately -- it's hard to witness such a strong life force as yours with a lowered flame -- but so glad you and your muse are working together again to such beautiful results! There is so much raw honest fiery emotion in these pieces! Dear friend, many thanks for all that you give to us!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the longing...

Momo these are wonder-ful!
and thanks for sharing the story of her creation.


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Dear Monica... the wind in your hair... your pain and the wind, a great wont to be free, I see it in your work

William Michaelian said...

What seems like hours or days or weeks to us is nothing to the Muse, the creative force and impulse. Our time here is limited, but the urge to create is timeless and knows no schedule. Your account here is moving and beautiful, Monica, as are these two striking images.

Monica said...

ah, the desires and pain of your lady. so vivid, so raw. love the look on her face in the first one.

Caio Fern said...

to look first toyour picture and then to the first drawing gave me a such wide opened sensation....
i loved that work very much.
i like the way you find solutions for creating the forms .

joanne May said...

Monica, you are so lovely and so is your post. I can imagine the Celtic lady standing on the shore waiting for her loved ones to return home.
Your paintings are beautiful and like I said to you on facebook. Your women are like untamed warrior women. They are dark and mysterious. They are also strong like yourself.
Have a good week Celtic lady!
Jo. xx

Steppenwolf said...

They are beautiful Monica, and so very Celtic. After all I should know...

jbkrost said...

the work is strong as ever!!
good work

Sharmon Davidson said...

Monica, both of these drawings are wonderful- two parts of the whole, dark and light. Perhaps the dark one had to be acknowledged, so you could move on into the light... Well worth waiting for.

Denise Scaramai said...

is so beautiful the first showing of the sea, the rocks, thoughtful and beautiful woman in the wind ...
I think too much about how much history a local guard itself, and you had the opportunity to be there and feel close all this presence!
the second, wonderful, already shining with all his might!
congrats! ;))

Karin Bartimole said...

dear momo, thank you for so openly sharing your creative process and struggle. the resulting drawings both embrace deep emotion, beauty, and the fullness of life and time. i am moved by each, and i feel a connection to the descriptions of your restlessness...
well done, as always! xox

SKIZO said...


Momo Luna said...

Hi Manon,
yes you're right, these periods are like the tides of the sea. I must remember this and not worrie about it. :-)
Tnx for you're sweet comment!

Hi Whitney-Anne; it's fun to read you do the same -> daydreaming about ancient times. I suppose we're not the only ones. The creative process still amazes me at times and yes it's interesting to experience.
Sweet greetz!

Dear Brian,
yes you're right; i'm at a turning point in my life, different paths to choose. I hope i have the courage to make a choice and hopefully it's the right choice
for me.
I don't post photographs of myself that often çause i don't like the photo's most of the time haha. But this one survived my critical judgement. ;-)
Yes, some new colours and tones popping up in my work. It pleases me a lot.
I'll take care my friend, i hope you will do that too.
xoxo and a big hug!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Gabriella,
yes i cherish my dark side as well as the bright one. Because in the end it'll bring me something good. Growth.
I'm very happy you like my work and i thank you for your sweet comment. I appreciate it a lot.
xoxo and hugs!

Your welcome Green whisper! Yes the longing; a pleasure and at the same time pain as well. :-)

Thank you dear Laura, i'm happy you see that in my work, because you're so right.

Momo Luna said...

Dear William,
you're so very right. The muse appears when it's the right time for her. You can't force her, luckily. But patience is not one of my strongest qualities at times.
I'm happy with you kind comment.

Thank you so much Monica. :-)

Tnx Caio my friend,
i like that: wide opened sensation.
Yes, i always find solutions, a way to express myself. One way or another....
xoxo and hugs for you!

Thank you Joanne, and now i smile and glow for those nice words of you. Coming from such a lovely woman as yourself.
I'm so happy that you see my women as strong, because they are, and they give my doubts and fears a voice.
Hugs and xx

Momo Luna said...

Tnx Steppenwolf! And yes you should know. I'm very pleased that the Celtic influences are visible. :-)
Sweet greetz!

Tnx JB, you make me smile. Good to see you here.

Yes, i think you're right Sharon. I first had to let the dark lady out, to complete each other. And that was worth waiting for, for sure.

Tnx Denise, it's such pleasure to know about others, you, also to think about ancient times.
....already shining with all his might! Thank you very much for this wonderful comment.

Dear Karin,
i'm moved that my drawings move you. That makes me very happy.

Thank you so much SKIZO, good to see you here. :-D

Turquoise Diaries said...

They are beautiful paintings..I love them

Dean Grey said...
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Dean Grey said...

Momo Luna!

I love the second one! Very wicked and cool looking!


yvette said...

dit is een heel byzonder verhaal...en ze zijn weer zo mooi!
ik geniet nog steeds van mijn blauwgroene zeevrouw!

love you

(ook niet zo heel veel meer bloggend maar denk veel aan je)

Crissant said...

Hi Momo!
How are you?

Wow....storytelling drawing!!!!
Your work is always fabulous.

Hugs, dear Momo!

Leni said...

thanks for a warm comment:) amazing works here ! great style.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much Aysegul and welcome!

Thank you Dean. I love her too. If you take a close look she seems less wicked. ;-)

Momo Luna said...

Ha lieve Yvette,
dank je wel! Ik geniet ervan dat mijn zeevrouw je zoveel plezier schenkt.
Momenteel ben ik wat stil, maar ik ben je niet vergeten hoor!
xoxo en heel veel liefs!

Momo Luna said...

Hello dear Crissant,

i could be better, thank you. But there's some light and i'm moving slowly towards it. I'm vulnerable but strong at the moment.
I'm happy that you like my work. :-)

Thank you so much Leni,
i think the same about your art. Awespme style! :-)

will-Art said...

Mooi, indringend, inspirerend, sterk werk!

Momo Luna said...

Ooops ik zie deze reactie nu pas. Dank je well Will.