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The gate

I never loved to work with pastel, but now i am drawing like a fool with it. It's exciting for finding new possibilities. And i so love the results.  Lately i am very busy as well with organizing stuff; => work, kids and school, kids and puberty and a move very soon. We have to leave our house before may 31. It's a little miracle i find some time for drawing and painting as well. Therefor i am (again or still) very silent on the www, leaving comments etc.. I hope you understand. Especially my special and loyal friends. I'm out of words at the moment, i'm not disinterested, i follow your activities etc.... but i have no words. I am a hermit by heart.  I will leave a mark ( ♥ ) to let you know i'm still here and caring. Deal?
Love to you all! Thanks for your support i really appreciate it a lot!!!


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

your sensibility it is so great... so deep

Momo Luna said...

Thanks dear Laura. You are so sweet!

whitney-anne said...

hey Monica - these recent pictures are so good. I especially like 'Hide'. Hang on in there and surf the wave!!!

erin said...

you are a sweet, sweet woman caught in the tide of life, just where you should be.

i love the tenderness of these pastels. what comes from her hand? the white? or is that water behind her? i love her inquizative seeking look, monica.

be well.


Two Tigers said...

The expression of this woman is like a wild animal emerging from a cave, but one whose curiosity will perhaps overcome her shyness. Dear Luna, don't worry about being silent! Take care of your life and your art and rest assured that your true friends will be waiting patiently for your return!

Poetic Artist said...

Silence is necessary for us all at times..Take care of your self and family. I also love the pastel works you are doing.

camino roque said...

esta obra funciona! me gustan los colores utilizados y la composición

un saludo y ánimo con la mudanza

Anonymous said...

Getting ready to move? I can understand the quiet time. But it's probably not feeling quiet on the inside. How wonderful you're still able to create through all of life's madness and changes. Very therapeutic for sure. I don't know where I would be without a creative outlet.
Good luck with the move!

Dave King said...

You seem to have real flair which the pastels are enabling you to reveal. I shall watch these with interest.

Anonymous said...

she's emerging! a tender moment!
i love her and your use of pastels (& the music in the background:) best wishes with your move momo..hope you enjoy settling into your new home x

renilde said...

Ik blijf je volgen dear girl, doe maar in je eigen tempo en temperament, da's het beste.
Weer een heel expresieve pastel; nieuwsgierig, onderzoekend, zijn woorden die in me opkomen.Haar blik is weer veelzeggend en in de donkerte van de achtergrond ontwaar ik nog een figuurtje, mooi werk!
Ik werk ook graag met pastel,ik hou ervan dat je vingers dan rechtstreeks mee kunnen doen.X

Momo Luna said...

Dear Whitney-Anne,
i will hang in, thank you. :-) Yes, i was trying to find some new ways while painting Hide. Happy you like it.

Dear Erin,
thank you for your kind comment. I had to look up inquizative. ;-) I love to make many layers in my work. Not too obvious. I love it as the viewer is wondering and fantasizing. Like you did.

Sweet Gabriella,
yes, i know my friends understand. :-) Although i'm silent, im not far away.....
I love how you describe this woman. :-D
Hugs and kisses!

Momo Luna said...

Dear katelen,
yes sometimes being silent is needed. To clear your mind also.
Thanks for your visit and sweet comment.

Hello Camino,
tnx for the visit and nice comment.
Un saludo and sweet greetz to you as well. :-

Hi Joni,

not so ready yet lol. We are now negotiating with the new owner of the house. We now have a big (very old) house with lots of working space, so we hope to get a new home with some work space as well. But it looks alright so far. Although i don't know yet where my new home will be.
Yes, i amaze myself for find some time to draw and paint as well. And yes sometimes drawing and painting is very therapeutic as well. :-)
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a kind comment.

Momo Luna said...

I am happy you like them Dave. Thank you!

Momo Luna said...

Hello Green whisper,

thanks for stopping by. And i am happy you love my work! I'm looking forward to move, because the house i live in now, is very old and damaged. But we have lots of space and i'm not sure if our new home will have that too. We'll see.

Ha Renilde,

je hebt gelijk, mijn eigen ritme volgen is het beste, maar moeilijk soms....
Ja, ik heb pastel herontdekt. Inderdaad fijn om ook je vingers te kunnen gebruiken.
Dank voor je lieve reactie. :-)

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Deeply soul-stirring and mysterious...such a strong presence in this piece..i LOVE it!

Sheilla Liz said...

very nice work with pastel! Big hugs from Brazil

Sheilla Liz said...

very nice work with pastel! Big hugs from Brazil

joanne May said...

Ah Monica, this is a very sensitive pastel drawing with so much beautiful female energy.
I love pastels too, but I have not used them for ages.
I feel we are on the same wave length at the moment, because we will be moving again soon around May, June time. I hate moving house. I'm also a hermit crab and changing my shell. I would rather quietly stay in one place though and never move again!
Maybe a lot of changes is just part of the creative journey.
I totally understand why you might want to remain quiet for a while.
Take care and have a safe journey!
Jo. x♥x

emme said...

you're so very sweet:)
and the painting is so expressive, full of intensity!
hope you'll find the Words, and meanwhile continue using pastels!

Karin Bartimole said...

completely understand, my fellow hermit!!! so glad you're finding time for drawing, in the midst of all that change. wishing you a smooth transition into a new home that brings comfort, peace and much joy to you and your family!! xoxox k

jbkrost said...

Vey nice, its good to experiment with diffrent materials...
Ya never know when you'll turn the corner on a great piece of work...
Hope your move works out and is without a bunch of confusion....
We'll wait on the next works

Harry Kent said...

It's a deal, Monica. I know that sense of pressure to blog, when actually i'm too worn to find the energy. Don't you worry at all. We all love you and will be around as and when you able to draw or to write.

And love this work with pastel!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Victoria. I'm happy that you love it. :-)

Tnx so much Sheila Liz. Hugs back for you too.

Hi Emme,
you're sweet too for leaving such a nice comment. :-) And yes, i'm continuing using pastels for sure. :-)

Martine said...

Hey hello hermit, all is well take your time..........

Momo Luna said...

Dear Karin,
a hermit sister? :-) Yes, i'm amazed that i find some time for drawing etc. too. Tnx for your best wishes.
Hugs and kisses!

Yes, you're right JB. It's always good to leave the comfort zone.
Thank you my friend for leaving your comment....

Dear Harry, i'm so very sorry to know you're not feeling great. I hope things will turn for the better soon!
Tnx for commenting, you have been missed.

Momo Luna said...

Dear Joanne,
yes, i'm happy to try pastels again and to love it!
So you're going to move also. I find it both exciting and great ánd horrible as well. I love to move because the house i live in now is very very old, and in bad condition. We didn;t have the money to do a lot about it's condition. So i'm looking forward to a better place. Bút, this old house has lots of charm, lots of freedom and most important; lots of space and garden. I know we will not getting so much space in the new house. So i will miss that a lot. And i'm not sure if the new house has a working space as well. We'll see....
I'm looking forward to your package. :-)
I wish you also a nice journey and all the best.
Sweet greetz and kisses!

Momo Luna said...

I will lieve Martine!

Crissant said...

Of course we undestand, my dear!
Take your time, as i´m taking mine.

Hope to be back soon to appreciate more and more your illuminated art.

Love to you!

Momo Luna said...

Love back, dear Crissant. Thank you! :-)