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Strange days and sweet friends

Strange days lately. I had this virus that kept me on the bed thursday, friday i felt fine the whole day and friday evening feeling sick again. But i'm okay now.

I feel a bit guilty for having the feeling to neglect all of you, my wonderful blogger friends. But i'm not neglecting you, i'm reading and visiting you, really, but strange enough it still seems that i cannot find the words to comment. Not find any words to write a blog also. My head is full with wonderful words that i gladly would like to share with you, but writing it down, or in this case typing it on my computer and post it, is a different story. Somehow it won't come out this way.
Next to working, being ill, taking care of my family, i'm also very busy with drawing, painting ánd experimenting with new graphic designs. More commercial, because my wallet is very, very empty at the moment haha. And the landlord doesn't seem to be very happy with my behind on the rent. :-S But i have trust in the future. I'm an optimistic person. I'll soon will post about this graphic experimenting. It's really fun.

Talking about wonderful blogger friends....... Two or maybe already three weeks ago i received mail from a very sweet lady from Germany. So unexpectedly and on a moment i could use some sweetness. The lovely Kathrin sended me a sweet letter and some very beautiful cards. Her photographs are so very wonderful, always making me smile and dream, and comforting me. That the world isn't such a bad place, that there are wonderful worlds and sweet souls out there too. Check out her blogs with all those lovely photo's of her. A book of magic and her awesome Swkalo with black and white photo's. Very dreamlike.
Thank you so much sweet Kathrin for all your support, your lovely comments and your thoughtfullness. I appreciate it more than you will know......

And thank you all my wonderful blog friends! All your comments and support have made me stronger and gave me the confidence to profile myself in the artworld of my state. I couldn't do that without all your support. So next friday i wanna start a give-away to thank you all ánd to celebrate my favourite season. So stay tuned!
Also a very warm welcome to my new fellow dreamers. I'm glad you found me, nice meeting you.


Caio Fern said...

yes, luna !!
sure you are missed , take your time and come back full of energy .
and Kathrin... oh... isn't she wonderful ?
i adore her and her photos !
kisses for the both .

Two Tigers said...

I echo Caio's urging that you take your time, sweet Luna, and come back to us when you are full of energy and ready to speak with us again, no sooner! Even in your silences, you find ways to reach out to us, and your presence is far too strong to be erased by a mere few days of absence on a website! Feel better, know you are in my thoughts, and I hope your new ventures prove both financially and creatively satisfying, not always an easy, but sometimes a necessary mix! Sending you love from Somerville...

Poetic Artist said...

Yes I miss you and hope you are on the up side..Life is not always easy but the hardships makes us who we are..We grow in wisdom and in strength...
I pray that you will have the things you need.
Peace be with you.

Brian Sylvester said...


There is no need for you to apologize for taking some time for yourself. I know it's not always easy to stay away, but sometimes it's necessary. What's most important is that you are taking care or your physical and inner self.

Each new day will bring more strength and light to you!

Take good care, my sweet friend,

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

I will missed you, came soon back I waiting for you...

Crissant said...

We´ll be waiting you and your art with love.
See you soon, my dear!

jbkrost said...

This is a marathon not a sprint...
save the energy, when you get back on your feet, then let us have it full blast.

heal yourself!!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Caio,

yes the photo's of Kathrin are beautiful and very comforting for the soul i think. :-)

Tnx sweet Gabriella. I'm sending my love back to you. :-)

Thank you for your sweet and wise words dear Katelen.

Tnx Brian, i love that: Each new day will bring more strength and light to you!
And you're right my friend. Your support also brings joy and light. So thank you!

That's so sweet of you Laura!

Thank you dear Crissant. I appreciate your sweet words a lot.
Kisses for you!

will-Art said...

Hopelijk ben je ondertussen weer volledig hersteld.

De wereld is blijkbaar klein, onlangs heb ik die blogs van Kathrin ook ontdekt.