The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Fertility * I don't know what you see

Life turns me, i don't know what you see

Close up

The beginning of a new painting

For a long time now i had the idea to do something with fertility goddessess. My restlessness lately lead me to painting again. And i almost obsessively started to paint my fertility goddess with the strange grimas. The cycle of attract-distract begins. First i fell in love with her, then i didn't like her too much and now when i finished her today i think she's wonderful. But only in time i grow fond of my art and then i can let go.....
After finishing Life turns me... i had the urge to paint another one as well. So the last painting is the set up for a new fertility goddess as well. It's all about the circle of life: birth, blood, death and the beginning of new life.

The sources of my inspiration.....


Denise Scaramai said...

Yes Monica,
the life cycle, small deaths,
Wheel of Fortune, temperance .....
everything is energy, balance, and finally the "creation"; you did very well in bringing to light their fertility goddess!
she is beautiful and represents,
in my view, the pure creation!
good vibes dear!
embrace a strong and true!

Woman in a Window said...

I get a feeling from your art that I don't get from anyone/thing else. It is as though I can hear drums.


Anonymous said...

Oooo Momo, she looks like insanity..but i guess those life birth hormones can do that to woman. she looks so very real and yet not..quite creepy..but am very drawn to her.. i like her alot.

i've been doodling fertility lately too..urges..:)

mmmm.. yes, that circle of life..with every mooncycle.. creation..a chance of life..bleeding and..death! the wheel turns..

beautiful works..


Momo Luna said...

Tnx Denise for all your kind words and support. I truely appreciate that a lot.

Hello Erin,
i hope that's good, to hear drums. :-) But i'm happy that my work touches you.
Sweet greetz and kisses!

Hi Green whisper,
yes she's a bit creepy. That's the reason i'm not sure of loving her or not. And yet, she atrracts me a lot also. I'm inspired by fertility statues. I'll post them as well i think. Maybe people recognize them.
Thanks for commenting such lovely words.

Momo Luna said...

@ Green whisper: i forgot --> i like that: she looks like insanity.
I know i was a little insane while giving birth. My poor hubbie love didn't know what to do; he had to hold my hand and at the same time i said leave me alone!! lol
I wonder what man will think of this work. Maybe too scary, too much red, too much.....?

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

wow, such a beautifull expressivefull work!

Two Tigers said...

I love this new direction with your fertility goddesses! They are primitive yet so contemporary. It's a good question what men think of this honest a look at what it is to be female - we are always dealing with pain, blood, with the cycles of life and death and the changes of our own bodies that can make us insane and yet we have to be strong and wise and take care of others while also being beautiful and delicate like flowers...I think you have really captured something here, dear Monica! From the very depths of your soul...

Steppenwolf said...

Wonderful representation of fertility and the rictus grin of pain and exultation, a delerium. This is a very special work Momo, I absolutely adore this!

merci33 said...

Very empowered imagery Moma Luna

I too am attracted to these images...and for good reason, no? as we are the FERTILITY GODDESS of the creative process...
You demonstrate this with such boldness and connection to the earth!

Crissant said...

The world needs fertility, but not only the female fertility.
We need fertility about creation, new and useful ideas. In fact we need to re-born as human being.

Your work transmits this kind of need. It´s wise!

Kisses, dear Momo!

Caio Fern said...

i prefer your versions of the images.
much more .
they have a expression of pleasure for me.

great works.

Brian Sylvester said...


Do you know what I see? I see strength and power, that is what I see! I also see a powerful creative force that is longing to be expressed. It makes me so, so happy to see your new works and to know that you are painting again. I see something that is not your normal style, so maybe some sort of rebirth?

I wish you lots of peace and continued strength, my friend!

Take good care,

Martine said...

helemaal sprakeloos zit ik te kijken naar de kracht die deze godin uitstraalt.
Ik denk dat dit pas een begin is, hier kun je niet stoppen!

will-Art said...

Mooi archetypisch werk!

SKIZO said...


Dave King said...

Powerful, your first Goddess. No doubt about what she is. I shall be interested to see how the second one works out.

La Dolce Vita said...

not creepy at all to me, love her and her face is ecstatic, wonderful piece Monica!

Anónimo de la Piedra said...

...hola Momo...cuanto tiempo sin hablarnos...tu trabajo está tan impregnado de tu fuerza...saludos...

Nevine said...

There is a huge outpouring of emotion in your work. There is life screaming to be liberated. And there is blood... always... because it is the very life... of life.

I love her... both of them!

And I so love your talent.


jbkrost said...

quite a departure but still in line with your usual high skilled work!
glad your back

Cathy Cullis said...

hello, I love the lines in your figure portrait - beautiful work!

Nina E Jørgensen said...

I really like how expressive this piece is!

Bitch said...

Sehr ausdrucksvoll!
Nur, auch ich habe deine aelteren
Gemaelde lieber.
Diese Seite von dir ist vielleicht
eine Aenderung in deinem Stil.

lilly piri said...

Very interesting work, i like your inspiration!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

It's so easy to judge our work early, and push it one way or another. Holding the comments til the work sings is more a test to the creative flux. I like that you are / will be exhausting the possibilities. -J

meg said...

thank you momo, you're so really kind!:)
i sincerely adore this one..the style, the expression, it's all accurate and very impressive!
hope to see more and more!:))

joanne May said...

Hi Monica,
How are you?
I hope all is well. I have not seen you for ages!
This is another powerful image of female strength and fertility.
The cycle of life and death is a good subject for creative inspiration.
The Mexican fertility goddess is an amazing image. I am sure some people would find it a bit disturbing, but I think it is a celebration of female energy.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful paintings.
Jo. xx

Momo Luna said...

Oh my, where's my comment? I swear i had responded all your sweet comments, i'm not impolite, but somehow it's vanished....
Okay another try:

Thank you so much sweet Laura. It makes me happy that you like it....

Tnx dear Gabriella,
i must say, everything i create comes from the depths of my soul. I shouldn't know how to paint or draw otherwise. :-)
And yes, i wonder if men find this scary or maybe unattractive.

Thank you Steppenwolf, it's always a pleasure to read your comments. Yes, the grimas could be delirious. I like that.
Sweet greetz for you.

Momo Luna said...

I love your comment Iona. Yes, we love it for a good reason. I love the bold comment, and yes i am a earthy person, for being Taurus. :-D
Thanks for commenting.

Kisses for you as well dear Crissant. I don't know if i'm wise, but i follow my heart.....
Yes, we need fertility about creation. Especially my country in these times with the new government. They are breaking down all of our cultural history and trying to destroy all new cultural ideas, not giving it any chance. But creativity will find its way, i'm only concerned if the creative spirits will survive the hatred, because that seems to happen right now. Artists are lazy people, why do we need painters etc? That kind of comments i hear lately. It's too sad....

Thanks my dear Caio. I'm happy you like my version as well. :-D

Hi Brian, my sweet friend,
i'm happy you see the power and strength. Because it's there, very much so. Maybe it looks a bit different (as Bitch always mention)but that amazes me, because i think my paintings are not that much different from my drawings. If you look at all my work, there's a little bit shifting, but i think there's also a continuity in my work. It keeps me thinking though how others see it and thats good. It's always good to learn. :-)
Hugs and kisses my friend!

Momo Luna said...

Ha lieve Martine,
je reactie maakt me zo blij! En je hebt gelijk, dit is nog maar het begin....

Dank je wel Will!

Tnx Skizo, i appreciate it. See you later!

No doubt at all Dave, i like that. Thank you for your comment....

Momo Luna said...

I'm glad you don't find her creepy Caterina. I think she's moving in her pain and extasy.
Thank you!

Tnx for your kind comment Anónimo de la Piedra. I'm glad my art speaks to you and shows her strength.
Sweet greetz!

Thank you dear Nevine.
i also love your talent very, very much. And yes there's always blood in my work, or a hint towards it. I don't know exactly why. But indeed it's the very life of life.

Thank JB, i always smile as i see you here. And yes! Still in line, i'm glad you see that!

Thanks Cathy,
it doesn't surprise me that you love the lines. :-) Thanks for commenting, i really like that.

Tnx Nina, you're kind!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Monika, my namesake :-)

Danke für das Kommentar. As i also wrote to Brian, i'm amazed by the fact that you see it as different according to my other work. That interests me, because i think that it's not different at all. So i wonder where this 'other style' comes from. But it's good to think about how others see my work.
Sweet greetz!

Thank you so much Lilly!

Dear Jayne,
how i love this:
Holding the comments til the work sings...
How wonderfully said. And you're so right. Mostly i don't show a work before finished because i know that comments can influence my ideas and that can lead to insecurity. But i follow my instinct and heart....

Thank you Meg, you're too kind. :-)

Hi Joanne,
i'm so happy to see you here! I'm doing fine, tnx, but i had a rough period that made me silent and hiding in a cocoon. I always return sooner or later. You're sweet for asking.
Yes, i suppose some people find this a bit disturbing and i can understand that. Like you i see it all as celebrating feminity in all its forms.
Hugs and xoxo