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First of all a welcome and sweet greetz for all new dreamers who wander through my world. I haven't been a great blogger lately because i was busy busy busy and therefore in the evening a huge lack of energy. Too tired for blogging and commenting all my favourite blogs. I don't know exactly if this lack of energy has to do with my disease or with aging or maybe both. But it sucks big time. Very frustrating.

In my shop you can buy three booklets of my work and that takes lot of work. Updating the shop, spreading the url, taking orders, check them, send them etc.... i don't mind the work, it's fun but if there is an easier way i sure will try that. So i tried a new way. Inspired by Caio i also made a book with Blurb. The program booksmart is easy to use. I'm very pleased with it all. I make the book and upload it to Blurb. They take care of the business. I don't have to print lots of books (as i did before). Blurb print it if there's an order. Besides; the price for the book is less expensive as with my other print-company. And you can check the book on the website, also a big plus. I think the book looks great and there will be more books in the future with my work. So many possibilities.
This means that my first booklets will be even more special, because the impression of the book is just 50! Ánd ofcourse there is a real original drawing at the last page of each booklet. So pick your choice! ;-) And here it is, my book Silent echoes

I haven't worked on new drawings/paintings lately, so i leave you with an old one: some details of the painting The pomegranate.


Inkpunk Artworks said...


You have been a very busy bee, and it's good to see all of this progress! I can't wait to get my hot little hands on the new book. I have previewed it, and it obvious that you put a lot of work into it. I will do my best to spread the word in America here!

One of the things I don't mind is pulling weeds in the garden. It's part of the process and very meditative. I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty!

Take care, my sweet friend,

Elisabeth said...

Hi Momo

You have been busy. I see you all the time on Face Book too but I tend to restrict my comments to blogs. There's only so much you can do.

Wonderful work and it's good to see you so successful.

Crissant said...

Hello Momo,
Blurb is a bless in our lifes, don`t you think?
And your book is so so so beautiful. A tellingstory book!
Really good see your new productions. Thanks for sharing!
Congratulations for all!

Caio Fernandes said...

you know already i am in loved with your book .
i am happy i have the booklets! butmy colection isn't complete . i don't like uncomplete colections ;)
soon i am going to get it all, honey .
your book is fantastic .
Silent Echoes. Great name .
one doubt i always had is if the price of the copy on blurb is the same if i had to print at least 1000 copys as happens here on the local grafics . i am glad now that you said that YES . it is as cheap as print 1000 copys in one time .
even better .
kisses my dear .
you are always sweet and generous . you deserve this wonderful book . and thank you for all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great book! It came out so nice!
Now I really have to catch up with everyone's cool books.
I just love those pieces posted as well.
So great!
Keep it up!

Rachel said...

Liebste Monica,

das mit dem Buch ist Spitze!!!

Und - ich habe dich nicht vergessen, leider ist der Händler, von dem ich es bekomme, noch nicht da gewesen, aber es wird noch!!!

herzlichst, Rachel

SKIZO said...



ALeks said...

Looks great Momo,pity that is wearing you of like that! Take care of yourself and have a strength to get your energy back! Im not that good myself but thats no news!
Good luck with selling your booklets and book,hugs and greetings to you and yours!
Aleksandra ;)

Harry Kent said...

book looks really great, a wonderful achievement ... no wonder youre feeling worn ... i think these down are necessary for some of us - it's the brain's way of recharging the batteries ... we all love you and understand if just the ordinary things seem to take extraordinary effort and you need rest ... we will be around when the energy returns so look after yourself ... hugs and kisses

Momo Luna said...

Thanks Brian for your always kind, supportive and inspiring comments.
Yes, working in the garden is very meditative and enjoyable. I don't mind getting dirty hands as well. In fact i love to wriggle my hands in the earth at times.
But some weeds has lovely flowers so they may stay.
Sweet greetz and xoxo

Momo Luna said...

So it is Elizabeth and i'm happy to see you here and read your comment.
Thank you for you nice words. :-)

Hi Crissant,
yes i think Blurb is wonderful. new possibilities i see....
I love how you describe my book. A tellingstory book, i love it! And it's great that everybody sees a different story.
Sweet greetz and xoxo for you!

Momo Luna said...

Hi dear Caio,
i am so happy you love the book. And yes.... the booklets, they're now even more special because i have lowered the impression.

I don't know if Blurb is cheaper than other printcompanies, because i can't print a 1000 copies or so at once.(i think that it then is cheaper to print) I ordered ten booklets at a time by a dutch printcompany. But Blurb is easier becuase they arrange/control all the business stuff like orders, mailing etc. And the outcome for the price of the book for customers is a little cheaper than the dutch version, so therefore i now choose Blurb.

I wrote you a message on FB my friend, thank you for your support and you're always an inspiration. <3

Momo Luna said...

Hi Kiki and Brad, tnx for the comment. I'm happy you like it. And yes keep up with all those great books! It's worthwhile. :-)
keep creating, sweet greetz!

Liebe Rachel,
don't worry sweet lady, i know you haven't forgotten me. And i haven't forgotten you also, although i'm a bit silent. Not a great blogger, commentor lately. But i still visit your blog. And i'll find my words again soon.

Nice seeing you here Skizo. :-)

Hi lieve ALeks,
dank voor je reactie. Het zijn andere zaken die me vermoeien momenteel. Emotionele dingen. Maar werken aan mijn kunst zoals tekenen, schilderen, boeken maken enz... geven me juist energie. Jammer genoeg weegt de emotionele stuff wat zwaarder op dit moment, maar het tij keert ook weer, dat weet ik.
Liefs en xxx, Monica

Momo Luna said...

Hello Harry, nice seeing you, glad you're back. :-)
Feeling worn has to do with other private matters, but the tide will turn soon.
Thank you so much for your sweet, kind, supportive words. They really make a difference, and i feel blessed with such caring, lovely friends from all over the world.
<3 and xxx

Momo Luna said...

To you all dear friends,
thank you so much for all the kind, supporting and caring comments. They brighten my day and i really really am happy with all of you as my friends.
♥ ♥ ♥

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Congratulations!! it must be super, must have :-)

jbkrost said...

I just finished viewing your book,
Wow really good, seems you've included everything on importance to you, they way a good book should be!
really nice job!
How are you going to top this?

Momo Luna said...

Thank you dear Laura!

Thank JB, here is your comment. ;-) Oh i'll top this, wait and see..... (again haha)

William Michaelian said...

Beautiful! I posted a few words about you and your book on my blog today:


Woman in a Window said...

Just a few more pennies to save and I will place my order. It is a beautiful piece of work. Congratulations.


Momo Luna said...

Oops sorry, i didn't response here as well William. I am very pleased with the beautiful words you wrote. Such poetry only can come from your pen. :-)

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much Erin, it makes me happy that you like my work.
I'm sure you will not be disappointed aboiut the book. Tnx for your always kind comments. :-)

xoxo Monica

Poetic Artist said...

I just viewed your book..It looks wonderful..Great work..I have to save for book..
Take care.