The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


The gate

I never loved to work with pastel, but now i am drawing like a fool with it. It's exciting for finding new possibilities. And i so love the results.  Lately i am very busy as well with organizing stuff; => work, kids and school, kids and puberty and a move very soon. We have to leave our house before may 31. It's a little miracle i find some time for drawing and painting as well. Therefor i am (again or still) very silent on the www, leaving comments etc.. I hope you understand. Especially my special and loyal friends. I'm out of words at the moment, i'm not disinterested, i follow your activities etc.... but i have no words. I am a hermit by heart.  I will leave a mark ( ♥ ) to let you know i'm still here and caring. Deal?
Love to you all! Thanks for your support i really appreciate it a lot!!!



Hello there my loyal blogger friends. Hide is the title of this post because i've just finished a new painting 'Hide'. I am very pleased with it. Also because i have the feeling i'm getting the touch of painting more and more. The feeling i had lost a bit somewhere down the road. 
It also seemed i was hiding too from blogland and the www in general. Maybe i was a little bit, but our computer crashed several times and i couldn't come online or just for a few minutes and then the computer just stopped to start all over. Again and again. Very frustrating, lol.  I will visit you all soon!
Next to painting i also started a new drawing: All the lonely people. My camera doesn't work either so i made the photo's with my cellphone. I hope you can see thru the poor quality. :-s
I welcome all my new friends; hello there! I hope you enjoy my world.......


Curious cat :-D