The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Still almost blue

Life isn't always a picnic (tnx dear Caio for the expression) and that's the reason for my silence. I closed myself like an oyster, no energy left to communicate. Not in the real world and not in the blogworld.
But closing yourself once in awhile isn't bad, you can read here why. A new blog to express my girly feelings, writing stories and uploading beautiful images for surreeel dreams. The first post is about an oyster and is dedicated to my dear friend Caio. He'll understand. Thank you my friend!

I haven't forget you either my dear blogfriends and soon i'll visit your blogs again, paying attention to you all. You mean a lot to me.....


Crissant said...

Congratulations for you new blog! Very emotive!

Don´t worry about your silence. This is a important part of people who have a creative soul.

Kisses, dar Momo.

Caio Fern said...

great new blog.... le'ts travel to there all the time.

one day i am going to take all the pears we have produced and we will be the great fancy oyester friends of the entire ocean.

Brian Sylvester said...


So good to see you back. Of course, I have been worried, but I always know that you will come back out on top. I have missed you.

I will make sure to visit your new spot.

Take good care,

kathrin said...

dear Momo you are great and your kind of art is fantastic, same of Caio, I love his kind of art and he is such a great artist. big hugh Kathrin

Harry Kent said...

silences must come but they cannot silence friendship because friendship waits to break a silence when the time is right ... we are all here, waiting gently, happy to break the silence with you, Monica

Manon Doyle said...

Hey, Monica

I can relate to you more than you might know. Take all the time you need to get to a space you need to be in.
be gentle with yourself.

Nevine said...

I am there!


Anonymous said...

hi Momo it's nice to see you (av missed seeing you around) but that silence can be like medication for the soul..space for healing.


Poetic Artist said...

We all need to take the time to be with our self and to be silent.
It is good to know you are okay.
I will be here waiting for you and your art to return.
Going to look at your new page.

Kipik said...

take your time Momo Luna! But come back to us! Big Hug!

Momo Luna said...

Thank yu sweet Crissant and xxx for you as well! :-)

Ha Caio, that is such a great thought, i can imagine.... :-)
A hug for you dear friend.

Dear Brian,
so sweet for missing me. I missed you too!And yeah you're right, i always bounce back. I don't leave without any word.

Sweet sweet Kathrin! Thank you my dear. Always a joy to see you here. xoxo

Tnx dear harry for such lovely thoughtful words. I love all the hugs you gave as well. :-D
Hugs also for you my friend.

I will sweet Manon. Take the time and be gentle to myself.
Take care as well lovely one.
Big hug!

I'm happy you are Nevine! xoxo

That's nice Green whisper and so true. My soul needed some rest. Sweet that you missed me.

Dear Katelen,
thank you so much for your lovely comments' I hope you're okay as well!

I will Kipik and sure i'll come back. Because i don't wanna miss you and all my wonderful blogfriends!
Big hugs too!

Denise Scaramai said...

dear Momo,
I arrived here a little late ... but
take your time, is indispensable;
your body and your soul you ask for this ... remember that everything comes in cycles; and they go ...
a brotherly hug and for you ...
we'll see you soon!

Martine said...

Hey Monica wat fijn dat je er weer bent en je nieuwe blog is geweldig.
Rustig aan hè?
Lieve groet

Momo Luna said...

Yes it's true Denise, about the cycles. I like to think of it as the tides of the sea. But sometimes my impatient and restlessness wants to swim against the tide instead of flow with it. :-D But i'm learning....

Ha lieve Martine,
ja rustig aan, maar dat vind ik vaak moeilijk. :-s Ik vind het fijn je hier te zien!