The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Then i touched your face

21 x 14 cm

A good observer knows what the butterflies are standing for in my work.... ;-)


Caio Fernandes said...

i liked that thing i believe is a berry on the hand near the mouth . is it a berry ?
i loved the striped eyes as well. and the harmony with the stripe of the other head ...
yes... i liked a lot this work.
exept for the piramide , but its is very personal , i always hated piramides , i have an impulse to try to destroy then all.
if you day i go to egypt , they will be in trouble :C
i think i have a good idea about the buterflys on your work.
the way you did the head in profile is really unic . i like to see the solutions you get sometimes as on this.

Manon Doyle said...

Unlike Caio, I really like pyramids. I've always been fascinated by them! Wow!! Terrific piece, Monica!! Love it!!

Momo Luna said...

It could be a berry Caio, could be something else. ;-) I'm glad you like the striped eyes, i like it also a lot.
The pyramid: it's personal yes LOL. Perhaps you were in ancient times one of the slaves who had to build the pyramids. If you believe in reïncarnation. Who knows?
Like Manon i love pyramids, i hope to stand in front of them one day. I also like sphinxes.
But maybe the figure on the left will help you and swallow the damn thing, like a frog does with a fly. ;-)
I'm curious what you think about the butterflies.
Tnx for you sweet comment dear Caio.

Me too Manon, i think pyramids (and sfinxes) are awesome. :-)
I like mummies as well. The mummie(s) in the Louvre are very intruiging.
Sweet greetz lovely lady!

Caio Fernandes said...
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Caio Fernandes said...

hahah!! maybe Monica , i think that because , sinse small kid , i imagine myself as one of the jew slaves that runned away fron egypt, i have always disliked everything about this culture .
the only things i like bout egypt are the domestic cats and the idea that they were the real inventors of the pizza .
but , again , yes ... :D i loved this work !!
Hi Manon !!

Momo Luna said...

Are they the real inventors of the pizza? I didn't know haha. I watch often documentaries about Egypt and the culture was a harsh one yes. So i can agree with you on that. But all cultures were harsh in that time i suppose. And yes i adore Egyptian cats! Now suddenly the song Walk like an Egyptian pops up in mind. :-s

Inkpunk Artworks said...


I can't believe you guys are talking about cats and pizzas this late at night - you have made me very hungry. Yes, Caio, two of the best pizza places that I have ever found were run by Egyptians.

I am trying to break the code of this piece. If it's not a berry, then is the figure on the right smoking? Six butterflies and the all seeing eye. The butterflies could be transformation, but I'm seeing more of a hallucinatory state and the transendence of the unconscious. Or, I may just be way off the mark. It's a wonderful and though provoking piece! I would love to know what is going on in your mind!

Hope your week is going well!


Caio Fernandes said...

ok Brian has been really deep here !
while i was naive and shallow only thinging it pretty. hahah!
and now the berry turned into many diferent things ... i am lost .
so now i am going to Walk like an Egyptian .... pizza and cats , damn , those guys lived thousands of years ago the life i have today ;(

(`•.•woman´)¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°°`° said...

very good work !!!!!!!!!!!

joanne May said...

Pizza and cats... A very nice combination. I don't mean cat on pizza either! ;D
Eating pizza with your cat is a great idea. Egyptian cats are beautiful! >^.^<
Anyway back to your painting, Monica! :-)
This is a fascinating piece of work. I also love the stripy eyes and swirls. Very strong faces and a great composition. I love this picture.

Martine said...

ik houd ook van pyramides en trouwens van het meeste van je werk. Laat Frankrijk je gezicht raken, das goed voor je. Waar ga je naar toe in dit prachtige land?
Ik ben net terug en kan er weer een jaartje tegen....... alhoewel, ik zou morgen teruggaan.
Liefs XXXm

Momo Luna said...

Haha Brian, i can talk about cats and pizzas anytime. My favourite pizza is with anchovis and spinach, but I also like turkish pizzas very much! ;-)

I love it if you break the code. :-D
No the figure on the right is not smoking, just kiss kiss kiss. And you're not way off the mark. Every interpretation is good, but i love yours. :-)


Momo Luna said...

Oh, i'm not so sure if you really wanna know what's going on in my mind dear Brian. ;-P

Momo Luna said...

LOL Caio. I like it when you're naive. ;-)
This berry has many forms i suppose and it's good to get lost at times.

I wish i could see you walk like an egyptian. Nothing changed over the years....

<3 to you, crazy friend.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much ~*woman*~.

Momo Luna said...

I agree Joanne, egyptian cats are awesome, but your cat is very beautiful too.
I don't know what got into me with the stripy eyes to be honest haha. But i like them also.
Tnx for your sweet comment.

Momo Luna said...

Ha lieve Martine,
altijd fijn hier een berichtje van je te treffen.
We gaan naar Normandië en dan nog iets verder daaronder.
Ik zal Frankrijk mijn gezicht laten raken (mooi gezegd) en mijn hid en hart...

Liefs en xoxo voor jou!

kathrin said...

I love your works, realy great, big hugh Kathrin

Karin Bartimole said...

butterfly kisses tickle my fancy in my garden as the sun lowers and it's cool enough to go out there, so your painting reminds me of them - but to try to decipher your mystery is beyond me! I just love your style, the menacing feel along with humor and joy. there is a bit of everything here for me! A juicy berry is the topper - yum!!

MaioneseSemOvos said...

tell me what you think

i don't
Silent echoes, strange shape
i have my own world.....

jbkrost said...

I think I may have deleted my first comment...
I went through the book, its top notch.
Somthing you should really be proud of.
Were all proud of the work you've been doing, its nice to see it all put together

Momo Luna said...

Thank you dear Kathrin, hugs for you also!

Tnx Karin for your lovely words (i like butterfly kisses)
I don't explain my work (too much) I think the story one sees in it is just the right story. So a drawing have many stories. :-)

Hi there Maionese SemOvos, and welcome. What a pity you won't tell me your thoughts, but i like mysteries as well.

Hi JB,
no i read your other comment, it's under the last post. ;-) But tnx for your support and nice comment, i appreciate a lot!
And i have many ideas for new books now, wait and see.....

Annie said...

Dag Monica, wat een mooi werkje. Op één of andere manier denk ik bij het zien van jouw werken vaak aan de huidige werken van mijn schoonbroer. Ik zal eens een fragmentje uit zijn werk doormailen.

Momo Luna said...

Hallo Annie,

dank je voor je reactie. Nu ben ik natuurlijk heel nieuwsgierig naar het werk van je schoonbroer. Fijn als je wat doormailt. :-)
Groetjes terug!