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A scream for culture and splash splash kisses

I don't wanna talk about politics on my blog, but for just one time i make an exception. Because our new government (i feel ashamed about this government, it shows the world how intolerable we became) is destroying everything we have build the last hundred years.  Because of the crisis Holland has to cut down expences. Okay, sure, that's how it is, no problem.  But this government has decided that culture (such as theatre, opera, ballet, art) is just a hobby for the elite. Especially the left winged elite. Why should the man of the street has to pay for it? Ofcourse this is bull and very narrowminded and carped but our new government has decided to cut down expences on Culture in a huge way.  Taxes on art and theatre was 6% and will be raised to 19%! Buying art will be more expensive, but a ticket for the cinema will also be much more expensive. All kind of subsidies will be stopped. This means that lots of orchestras will disappear, that theatres has to shut their doors, there will be no projects for children introducing them to art and much much more. And musea will have to raise their prices, so the man of the street who IS interested in art cannot afford a ticket. This decision of the government is unthoughtful and most of all a resentful action to the left  winged politicians who were our government for a long time.
Last saturday 20-11-2010 there were lots of manifestations in many cities of our country and at the end of the day on a certain time, lots and lots of people were screaming. A scream for culture!

*And some famous dutch artists screamed as well.

It is very difficult to make a living on art alone. For me that is anyway. Next to drawing and painting i love  to make collages. With scissors and glue but also on my computer. And i think i'm pretty good at it. I've started a new project named Splash splash kisses (we could swim my little fishes and me) and i made a wonderful logo for it i think.

 Splash splash kisses design

So i have started a shop on Zazzle where i sell more 'commercial' stuff in the form of cards, buttons, bags etc. I have great pleasure in making my poppy images with sometimes a  vintage twist as well. Here you also will find my Organic worlds series.
So now for the fun stuff; some of my designs for splash splash kisses.  Take a look at the shop if you feel like it. I hope you enjoy this as much as i do. :-D 

I wish you all a wonderful week and like Brian i will upload once a week on all tuesdays.  So stay tuned!


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Oh my. Artists will continue to create, because we must. Its a time honored tradition to have a part time day job to support ourselves. We must continue to create so that the positive energy is put into the world.

Caio Fern said...

Great post Luna . I tweeted this and ed on my facebook . Soon i am going to post on my Tumblr too.
It is happeneing in all over the world . The art never was in such huge crises ,maybe not even during the great wars , because now it is institutional . comes fron al the kinds of powers and institutions .
A guy other day was telling about the university in USA that is cuting art programs as it doesn't bring any benefict, they are going to keep only science as it can be turned into money .
What i have heard about the first world countrys and the crises in art now is very similar of what i have heard for my entire life in Brazil . it is horrible . Maybe the world is becoming a great Brazil. a real tragedy .

About your new project . I am really exited and i KNOW it is going to be great . the prints are beautiful .
Good luck with all that .

Luna , is very boring what i have to say . But today it took me 35 minutes to open your page and this Pop Up . I have a very slow conection of internet and a slow old computer . Hope you don't mind if sometimes i don't comment here , but i am always visiting your posts .

Kisses my dear . Have a wonderful new week .
love you .

Poetic Artist said...

This is terrible..Art and music that is what the world is made of.
We must all keep creating.
This is a good reason to talk about government.......

Crissant said...

Hey dear Momo,

I´m with you in this cause. As i heard in a brasilian song: "We don´t want just food or water, we also want have fun and have some art".
More and more we are losing the little pleasures and being slaves. The money is one more time protagonist. Really a shame!!! Even a dog can have more fun than us.

I´m happy to see you on Zazzle :)
I´m following your work there too. Lovely designs!!! Maybe next month i´ll purchase one of your wonderfull articles.

Kisses and have a creative week, sweet Momo.

Bitch said...

Dear Monica
everywhere we have this same problems. I don't know where it
is going to bring us all.
Here in Greece the very "bright"
government cut from people the
life pension (well not all) but
this is not going to change in
the future!

Love your work!
Hugs from Athens

Bitch said...

PS. The politicians I can assure you have their money in Switzerland.

vers said...

Uw vraag werd aanhoord!
Bij deze vandaag mijn blog maar eens nieuw leven ingeblazen.
Hopelijk weer niet voor enkele dagen

Vreselijk dit alles te moeten lezen over onze noorderburen.
Al vrees ik dat de cultuursector ook bij ons in de klappen zal moeten delen.
Ongehoord, en paradoxaal!
Want net zo drijf je kunst en cultuur net meer richting een elite, die er wel nog voor kan en wil betalen.
Als het hier niet ook zo'n vaart loopt, jullie zijn meer dan welkom in ons landje!

Ah, en zie dat je ook een zwak hebt voor collages! Heerlijk toch, dat verknippen, tot het creëren van een nieuwe realiteit.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

It has been that way for a long time here in the states, depending on which state you are in. We manage, we compensate. But we don't like it...
you new blog looks fun I will pop over. -J

I tried to leave a message on your 'Secrets of Death' blog, but the box said "comments can be left by team members only..."??? I will put it here for you:

What an exquisite photo! It lends to so many thoughts, Sleeping Beauty, Writ in Stone... there is such a gentleness to it, as to the words. Thank you for discovering and capturing such splendor. -J

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Dear Monica,
Sorry to learn this news. It is exactly the same situation in the U.S.
Angry, bitter people are influencing governments around the globe. People who in "good times" are never heard by politicians. Moderates and progressive minded people's voices are drowned-out by the clamor to turn back the clock.
I understand, yet am sad that the arts are always one of the first things placed on the sacrificial alter.
It saddens me that our species can be incredibly short-sighted, has little interest in history and is still driven primarily by greed.
As history shows us, during these times artists must band together to survive and move the culture forward, with-or without help by governments.
Like you, I do my best to leave politics out of my blog, but I applaud you for speaking out and admire your spirit.

Brian Sylvester said...

My sweet Monica,

It is a very sad, sad state of affairs on this globe today. There are too many that have lost sight of their souls. It hurts my little brain to even think about it. The only thing we can do is continue to create and not get buried in the politics, but I am on your side ;)

I love your new blogspot and am so happy seeing you being true to yourself. I will be watching with great anticipation!

I hope all is well with you otherwise. I am sending you my thoughts and my energies always.


Momo Luna said...

Yes you're so right Leslie. The creating will never stop, we always find our ways. And i also think that art in all forms brings beauty and positive energy into the world.
Tnx for commenting.

Thank you dear Caio. I just saw it. Yes you're so right about the power and institution. I saw your link on FB of the art listings professional about the institutionalized art and it is so heartfelt.
I must say, when posting this i thought of you, realizing that we have(had) overhere much more possibilities than in Brasil. But it still sucks that everything we had created is going to be ruined right now.
I later realized that the scream for culture and my new project shouldn't be in one post, but oh well...I'm glad you like it. :-D

I know you visit my blog, but reading your comments always making me happy, so i'll miss it if you can't manage. Therefore i wanna fix it for you. Do you have this problem with commenting only on my blog or on other blogs as well? And if the comments are right under the post not as a pop-up does that help? I'm also wondering if other readers also have this problem? Let me know, so i can fix this, or making it better.
Kisses and more kisses for you! <3

Momo Luna said...

Hi dear Katelen,
yes i agree, art, music, poems, literature is what make the world a better place. The creating will continue, simpy because we have to (as Leslie also said) but it's sad that narrowminded politicians who only can think about money are trying to destroy all the beauty.
xoxo for you sweet friend.

Hi lovely Crissant!
Yes too bad these politicians don't see the value of art. I think that's such a poverty of the heart and soul.
Yes, i like Zazzle a lot. Much possibilities giving me new ideas. I sure will buy some wonderful work of you too, but i have to wait awhile for better times to spend some money. But i sure will because i love your work.

Kisses for you and i hope you also have a creative, nice week.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Monika,
yes i saw that horrible decision from your government on the news and i was in shock. How is it possible, that politicians can do that? Ruining everything. :-(
But i'm so happy to meet wonderful people here on my blog (like you) from all over the world. Uniting and sharing, no matter what politicians are trying to do.

Hallo Vers, welkom en leuk dat je reageert.
Hmm fijn dat mijn vraag werd gehoord, dus zometeen gelijk naar uw blog. :-)
Precies, wat je zegt dacht ik ook; commentaar geven op het elitaire van de kunst, dus ze treffen maatregelen die ervoor zorgen dat het inderdaad een elite gaat worden waar ze zo tegen zijn. Hoe krom kan het zijn?
Ja, het is inderdaad heerlijk om nieuwe werelden uit oude werelden te creeëren. Dus ik zal binnenkort ook collages van jouw hand op je blog kunnen bewonderen?

Warme groet!

Momo Luna said...

Hello Jayne,
yes i'm aware of the fact that all over the world this already is a reality. And ofcourse i'm confident that we (the artists) will find our way for sure.
Oh it's a mistake on the secrets of death blog. Thanks for pointing it out, i will change it immediately and place your comment overthere. Tnx! :-)
Sweet greetz for you....

Dear Gary,
yes i read in the comment of Jayne indeed about the situation in America. It's so sad that all over the world western cultures seem to change in self-centered, greedy consuming consuming consuming cultures, indifferent for history and more spiritual values.
Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
And it makes me happy (as i wrote above) to find kindhearted, creative people here in blogland.
Sweet greetz sincerely, Monica

Momo Luna said...

Dear Brian,

yes it's sad indeed, and i for sure will not get buried by politics. There's always a way. And creative souls will find it one way or another.

Yes, i'm happy with my new blogspot as well. And graphic design also makes me very happy. I can bring some other interests of me (rock, spooky stuff, retro, SF, pulp, erotica) into this. It's such fun creating this.

Everything is going well lately overhere. I can feel your thoughts and good energy and i appreciate that a lot!
Are you and miss G. already safe home? And i hope miss G. is feeling better. Bring her my love as well.
Love, hugs and kisses.

Woman in a Window said...

Art won't die. Can't die. But it sure can make life a whole lot harder. Your innovation is the spirit of art. I will over to your new place. Your creations, as always, look intriguing, Monica. I wish you great success!


Sharmon Davidson said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your government's attack on culture. When money is short, it's the first thing to go; it's the same story here, to a lesser extent. People need bread, yes, but also roses (beauty).

I like your collages very much, and am excited to check out your new blog. Good luck!