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♥ Falling in love

Hi wonderful blogfriends! So you notice, i'm back. The holidays was one of the lonelinest i ever experienced, but therefore interesting, confronting and clearing my feelings and thoughts. And i have made some new drawings that please me a lot. But i'll post them one by one in a new post.

I fell in love with Bretagne (Brittany) big time. I was never before in this area but it's so great, amazing, wonderful. It stole my heart. For interested in Celtic history, I loved the celtic influences you could sense everywhere. I never saw those 'open' towers of the churches, but it looks gorgeous. I love the rough nature, the huge rocks on the beach, the menhirs and dolmen that tickles my imagination. We had a wonderful view on a bay from our tent. I loved to stand on this hill, the scent of the fresh sea, listening to the sound of the waves and the seagulls, the wind playing with my hair and thoughts, i imagining that i'm a celtic lady searching the sea for the boat of her lover. Nearby our camping there were the remains of a celtic community, so that's where my fantasy comes from. ;-)
The weather where we were was warm, but with soft rain and always a wind. Exactly how i love it. My boys loved to climb the rocks with their father. And the youngest one was tickled by the history of Normandy (we were there the first days of our holidays) so he was sometimes a soldier, hiding in the dunes or on the rocks.
I have reloaded my batteries, hoping to safe this energy for awhile.
It's good to be back though as well and i'll pay you all a visit in time.

This view i will miss a lot. I already do. Standing there everyday, dreaming, feeling peaceful.

Beautiful rocks

The 'open' towers that amazed and entchanted me.


That special old language.
More photographs on my Facebook.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Beautiful. How wonderful to feel deeply connected with the past.

Crissant said...

So good see you back, Momo!!!
This is really a beautiful place, well i can see through your photos.

kathrin said...

welcome back and I m happy that your time was so realy nice. big hugh Kathrin

Quase Blog da Li said...

Welcome filled with great energy.
For those images you can feel the good vibes!
Learn to feel, see and enjoy what nature provides is a virtue!
I wonder how your experience was incredible ...
The Celts were a people of great wisdom and greatness!
I await more reports!

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I'm happy you be back to us,
... I understand you so good with bretagne... is a dream...

Inkpunk Artworks said...


Are you really back?!? I have missed your creative spirit, and am so happy that you were able to recharge your soul. It has been very, very busy here but a good kind of busy.

So good to see you back!


Momo Luna said...

It sure was wonderful Leslie. I already miss the view i had and the space. Thank you for your lovely comment.

Thank you Crissant, your welcome back feels good! :-D
It's so good to see you also again....

Thank you dear Kathrin, good to see you again.
A big hug for you also!!!

Tnx Li for your wonderful comment, and yes i think i'll write more about Bretagne, how could i not? For falling in love with it....
To experience nature in the deepest of the soul is a virtue for sure.
Sweet greetz!

Thank you sweet Laura, it's nice to see you here also! Yes Bretagne is a wonderful dream turns to reality. :-)

Ha Brian, yes, i'm really back!!! :-D I missed you also and was in spirit at the opening of your exhibition. It looks really great!
Yes i saw at your blog you're busy, but a good kind of busy. I'm happy for you things work out so great.
It's so good to see you again also. :-)

Two Tigers said...

Greetings my new friend - good to see you back and can't wait to see how the love you have brought back from Bretagne will come through in your next creations. The photos are beautiful! I love your site and will be spending a lot of time here from now on. Warm hugs...

Louis Vuittonet said...

welcome back great photos

Poetic Artist said...

Welcome back..Glad you enjoyed.
Great photos.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

What a sweet introduction to a wonderful place! Happy you are back ans 'charged up'. -J

Jasmine said...

Good to see you back Momo. Sounds like your holidays were inspirational. Sometimes we need solitude to be able to create. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour xxJ

ALeks said...

Welcome back ☾°☆ ♥.•*¨`*•♫
I feel like Im looking at Obelisk and Asterix but than live,in your pictures and words!:)
Good to have you back sweet Momo!!
Enjoy your after holiday days! See you bella!

César Ramos said...



Best regards,

Momo Luna said...

Hello Gabriella,
good to see you here.
I'm glad you like my photo's because you're a great photographer.
I'll also visit your blog on a regular base because i like a lot what i saw and read there. :-)
Hugs and xoxo

Thank you so much Louis! :-)

Hello Katelen, tnx for your nice comment.

Yes -J., Bretagne was very enchanting. Nice that you're happy for me. I appreciate that a lot!

Hi Jasmine,
it's so good to see you here again also. I think Bretgane will pop up in my drawings at times. :-)

Haha lieve ALeks,
funny what you say about Asterix and Obelisk, because my partner and i said to our boys: "Hee guys, now we're in Asterix and Obelisk land!" Emil looked at his older brother as if to say; they're crazy. "Mom, Asterix & Obelisk are cartoon figures, they didn't excist for real." Haha.

Thank you very much César, best regards for you also.

And i wish you all a great weekend!

Harry Kent said...

wonderful to have you back, Monica. If you want continuing getting whiffs of Bretagne, perhaps visit a bloggy friend, Olivia, who does the most delicate and amazing watercolors of Brittany sea-life and landscape at atelierpetitemer.blogspot.com/. Cheers.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Harry,
sorry for the late response. Thank you so much for your blog tip, i now are gonna check it out! :-D

will-Art said...

Mooie foto's. Vooral die menhir is geweldig!