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Take it back

I drawed and painted this over an image in an old book. And here she was, a nymph of the woods. And yes i know, she's not that pretty kind of nymph you always see. She's a bit masculine with her strong neck and worried face. But hey, she's coming from the black earth of the woods. ;-) It's a returning topic in my work i realize, seed and sowing, trees and root. Inspired by the great weather and being outdoors i suppose.

Dream of magical woods and germinating seed of imagination.....


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I like this, tribal!

ALeks said...


Leni said...

nice style !truly amazing :)


Louis Vuittonet said...


kathrin said...

always it makes me so happy to see your art, it s excellent ! big hugh Kathrin

Caio Fernandes said...

strong and great work with colors .
i liked the forest behind a lot !!
great work.

all ways 11 o'clock said...

I love this piece very much. She IS strong with painted lips and those roots i love the roots.


Jasmine said...

She is pretty to me. Who can resaist a nymph of the woods? x

jbkrost said...

very strong, like the rest of your work is.
thanks for the series of well worded comments on my page!
your someone who not only looks but see's the work and the intention of the painter,
much thanks for your support though out my blogging career

Inkpunk Artworks said...


Many of my favorite colors here - teals, purples, reds. It's amazing how something can pop up out of nowhere. I don't every think that this is a coincidence, it is a sign of something.

I hope you are doing well and that all of your projects are coming together. The new music site is awsome. While I might not comment on every post, I do visit it every day!

Take care, my good friend,

ALeks said...

Eve weer proberen....
problemen met comments en hotmail(heb je mijn email gekregen?)
vreemde dingen alweer...grrr
eve kijken of het lukt nu....
by the way,die slide heeft een optie om die stomme pets weg te klicken,dus
Lady,YOU ROCK!!!! What a treasure to see in your slide exposition!! Wonderful!
Ik doe geen 3 x meer,dat is nu teken voor porno industrie via de YouTube heb ik net gehoord dus
kusjes en hugs

joanne May said...

I love your dark wood nymph! ;-)
Not all fairies are sweetness and light. I like that you have created an earthy fay creature...
I have just bought your wonderful book from blurb. I will let you know when it arrives safely.
Have a lovely weekend.

Bitch said...

I like your work of art and your
blog all around. The music is
matching with your paitings.
Strong stuff!
Have a great weekend...

Harry Kent said...

makes me think of a strong spirit from the roots of your being, a Monica-nymph within. Is the hand up beconning the viewer closer or palm-out saying "not too close". Yet the viewer is firmly linked by the red chain. A powerful composition, Monica, reassuring and bit disturbing all at the same time. Great painting.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Laura, i like the association tribal. :-)

Thank you lieve ALeks!

Tnx Leni, i'm pleased you like my style.

Thank you Louis!

Such a sweet comment Kathrin, it makes me happy, that you are happy seeing my art. :-)

Yes dear Caio, i'm happy with the forest background as well.

Tnx Robert, i love the roots as well, it's great drawing/painting roots. I paint a lot of roots and seed. :-)
A hug for you!

Tnx Jasmine, i think no-one can resist a nymph of the woods or of the sea or.... :-)

Your welcome JB, how can i not see your work and your intentions. It's such great, strong art you make. :-)

Hi Brian dear friend,
i always work this way, most of the time i start a drawing with the eye. And then my imagination lead my hand.
Besides a lack of energy (same old frustration) i'm doing fine thank you. I hope your doing fine as well and that you aren't that nervous for the upcoming exhibition.
I knew you would like my new blog and i know that you (others) come to enjoy, not leaving a comment. Thats because of the form of the post. It's good to know you are following though. :-)

Ooops sorry, ALeks, voor late reactie. Maar ik heb/had geen mailtje van je ontvangen. Ik hoop dat alles nu weer ok is met de email etc...?
Ja, je kan die petsbanner wegklikken, maar eerst zie je hem en dat stoort me enorm haha. Maar ik heb nu een nieuwe slideshow gevonden. Zodra ik meer tijd heb zet ik die erop.
Oh is dat zo met de drie kruisjes? En wat zegt dat dan precies?
Kusjes terug voor jou! You rock too sweetheart!

Hello Joanne, thank you, I'm happy you like my nymph. Yes, she's very down to earth (just like me ;-))
How wonderful that you ordered my book. that makes me happy! Yes, i would like to know if it arrives you safely, how long it took and if the book looks good. Because Caio have had some complaints. Also because of the print, thwe colors weren't good.
Hugs and xoxo for you!
And i hope you also will make your book, that would be so great!

Thank you so much Bitch! Yes, i also play music when i paint or draw, the same kind of music you hear here on my blog...
Sweet greetz for you!

Thank you Harry! I'm always looking forward to your comments, because of the insight you have.
I think most of my figures are the spirit of the roots of my being. How wonderful put.
And yes my work is a mixture of love and pain, despair and hope, dark/light, comforting and disturbing at the same time. That's what people telling me. :-)

Annie said...

Mijn mailtje met bijlage al ontvangen?

Momo Luna said...

Hoi Annie,
ik heb nog niks ontvangen.
Mijn email adres is: momolunasignals(at)live.nl
Ik ben wel heel benieuwd!

kathrin said...

I love your art, it s realy great, I m a fan ! big hugh Kathrin

Anonymous said...

ooh, she's dark and powerful.
don't know why, but she appears to me to be splitting into two people - yin and yang... or something.


Ruth said...

Oh, I love her - she is powerful and earthy!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much Kathrin for your lovely comment which makes me happy.
Hugs for you.

Momo Luna said...

Hello Monica,

yeah i know what you mean... I often draw 'splitted' yin-yang personalities. I don't know exactly why. As if to show the bright side but also the dark side of a personality, as we all have also our dark side. :-)
Thank you for commenting!

Momo Luna said...

Hello Ruth and welcome! I'm happy that you love her....