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Inside my head
Wow, almost a year ago since my last post! Hi there bloggerfriends, are you still there? Although i didn't feel like blogging for some time, i couldn't delete my blog. Because of you, the friends i made on blogger. The stuff we shared back and forth and really, i did miss you! Many of you are also friends on Facebook, but that isn't the same. Facebook is fast and a bit shallow i think. It's fun, but not more than that. While a post on blogger expresses more and deeper, our thoughts and ideas. Right? I am so happy i didn't delete my space here, i am thinking about writing a blog once a month, and if i have time, sometimes a bit more. And i will start visiting all you guys really soon again, hoping that not all of you have left.
Lots of changes the past year. I have moved, again, now living in a wonderful new home with a BIG studio and much light. The house feels great, and it's nice that the neighbors also living in this building are artists as well. More understanding between each other, on the same level as well mostly. Greeting each other. That seems logical i suppose, but in the past neighborhood people didn't greet us, or if they did, it was kind of rigid. We were always strange. And our garden was way too wild. I am so pleased to see that our new neighbors love wild gardens too. Now we have a large garden with space for groceries and fruits as well.

Left side of the garden. Where we grow herbs, groceries (next year) and fruit.

Right side of the garden. Sowing grass and needs more plants ofcourse.  You can make me happy with seeds. Our garden is till the second rainpipe. You see the 3 windows of my studio.

Part of my new studio. It has 3 of such large windows. Lucky girl i am!

Part of our living room. Doors to the garden, a large window and next to it another window. So we have a house full of light. The building was in the past part of a barracks. Our appartment consists of former sleeping rooms. On the other side you can see the same kind of building. Now also appartments for artists. 

My work  was part of some wonderful exhibitions.  Ken Flett was curator of the 'Love & monsters' exhibition in Riverbear, Nova Scotia. Follow the link to my website for more information.
There was a regional artday in the cityhall of Arnhem. Visitors could vote and if you're lucky you can be a part of the national artday in Rotterdam. I did get enough votes, so 9 and 10 november i will be part of this exhibition. 
The owner of gallery Stat21  was on the regional artday and invited me for a group exhibition. Yeay! This exhibition opens august 31, and last till the end of september.

So again; hello dear friends, how are you doing?  I will pay you all a visit to catch up, looking forward to it. Hoping you did stay here on your space too. Nice to meet you again, i hope you feel the same. ;-) I have lots of new work to upload, coming soon. See you!

Hello, happy to see you again!