The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE



Because of the tropical temperatures i'm most of the time outdoors instead of behind the computer. :-)


Maybe you still remember the give-away i had some weeks ago? And after a week or so, ALeksandra had her book in the mail. And Jasmin, Laura and Jayne were happy after receiving their card. But i didn't hear from Rachel about receiving the book. I was checking on her, after 3-4 weeks or so, and it became clear she didn't receive anything. So i was trying to find out where the package had stuck. Unfortunately i had no luck, i didn't find out where the package had stuck. :-S

But then i realized that i probably had made a stupid mistake. I always make a little original drawing on the last page of each book with my drawings. One of a kind. So i thought it would be great to place something special on the last page of Organic worlds as well. Therefore i made a nice little bag with seed in it. Seed of the nightcap poppy, which gives beautiful flowers. I didn't realize that this could bring trouble at the border. I think that's the reason why Rachel never received her book in the first place. Although i can't find out if it really stucked at the border.

So i've send a new package to Rachel, without the seed but with a little drawing. I keep my fingers crossed, hoping all goes well this time.

Enjoy your weekend and dream sunny poppy dreams.


In progress: Requiem for a lost innocence

I've been working on this drawing lately and the story grows. I'm very contented with it so far. Thoughts and feelings are formed on the blanc paper, whispering about fear, passion, love and hope. All the mysteries of human kind. All their secrets and dreams. Beyond good and evil......

Click on the images for a larger view. Some details:

The scent of a flower, shitting pigeon and Shhhhhhhhhhhht

Cuttling a sweet bunny, hands up, can't see and a faun from Spain


Lost innocence?

I'm very disappointed, but i'm not talking politics on this blog. I'm busy with painting. Meanwhile also starting a new big drawing (like Black birds). Lost innocence?

And a photo of our red-white fluffy little angel Willie W. Sleeping and dreaming....

Dream about a world where people can live together in peace, accepting each other. Make this dream come true. Act in the name of love.