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Hello there my loyal blogger friends. Hide is the title of this post because i've just finished a new painting 'Hide'. I am very pleased with it. Also because i have the feeling i'm getting the touch of painting more and more. The feeling i had lost a bit somewhere down the road. 
It also seemed i was hiding too from blogland and the www in general. Maybe i was a little bit, but our computer crashed several times and i couldn't come online or just for a few minutes and then the computer just stopped to start all over. Again and again. Very frustrating, lol.  I will visit you all soon!
Next to painting i also started a new drawing: All the lonely people. My camera doesn't work either so i made the photo's with my cellphone. I hope you can see thru the poor quality. :-s
I welcome all my new friends; hello there! I hope you enjoy my world.......


Curious cat :-D



Helmi said...

Wow die ogen, heel erg mooi, de 'tekeningen vind ik nog mooier!

Caio Fern said...

the new one is really full of life.... hahah! sometimes I think you are more Brazilian then me for painting ;)
it isn't the first time that appears a feeling so easy to find here. Maybe you would like to live here.

The All the Lonely People has so much power and beauty. you really worked on every detail !

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I love too your new paint, the eyes are so expressive...
and the other paint remaind me an ensor..


LilaCat said...

wow, your new painting is really awesome, i like everything about it but mainly the vibrant colors. COOL!!!

Bitch said...

A strong comeback!!

And "All the lonely people"
very expressive faces...

I have missed you...
Good that you are well!!!

SKIZO said...

good creations

Two Tigers said...

Dear Monica! The painting is beautiful, so full of life even the cat wants to get closer to this woman and her warmth! But I like "all the lonely people" too - not just because of the title it somehow reminds me of Beatles album cover art! I think it's Revolver I'm thinking of...but also it makes me think of this blog community we are part of, alone and yet together...thank you for these great works!

Brian Sylvester said...

Dearest Monica,

It is so good to see you and your new works! Very good to see you painting again!

I have been very busy and not so much near the computer as well, but everyone understands and the connections are always close.

Spring is almost here!


LauraX said...

love your curious kittie... a perfect addition... not just hide, but also SEEK!

Momo Luna said...

Hallo Helmi,
ja de ogen..... :-)
De tekeningen zijn me dierbaar, het zijn altijd een verhaal in een verhaal in een.....
Dank je wel voor je reactie.

LOL Caio,
i am not quite sure if the brasilian way to paint is a compliment, as i know your feelings about Brasil. ;-)
Hmmm no i couldn't live there i think, because of the heat in summer. I also don't like the heat. Not at all haha. Autumn is my favourite season (and spring)
I also love the distance people keep in northern places, and somehow i think Brasilians are more open..... :-)
I'm happy you like the drawing.

Dear Laura,
i am so very happy you love the painting, as for you are such a wonderful painter. I love the art of Ensor, so i'm honoured you sense a bit of his spirit in the drawing. I wasn't thinking of Ensor while drawing, but i can understand what you sense. :-)
Tnx dear friend!
Hugs and xoxo

Momo Luna said...

Hello LilaCat. Thank you very much for making me smile about your nice comment. The colors are even more vibrant in real.....
Sweet greetz.....

Thanks dear Monika!! Your visits and comments always makes me happy.

Hi Skizo,
nice seeing you here and thank you!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Gabriella, my sweet friend!
it's so wonderful that you can feel the warmth of this woman that tries to hide.
I was doubting about the title of all the lonely people. Because i love to take some words of songs i love for my titles, but i don't want to lead thoughts and feelings and that can be happening if someone remembers the song. ;-)
I think in the end this drawing will be titled just simple: PEOPLE

Yes, that's the beauty ánd tragedy of us all i think, we're part of families, friends etc.... but we also are alone as who we are.
A hug for you!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Brian, dear friend.
Yes i am so very happy to feel that i am on this path again. That i dare to let go and try new things while painting. :-)

Yes, i know the connections are close, for my blogfriends are in my heart. :-D

Yes spring!!
We have some wonderful days lately and i hear the birds sing, making me happy.

I think it's great that you are so very busy, that only means there are lots of project on your way. :-)
I so love it to see you grow all the time.
Kisses for you as well and i hope there is some sunshine already for you too!

Momo Luna said...

Hello Laura and welcome. :-)
I love that, not only hide but also seek. And yes the cat was checking the painting. :-)
Tnx for commenting!

renilde said...

hallo Monica,de kleuren en het vogelperspectief in je schilderij spreken me enorm aan en ja dan is er die blik, daar valt niet aan te ontkomen,iets dierlijks, tijgerblik, verrast ontdekt te zijn;zie ik vogels in dat groen?
Zeer mooie tekening, vol details, je blijft kijken.
liefs renilde

Nina Jørgensen said...

wow the wall painting is amazing!!

Martine said...

dont hide lieve Monica, ik ben veel te blij als ik weer nieuw mooi werk van je kan bewonderen.

الرجل ذبح بعضهم البعض ولكن الخيول باهظة الثمن said...

good werk


Very good pictures and drawing.
Best wishes, for you.


Karin Bartimole said...

love your new works Monica. your painting is beautiful - great perspective! I've been mostly in hiding, too. it surprises me how much time can fly by before I even realize it... anyway, glad I came by to see your new work! xoxox K

yvette said...

je mag je verstoppen zo lang je wilt meissie, en de computers begrepen dat, die hielpen je eventjes.
Prachtig werk weer!


Momo Luna said...

Hallo Renilde,
mooi dat je vogels in het groen ziet, misschien zijn die er, misschien niet. Niet bewust in ieder geval, maar nu zie ik ze ook. :-)
Dank je wel voor je reactie.
Liefs terug!

Thank you so much Nina!

Dat is lief Martine,
maar ik ben nooit ver weg hoor! Toch zal ik komende dagen ook weer minder op de computer zitten ivm mooie weer (tekenen in de tuin yeay!) en aankomende verhuizing.
Maar ik duik geregeld weer op hoor. :-)

Momo Luna said...

Thank you, the one which name i cannot read, but with the Fernando head. ;-)

Hello Roger,
always a pleasure to see you here. Tnx for commenting!

Hello dear Karin,
yes time seems to fly by, and as if i don't have enough time in a day. I hope you're doing fine.
I;m glad you came by too!

Sweet greetz and hugs....

Momo Luna said...

Dank je lieve Yvette,
zoals ik ook al aan Martine schreef: het mooie weer komt eraan én een verhuizing, dus de computer zal weer wat minder gebruikt gaan worden. Maar ik ben nooit ver weg. :-)

Kusjes en liefs!

Odd Chick said...

i enjoyed seeing all your art- it is very electric, lots of energy, lots of pull for me.

Momo Luna said...

Ooops, sorry Odd Chick, i notice your comment just now. Thank you for your kind comment and welcome. Nice meeting you and i'm happy you enjoy my art......


danke für deinen lieben Besuch bei mir!! Diese Arbeit mag ich gerne. Sehr skuril wo es viel zu entdecken gibt

Shelley Whiting said...

Ame el caos y las toneladas de caras. Su trabajo es lleno de porciones de expresión y de energía. Trabajo hermoso.