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I blow you a sweet Christmas kiss!

Tomorrow it's Christmas day! Soon this year will end and i'm looking forward to a new year. What will 2011 bring me? 
This year, 2010, has had it's ups and downs but i'm so lucky that it ends as a happy one. There's hope and  my problems are slowly turning into possibilities.
This year was a very wonderful year for blogging. I'm so happy to meet nice people (YOU!) from all over the world. And i am so very, very happy with all your kind comments and support. Bringing me joy, confidence and also inspiring thoughts and ideas as well. I appreciate your visits and comments so much, even more than you will know. It's so great to send my fellow bloggers some of my drawings or cards at times. And i'm always surprised by the sweet packages i receive in return. I don't expect anything in return, but my sweet blogger friends are also kindhearted  and enjoying the happiness of giving. Thank you all! 

Sweet Rachel, i am so very happy with your wonderful book full of your even more wonderful poems. You are such a kind and sweet lady. Your sweet comments and support always make me smile and every time i read your poems i hear sweet laughter like bright little bells......

Our country and i'm sure all over the world is retrenching on expences. My Christmas wish is a hopeful one:
Don't retrench on your heart. 
You, my dear visitors have a kind heart for leaving me such wonderful comments and support. So therefore i give you this heart of gold.

I wish you all nice Christmas days and a fantastic new year full of LOVE, friendship, warmth and lots lots of creativity!!!  Kisses for all of you and even more kisses for my special friends (you know who you are) ;-)  I'll be off line till january, so see you later!


Elisabeth said...

Happy Christmas from Australia, Monica.

jbkrost said...

Very nice Momo...
Hope all is right this holiday season!
best to you and yours
jbk (U.S.)

Bitch said...

Like always, you wrote such beautiful

Happy holidays!!!

William Michaelian said...

Best wishes, Monica, and thanks for a wonderful year of art and friendship — and for living the art of friendship.

all ways 11 o'clock said...

The very best to you and yours dear Monica. You continue to inspire a gentle humanity with your words and art.


Aleksandra said...

Fijne Kerstdagen and Happy New Year

Two Tigers said...

Thank you for giving us your heart of gold! You know that you already have MY heart, dear Monica! Now, go enjoy the holiday and don't come back until January!

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

You are a most talented, creative and passionate person and I know I'm not alone in saying how lucky I am to have found your blog.
May the New Year bring you ever more inspiration and friends from around the globe.
Best Wishes,

Nevine said...

Have a very Merry Christmas, Dear Monica. It has been a pleasure visiting with you, this year. And I am a huge fan of your tasteful art! I wish you another year filled with inspiration and lovely expression. And may your star always shine bright.


Steppenwolf said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Monica - hope it's a blast, love John

Rachel said...

Liebe Monica,

danke, du bist so lieb, ich danke dir so sehr für deine Freundschaft!

Und ich wünsche dir noch schöne Weihnachen im Kreise deiner Lieben.

Natürlich auch einen guten Rutsch ins 2011. Wir bleiben verbunden..

herzlichst, Rachel

Caio Fern said...

have yourself a merry little christmas.... my your heart be lighted.......

hallo mi dolce Luna !!!!


Salut Momo Luna,
Je suis heureux de faire ta connaissance un jour de Noël et de découvrir l'artiste talentueuse et sensible que tu es.
J'espère que cette nouvelle année 2011 t'apportera de riches surprises et beaucoup d'idées créatrices.
Joyeux Noël et à bientôt,
Je t'envoie toute mes amitiés depuis la France.

Lozzano said...

I hope and wish the new year be for you a wonderful and creative. I hope that, as before, we can continue enjoying your art.
Happy 2011.

Woman in a Window said...

Monica, all the best to you over the holidays. I'm glad your year has proved a good one. I can't imagine what 2011 might be for any of us. Such possibility lies ahead. It is both exhilarating and just a little frightening.

much love to you

elizabeth avedon said...

All Best Wishes into the New Year 2011!!!

Dave King said...

My thanks to you for all those thoughts and every blessing to you for the remainder of the festive season and the new year.

Brian Sylvester said...


I have been a very bad blogfriend by missing your last couple of post here, but you know I'm never far, right?

Christmas has passed, and we now head towards the new year. 2011 promises many things - health, happiness and creativity, and I wish them all for you!

Thank you for being a loyal friend and a constant inspiration for my work!


Denise Scaramai said...

this year was good and different for me, because here on the blogs
I met talented people, genuinely interested in art!
I especially thank you for your support and encouragement in our conversations!
The way of life imposed on us, want us to be automated ... and here we sit with friends, people who breathe art to life ...

That this year, we continue our shares, with all energy!
This year will be the year of great accomplishments, especially for us taurine!
a huge hug and good health!

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Here's to fantastic opportunities and possibilities and being able to recognize them! -J

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much dear Elisabeth....
Lots of love and friendship i wish for you.

Hi Jb, i had a wonderful Christmas, i hope you also. I wish you all the best and more for the new year!

Thank you so much sweet Monika. Have a great change of the year and all the BEST for you in 2011!

Momo Luna said...

That's so sweet of you dear William. I am very happy with our friendship as well. And thank you for bringing joy with your stories and poems. :-)

Thank you dear Robert. All the best for you and your beloved ones as well. And i was wondering if the package has arrived already...
Love, friendship and more love for 2011 i wish for you.....

Lieve Aleks,
i keep my fingers crossed for you, wishing you all the BEST and a great 2011 with no pain, fatigueness but with love, friendhip and warmth.

Momo Luna said...

Ha! sweet Gabriella, it isn't january yet, but i had to thank you (all) for the sweet comments. I'm happy to have met you and you also have a nice place in my heart.
I'n enjoying the holidays, tnx, but today i'm a bit anxcious for having two boys who love fireworks and are now outside with some friends to fire already some fireworks. :-S
Kisses my dear!

Dear Gary,
such sweet words, making me blush a bit. I'm also very happy to have found your blog as well.
I wish you a beautiful 2011!

Thanks sweet Nevine,
i'm a fan of your intense writings that leaves me speechless most of the time. But i try to leave more comments so you know.
Thanks for your friendship.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you John,

i'm happy to have found your blog. I wish you also a fantastic 2011!!!
Sweet greetz....

Liebster Rachel,
i so enjoy your book. It's nice to read everyday a beautiful poem in it. Thank yóu for your frienship sweet friend.
Be careful with the fireworks, i wish you a great changing of the year and a fantastic 2011!
Kisses, and yes we'll keep connected for sure!

Dear Caio,
for having you as a friend keep my heart lighted for sure.
Thanks dear, for being a friend, for being you.
2011 shall be even better, deal?
Kisses and more kisses....

Momo Luna said...

Salut Roger,
and welcome. C'est une belle surprise, finding ces jolies paroles. Nice meeting you, une belle noevelle annee 2011 et a bientot!
Sweet greetz, Monica

Dear Lozzano,
thanks for visiting me, leaving nice comments. I wish you a wonderful new year and i hope we continue sharing our creative thoughts and art.
Sweet greetz!

Hello dear Erin,
yes a new year is exciting and also a bit frightening. Thanks for all your kind comments and visiting my blog. I'm happy to visit yours.
May 2011 be full of magic, LOVE and wonderful possibilites.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Elizabeth, i wish very much the same for you. Happy new year!!!

hello Dave,
i thank you for your visits and nice comments. It's always a joy to visit your blog.
Have a wonderful changing of the year and a great 2011!
Sweet greetz to you....

Dear Brian, my friend,
don't apologize, i knew you were very busy and yes i know you never are far. Don't worry. :-)
This was a wonderful (blogging) year and i enjoyed it a lot to notice your growth and how things works out so fine for you. And you deserve it big time.
Thanks for being such a great friend and let's make 2011 an even better year.
Kisses and love, Monica

Momo Luna said...

Dear Denise,

yes meeting all these kind and talented people on Blogger is a blessing for sure. I also am very happy to have met you and your beautiful art. And yes i love to continue our shares. A year full of accomplishments sounds great.
Have a fantastic new year Denise, thanks for being such a wonderful friend.

That's such a nice wish Jayne, thank you. I wish you also a good new year full of love and friendship.

Annie said...

Dag Monica, beste wederkerige wensen voor 2011!