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Because of the tropical temperatures i'm most of the time outdoors instead of behind the computer. :-)


Crissant said...

You`re right!!!
I`ll do the same.


kathrin said...

oh yes it s summer time, great ! have a nice time ! hugh Kathrin

Caio Fernandes said...

here for me is diferent , on the hot days i have to stay home ... or i sie if i leave and go to streets .... but when i was at this side of the world ... summer was great ... i didn't remember i had a thing called 'home" , used to leave soon in the morning and come back late of the night ,

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

have a nice sommer!!

Inkpunk Artworks said...


That's okay, soak up the sun while is around! Enjoy the outdoors, but remember to use sunscreen ;) Ah, I will miss you, but I'll be here when you get back. I am sending lots of good creative energy your way...I also sent you a little something else, so watch for it!

Take care!

Momo Luna said...

Good for you Crissant, the sun gives energy.
Kisses back for you also. :-)

Thank you dear Kathrin, yes summertime, when the living is easy. But i do not have holidays yet, so in the evening when the sun is down and it's less warm i'll be visit blogland, it's kinda addictive. ;-)

Yeah that sounds great Caio, really, totally free. :-)

Thank you Laura, i wish the same for you. But i'll be popping up once in awhile, checking your blogs. :-)

Hi dear Brian,
i'll soak up the sun, getting energy. You don't have to miss me, because i don't have holidays yet, so i'll still be around, maybe a bit less frequent. But then again i can't miss you blogfriends either. :-)
Oh i'll be watching for that little something, now i'm curious haha.
And there is someting exciting going on about my art, i'll write about it soon, but it's cool!!!
Sweet greetz and xxx for you!

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

auch ich genieße die Stunden im Freien, wie schnell wird der Sommer vorüber sein wieder...

also genießen wir ihn...

dein Sonnenkind, Rachel

Harnett-Hargrove said...

I've been out mostly too... I thought I caught a glimse of you@ -J

Momo Luna said...

Liebster Rachel,
du hast recht, die Sommer geht schnell und die Sonne gibst energy. (althought autumn is my favourite season)
I am a bit restless because of the package that's coming your way. I've send it a week ago (or even earlier) So it must arrive one of these days now.

Genieß die Summer, have a great weekend!
xxx Monica

Momo Luna said...

Hi Jayne!

oh was that you? Waving at you, have a nice weekend!