The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Maybe you still remember the give-away i had some weeks ago? And after a week or so, ALeksandra had her book in the mail. And Jasmin, Laura and Jayne were happy after receiving their card. But i didn't hear from Rachel about receiving the book. I was checking on her, after 3-4 weeks or so, and it became clear she didn't receive anything. So i was trying to find out where the package had stuck. Unfortunately i had no luck, i didn't find out where the package had stuck. :-S

But then i realized that i probably had made a stupid mistake. I always make a little original drawing on the last page of each book with my drawings. One of a kind. So i thought it would be great to place something special on the last page of Organic worlds as well. Therefore i made a nice little bag with seed in it. Seed of the nightcap poppy, which gives beautiful flowers. I didn't realize that this could bring trouble at the border. I think that's the reason why Rachel never received her book in the first place. Although i can't find out if it really stucked at the border.

So i've send a new package to Rachel, without the seed but with a little drawing. I keep my fingers crossed, hoping all goes well this time.

Enjoy your weekend and dream sunny poppy dreams.


Caio Fernandes said...

i loved the drawings you did on my booklets .... so special .

mail has this . sometimes fail . don't blame yourself .

Inkpunk Artworks said...


I wouldn't have though so, but I guess that makes sense...the dogs probally picked up the scent of opiates. That's a shame, but at least you figured it out!

I don't know if I've ever told you, but I love the fact that you use a singing bowl to hold the names for drawing. We have one of the bowls in the house too to "clear" the air and bring peace over everything.

I hope you are doing well! Thank you for all of your kind words lately! I see them all.

Have a good weekend,

ALeks said...

Happily we are still safe here in Holland with poppy seeds,:O) no dogs around my parcel!! Happy me!! Im dreaming my dreams,only im lonely in them!! I love your way of spoiling us dear Luna,only you can be so sweet and shower me with attention( your lovely comments on my blogs)Oh,and one more thing,I see that your link here to my blog is still called wuthering heights,it is New Times Arrived these days,I tried to move my post from wuthering heights on the other blog but i still dont know what went wrong.I'll get to it when Im at ease in my mind! And what a shame that Rachel did not get her gift!OK,Im off now,have a wonderful weekend!Kisses and hugs!

kathrin said...

hi Monica, all your doing is so lovely and nice and specialy, I m sorry to hear about you trouble you had, it so great what you are doing. have a nice weekend and take care of you ! love Kathrin

yvette said...

al die regeltjes.....

Debrina said...

Hi Monica - thanks for popping on by! It's been a while since we were in contact. Glad you enjoyed seeing the altered book collaboration - it's been a real labour of love. I see you have published 3 booklets of art! Fantastic work.

Harry Kent said...

three booklets, a real achievement to savour, Monica ... but as for poppy-seed sniffing dogs, can't they get their highs some other way? what a crazy world - we can't post a sprinkling of seeds for a garden, while the Taliban grow untold acres of narcotics.

Momo Luna said...

I don't blame myself too much Caio. ;-) But i was a bit naive i suppose.
I'm glad you like the drawings in your booklets, çause i draw them especially for you. :-)

Brian, i do think that's the reason why Rachel didn't get it, but i bought these seeds just in a supermarket, so i never thought it wasn't okay.
And no you never told me that before, but yes we love the singing bowl here as well a lot. Such a great sound, bringing calmth and peace. I love it that you also use a bowl. :-)

Hi sweet ALeks,
i'll change the link. I hope the sun will give you more ease in your mind. I send Rachel a new package , so if all goes well, she must receive it one of these days.
Hugs and xxx!

Hi Kathrin, i also send a new package with the card your way, so you must recieve it one of these days. Please, let me know. :-)
Sweet greetz!

Ja Yvette, en ik was zo onschuldig haha. Kocht de zaadjes by Intratuin of zo. :-s
Ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat lieve meis.

Hi Debrina, so good to see you here again. Yes i enjoyed the altered book collaboration very much so!

Hello Harry,
yes it's a crazy world. And who would have guessed that i am that naive? ;-) But yes crazy sad world it is and beautiful as well. If only....
I love your comments a lot!