The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Take it back

I drawed and painted this over an image in an old book. And here she was, a nymph of the woods. And yes i know, she's not that pretty kind of nymph you always see. She's a bit masculine with her strong neck and worried face. But hey, she's coming from the black earth of the woods. ;-) It's a returning topic in my work i realize, seed and sowing, trees and root. Inspired by the great weather and being outdoors i suppose.

Dream of magical woods and germinating seed of imagination.....


Records and books

Just for fun i've started a new blog where i will post the records i have collected thru the years. I have a very open music taste so the posts will vary from (modern) classic to rock to industrial and everything in between. Also i'll post some curiosa sleeves i collect. The music isn't good, sometimes it's funny, i just bought these kind of records because of the curiosity factor. So check it out here.

I've just received a copy of my Blurb book Silent echoes and i'm very, very pleased with it. It just looks great and very professional. ;-)

Then finally i have the right form for my website. Maybe it need some little improvements but i'm very pleased with the basics so far. Now i can upload my work there if i can find the time.


Then i touched your face

21 x 14 cm

A good observer knows what the butterflies are standing for in my work.... ;-)



First of all a welcome and sweet greetz for all new dreamers who wander through my world. I haven't been a great blogger lately because i was busy busy busy and therefore in the evening a huge lack of energy. Too tired for blogging and commenting all my favourite blogs. I don't know exactly if this lack of energy has to do with my disease or with aging or maybe both. But it sucks big time. Very frustrating.

In my shop you can buy three booklets of my work and that takes lot of work. Updating the shop, spreading the url, taking orders, check them, send them etc.... i don't mind the work, it's fun but if there is an easier way i sure will try that. So i tried a new way. Inspired by Caio i also made a book with Blurb. The program booksmart is easy to use. I'm very pleased with it all. I make the book and upload it to Blurb. They take care of the business. I don't have to print lots of books (as i did before). Blurb print it if there's an order. Besides; the price for the book is less expensive as with my other print-company. And you can check the book on the website, also a big plus. I think the book looks great and there will be more books in the future with my work. So many possibilities.
This means that my first booklets will be even more special, because the impression of the book is just 50! Ánd ofcourse there is a real original drawing at the last page of each booklet. So pick your choice! ;-) And here it is, my book Silent echoes

I haven't worked on new drawings/paintings lately, so i leave you with an old one: some details of the painting The pomegranate.


L'Héautontimorouménos * The self-tormentor

In my early twenties, as i started to read the flowers of evil (Les fleurs du mal) of Charles Baudelaire, i became a big fan of him. I was (and am) attracted by the dark beauty of his words which bring emotions as fear, pain, lust, hope, melancholy, loneliness and despair. His words comfort me; i am not the only one struggling with these dark, lonely emotions. His words inspire me also and they linger in my heart and work.

My most favourite poem is L'Héautontimorouménos. Especially because of the last words:

Je suis de mon coeur le vampire,
— Un de ces grands abandonnés
Au rire éternel condamnés
Et qui ne peuvent plus sourire!

I'm the vampire of my own heart
— One of those utter derelicts
Condemned to eternal laughter,
But who can no longer smile!

How beautiful is that? In all its darkness and sadness.
You can find the poem (and some translations in english) here.

Inspired by this intense poem i painted in 1988 a large painting referring to The self-tormentor.
The photographs are not good because of the flashlight. And in real the colors are more rich and vivid and intense. But i want to show them anyway. Soon i'll try to make better pics.

Acrylics on canvas * Height 150 cm * Width 200 cm


The ignorant

The addict

The cry


And for now i'm back to my garden again because of the heat indoors. I don't like heat. I'll pay you all a visit soon, when it's cooler in tha house.

I hope your dreams are full of hope. Keep smiling.