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Lost innocence?

I'm very disappointed, but i'm not talking politics on this blog. I'm busy with painting. Meanwhile also starting a new big drawing (like Black birds). Lost innocence?

And a photo of our red-white fluffy little angel Willie W. Sleeping and dreaming....

Dream about a world where people can live together in peace, accepting each other. Make this dream come true. Act in the name of love.


Denise Scaramai said...

Momo Luna, how strong this new painting! very good!
sometimes is necessary to lose innocence in an action in the name of love ...
health and courage to us all!
a big hug!

Dan Gliubizzi said...

Yes! VERY STRONG! No need for political words

Momo Luna said...

yes, you're right Denise. But sometimes i find that hard to swallow.
I'm happy you like the beginning of this new drawing.
A big hug for you also!

Caio Fernandes said...

Monica , i think this is one of my favorites ever !!
i loved everything on it .
wow it is great to see a fresh work fron you .
and i am exited to see the new big one as well .

i can't blieve you have a so cute cat .
i like orange-red cats a lot .

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much Dan, And sometimes words are unnecessary.
Sweet greetz!

Momo Luna said...

Hi dear Caio,
i'm happy to see you here and even more happy that you like the start of this drawing. When finished i also wanna make a video of it, like the other one.

Yes Willie W. is very cute and sweet. he's 2 years old. And we also have a grande lady (we call her that), Milonga. She's already 13/14 years old but still young at heart. :-) Cats are the angels on the earth don't you think?

William Michaelian said...

Cats always find me. I think because of my whiskers, they think I’m the head cat.... A Willie kitty? I like that. My father knew someone who called his dog Bill. “Hello, Bill.”

I really like the new drawing. It’s already full of Momo Luna magic.

Inkpunk Artworks said...


I have missed your posts, and I am glad to see this new work!

Politics make me very sick to my stomach and cause me great torment in my soul. Yes, why can't we live in a world where we all can accept one another, differences and all?

We lost one of out cats to illness this week, and it brings a nice smile to my face to see your boy sleeping soundly under your work table.

Have a peace filled weekend!


Rachel said...

Liebe Monica,

das wird ein Meisterwerk wieder, das sehe ich jetzt schon...
Und Willie W. ist einfach süß, er verkörpert das, was du ausdrücken willst...ich mag deine Klugheit, du Beste...

herzlichst, Rachel

Crissant said...

Your art talk about everything, and art is this..freedom.
Amazing work!

See you, Momo!

Teri Proschuk said...

Love your new work, it’s very provocative. Kisses to your sweet cat, I’m hoping to adopt one soon.
Peace and Love,

Poetic Artist said...

This is going to be a very good piece. Wow>>> Love your cat.
Take care..

all ways 11 o'clock said...

Your work continues to intrigue me Monica.
So strong the image, exposed, violent and vulnerable with limited colour.


SKIZO said...



wit 1996 said...

I remain attentive viewer!!
regards from , Willy.

jbkrost said...

this looks promising....
who's the little devil on the left?
where's the painting?

joanne May said...

Wow Momo!
This is a very powerful image, with a strong message. The detail is great in this drawing. It would look amazing as a large painting as well!
I love your cat. He looks all sweet and innocent. He is an angel, until he is chasing birds and mice!;D

It is good to visit you again.
All best wishes.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

it is so strong....

Momo Luna said...

Dear William,

ha, i like that, the head of the cat! I can imagine that a lot lol.
My boys came up with this name: the W. has to be included. The figure that invents things from the Donald Duck is called Willie Wortel overhere. Wortel means carrot. A popular dutch rapper overhere names himself also Willie W. The W. stands for wartaal, meaning gibberish. Yeah my boys thought it over. ;-)
Thanks for your kind words about the drawing. The magic is a bit dark maybe this time, but'll put hope and light in it also.
Sweet greetz!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Brian, my friend,
your so kind about missing my posts. :-) I was ill but now i'm okay again.
Politics can be great and exciting as there are great discussions, tickling each others intelligence. But it's something else if there's no respect and intolerance, that indeed makes me really sick.

I'm sorry to hear about your cat! It's always sad to loose a little fluffy friend. I'm happy that looking at Willie W. `brought some comfort. Take care!

Momo Luna said...

Liebe Rachel,
danke für die liebe Wörter. :-) You know how to spread love and friendship.
There's a new package coming your way without the seed. ;-) I'll mail you about it later.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much sweet Crissant!

Hi Teri, thanks for commenting. I didn't want to be provocative, but bring a vision that brings thoughts and maybe also questions. Of which i haven't the answers b.t.w. :-) I'm glad you love it.
It's good to have a cat around, they bring such joy.

Peace and love for you also. :-)

Thank you Katelen. And yes Willie is such a sweety pie. :-)
Sweet greetz!

Thank you dearly Robert. I'm always happy to find your comment here. I'm glad you name violent and vulnerable at the same time. That's what i try to do. To show all angles.
Sweet greetz for you! xoxo

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Skizo. :-D

Hello Willy (W? as in Wit?) :-D Welcome and i'm pleased you will come back as an attentive viewer. You are very welcome.
Best regards for you!

Hi JB, the little devil on the left (shhhhhht i actually won't fill in the story, but for you i make an exception) is one of the youngest murderers of Europe. I was shocked, also because of his angelic face. I like to mingle history, famous images etc. in my work. Most of the time very hidden i suppose, but he who watch carefully.......
The painting is almost finished, a little bit more patience i ask. ;-)

Hello Joanne,
yes it is an intense message/story i tell here. So far it goes very well. I also was thinking about a large painting with the two girls on it.
yes, Willie is sweet, i like to think of him as an angel with a darker side (claws and nails) People say God(s) can be cruel too sometimes. And Willy doesn't chase that much and catching something even less. ;-)

Thank you dear Laura.

Martine said...

Ik ben ook heel erg teleurgesteld maar niet over je schilderij, dat is prachtig!

Harry Kent said...

poweful message, Momo through a strong and disturbing image. It is the work of art not only to make us dream and discover beauty, but also to cry out at injustice and the evils in this world. You keep company with Goya. Great respect for your work. A fine image.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

No need for words, this one, indeed is worth a million. -J

Luzia said...

I´m glad to be your 200st visitor or dreamer;-)) Greetings from Luzia.

Momo Luna said...

Dank je lieve Martine.

Thank you so much Harry. I love to mingle beauty with darker things. My work always contains both sides of human kind, darkness and light.Maybe it's my way to tame the devil on my shoulder? ;-)
I'm happy with your respect!
Sweet greetz for you.

Thank you -J for your sweet comment.

Hello Luzia,
and welcome! Nice meeting you and thank you for leaving a comment.
If you mail me your adress i send you a little something for being the 200 dreamer. :-D

merci33 said...

Thank you for the power of your wisdom words and images and for the juxtaposition of the sweet feline energy included.

peace to all living beings

Momo Luna said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. :-)