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Save me, i'm breaking the time


Inkpunk Artworks said...


I love the ornamentation on the fabric of this one! The gaze from the main figure isn't sad, nor happy - it just is. The eyes are wide open and clear also.

I hope you have a little more time before you have to go back to work!

Enjoy the rest of the week,

Dan Gliubizzi said...

Good morning Momo and welcome back. I enjoyed the post and this painting. I have lots on Alan Stivell harp music in my collection to fill me Celtic side (half Irish).
I like the smile and the snake!!

Dave King said...

Yes indeed. Welcome back. Fab' drawing. Like it lots.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Beautiful and fun. -J

kathrin said...

it s a realy great work ! big hugh Kathrin

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

ja, nun bin ich wieder aus der Klinik raus, jedoch noch lang nicht beweglich genug, aber das wird schon werden, so nach und nach...

Ich hatte dein Büchlein mit im Krankenhaus, auch Ärzte waren begeistert davon...

Und vergessen habe ich dich nicht. Sobald ich wieder laufen kann, geht ein kleines Geschenk an dich ab...

ich umarme dich lieb,
deine Rachel

Helmi said...

Hoi Momo, fijne vakantie gehad zo te zien. Frankrijk heeft vele gezichten en Bretagne is daar een van. Ruig en mooi tegelijk.
Mooie illustratie ik herken de manier van patronen of ritmes tekenen onder de slang. Ze lijken zelfs een beetje op die van mij.
grt, Helmi

ALeks said...

maar hoe doe je dat met je naam als watermerk op je tekening Momo?
Het was erg stil hier zonder jou! Williams computer was stuk .......ik stond op het punt om blogs te verwijderen en toen kwam jij en het voelt zo fijn ook al ben ik verdrietig.Depressie is dit jaar eerder teruggekeerd dus uitkijken geblazen voor mij!
I love the colors of this one very much,and her hair,I fel in love with her hair,beautiful!
Hugs and kisses!!
kuseli is mine word verification

Denise Scaramai said...

save me - it's beautiful!
drawing a very placid and confident!
despite ask for the save, the figure is secure
despite being with the snake she does not seem to be afraid ... congrats!

...and beautiful images that you have described and shown in photos
on the Bretagne!
charging energy that delicious!

a big hug dear MomoLuna ;)

Quase Blog da Li said...

Sometimes it seems that time is not always with us.
Sometimes we are not always where we wanted to be
Sometimes the weather leaves us lost, as souls loose...
then we have to feel light and strong, to guide our time.
time to work,
and spoon.
Often, after a wonderful and unique experience we feel trapped in time.
At this time
think in time that you lived a few days ago.
He is his own. You deserved it.
And be happy!

You wore a lovely color and strong!
I loved it!


Momo Luna said...

Hi Brian,

when i was uploading this image i thought about the pattern on the fabric. I knéw you would like it.

I had this whole week free before i go to work next monday. :-D

Hello Dan and thank you for the nice welcome back. Now i'm going to google Alan Stivell to find out about his music. :-)
In my family there's also Irish blood,but way, way back.
The smile and te sanke(s) are a returning topic in my work.
Tnx for commenting!

I'm glad you like it Dave and thank you....

Thank you -J. Good to see you. :-)

Thank you so much dear Kathrin. A big hug for you also!

Liebste Rachel,
i must have missed something. In der Klinik??? I'm glad you're home now. And i'm going to check your blog for information.
It feels so good to read you had my booklet with you, that makes me happy and i hope it gave you some comfort.
Don't worry about das kleines Geschenk, das is sehr lieb von Ihnen, but i didn't expect anything back sweetheart. So take your time....
I wish you strenghth, a good recovery and i bring you lots of xoxo

Precies Helmi! Ik ben gek op die ruwe schoonheid. Leuk die herkenning! Ik ga straks eens even checken bij jou. :-)

Dank je dank je dank je lieve ALeks. :-) Het watermerk maak ik met een simpel tekenprogramma dat ik heb. Ik heb een nieuwe printer daar kun je ook een watermerk mee maken.
Ik ben blij dat je geen blogs hebt verwijderd! Oh jee, ik kan me voorstellen dat je William miste. Ik kan ook niet zonder zijn pracht woorden en zijn warmte. Ik ben nu net begonnen in zijn boek One hand clapping.
Het spijt me dat je depressief bent meis! :-( Komt dat door gebrek aan zonlicht?
Zorg goed voor jezelf!
Heel veel liefs en kusjes voor jou.

Thank you dear Denise, for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it!
Hugs also for you.

Thank you Li for your thoughtful comment. I try to hold the serenity, energy and happiness from the holidays. But here at home; other times, other kind of happiness.
Besides; my favourite season is on it's way ---> autumn. That makes me very happy.
A kiss for you!

SKIZO said...


Momo Luna said...

Thank you Skizo, dear blogfriend....

Harry Kent said...

back and straight away such potent work. That serpent is a bit of worry. What harm the tongue can do. But that lovely trusting face rises above it.

Momo Luna said...

Tnx Harry,
serpents appear often in my work. I don't feel worried about snakes, i'm intruiged by them and i love them how strange that may seem perhaps.
The trusting face is feeling secure about the future i think, no matter what....

It's good seeing you here Harry.

will-Art said...

Schitterend werk!

Joe's blog said...

Fantastic work. I'm happy I've found you somewhere between millions of bloggers. I'm sure I'll enjoy everyone of your following posts as I enjoyed all last ones so, keep up the good work, please!
Greetings from northern Germany!

Momo Luna said...

Dank je Will!

Hello Joe, nice meeting you and welcome.
I'm happy you like my work. I visited your blog and i also am happy you found me and vice versa. :-)

Sweet greetz from Arnhem!