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My drawing stuff is packed as well. Monday morning, very early i'm off to France! How i need this vacation, hoping to refill my batteries. First we going to a little village in the neighborhood of Le Havre. There's a nice skating parc on the beach. My love and i laying in the sun on the beach and my 2 kids skateboarding. ;-)
Then we're going further down, wanna explore Bretagne. I'm looking forward to much sunshine, France bread, wine and cheese and hopefully lots of drawing as well.

I'm not the only one that travels. The mandalas Shana Goetsch and i are changing and working on is travelling again also. A new round has started. Check it out HERE! I take the mandala witj me to work on it......

Take care you all, i'll be missing you! And i'll be back at the end of august, begin of septembre.


Karin Bartimole said...

happy and safe travels to you and yours Momo! I look forward to the tales and images from your time away. xox

kathrin said...

oh my dear, have a realy nice time and take care of you, have a safety journey, big hugh Kathrin

Inkpunk Artworks said...


Yes, you deserve a nice relaxing break! Safe travels, and I look forward to when you are back. Enjoy!

Take care, my friend,


whitney-anne said...

have a lovely time re-charging your batteries!

jbkrost said...

Take us with you!!
hope you enjoy it all, and get lots of work done.
you'll have to show us the "France" drawings upon return.
all the best

Patricia said...

This is a dream vacation. Please breathe deeply each day and enjoy all that is around you. Can't wait to see the art you create.

Harry Kent said...

have a wonderful time, Monica ... Bretagne sounds lovely - eat too much, drink too much, and draw inspired

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Have the best holiday EVER@ -j

yvette said...

heb het goed en kom veilig terug!


Denise Scaramai said...

dear Momo Luna
bon voyage
good holiday
and many new energy!

Jasmine said...

Enjoy your holidays x