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Lucky charms, i wish lucky charms for all of you

The new year is now going on for a week and a weekend, so time for a new post. What can i say, i'm a slow starter. But when we Taurus people get a liking for it, we're unstopable. LOL. That's what i wanna do this year for sure: go for it! Being more secure about my qualities. So that at the end all my hard work will be paid off.  It has already started. For being secure about my website building qualities, i now have an order to build a website for a shop. I LOVE to build nice websites.
This new year will be a great year for sure. I have a little helper, a lucky charm. A beautiful gift from Martine, so that will help a lot. Martine had won one of my cards and as a surprise she sended me this sweet angel. Her dress is made of pieces of lace, shiny buttons. I scanned her, but on a computer you can't see all the fine details as for real. Unfortunately. Martine, this sweetheart has a nice place in my bedroom, where i can see her just before i go wandering dreamland.....

Being a slow starter in blogland doesn't mean i'm doing nothing. I'm painting and painting and painting.... YEAY! I'm so anxcious to show you my new work, but i can hold it back this time. So you have to wait till the paintintgs are finished. Because i know when receiving comments before it's finished, will make me confused and lost. Not for drawings, but for paintings it does. And it's a struggle, but a wonderful struggle this time, because i've crossed a line, i now can let go and flow, flow with the painting. And i'm full with new paintings, feeling unstopable, that feels awesome. At the moment the paintings are screaming louder for attention than my drawings. And this time i'm more than happy to give the attention it needs.
During all this painting extasy, i still had the time to make a new drawing as well. But a little bit different than usual. Maybe because of painting, i now had the energy to step out of my comfortzone and trying something else. On artschool we had to draw models with pastels. I didn't like pastels, all my work became smudgy somehow haha. But awhile ago i slightly used pastel in a painting and the result amazed me. So this time i have made a drawing in pastels. I'm not sure about this lady yet, but i'm pleased with her because of what she stands for. Something new; scary but exciting.

Keep the fire

Close up 

I often draw immediately on the paper without a sketch and gom. The figure comes to life while drawing. I'm aware of the sometimes strange proportions and poses. That doesn't bother me at all. If i think the figure is strong enough  i won't change anything at all. ;-) In real the colors are deeper and richer.


Jasmine said...

Happy New Year Monica. Congratulations on the website commission. Your lucky charm is awesome. I love Martines work. So good to hear you are brimming over with creativity. Long may it continue xJ

Brian Sylvester said...

Dearest friend,

This post makes me very happy for many reasons. It is good to see you staring the year off with renewed energy and purpose.

The gift from Martine is lovely. I especially like the sheet music and sweet face. A good charm to fall asleep to.

The new drawing in pastel is awesome! The skin tones and the detailing in the hands bring it to life. I can imagine you painting too, and will just have to be a little more patient to see the results. I can't wait!

All the best to you in this new year!


Poetic Artist said...

Excitment is a good thing..Seeing this new drawing you are really excited she is wonderful..I love her truly I do...She is going to be one of my favorites..Pastel can be beautiful too.:)
I am looking forward to seeing your new work..

Woman in a Window said...

You've a strong momentum to go into this new year with. And I believe you, that your colours are richer in person. I've now seen it for myself, each piece of your artwork a formidable presence. Now we just need to find the right frame:)

all my best, Monica

Your newest woman is fierce.


SKIZO said...

thank you for sharing

Aleksandra said...

You go for it dear Momo! Ik geloof in jouw creativiteit en je krachten,dat heb je tot nu al zo vaak laten zien en voelen,dank je wel en toi,toi,toi!! :)
Lucky charms may be with you girl!

Aleksandra said...

Oh,I forgot to tell you,this pastel dreawing is awesome!! :O)

Heather Gordy said...

Yay for stepping out of your comfort zone and using pastels. The results are lovely.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Jasmine,
thanks for the good wishes. :-) A good, creative year i also wish for you.
Yes, Martine's work is lovely and so is she....

Yes, i do hope the drive for painting will last.

Sweet greetz for you!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Brian, dear friend,

yes it's a great start, although my physical energy could be better. But i am so happy to be painting again. :-)

Yes, i also love the sweet face of the angel that brings luck. And i also love the sheet music. It doesn't surprise me you love that too.

Be a little bit patient and you will see. ;-)

All the best to you too.


Momo Luna said...

Hi Katelen,

yes it's wonderful to rediscover the possibilities of pastels. And happy with the results.

Sweet greetz!

Momo Luna said...

Dear Erin,
i'm so happy you enjoy my art. I love that: a fierce woman.
Just wait a bit for the frame, because i also send you a passe-partout. :-)

Hugs and xoxo

Momo Luna said...

Hello Skizo,

it's nice seeing you here and thank you!

Momo Luna said...

Lieve ALeksandra,

dank voor al je lieve, supporting comments. Ik had je een tijdje gemist. ;-)

Ik wens voor jouw ook heel veel geluk meis, en veel energie.


Momo Luna said...

Thank you Heather,

and it's nice seeing you here. :-)

Martine said...

Did i tell you that i named her Momo? I'm so happy you took her into your bedroom so she can watch over your dreams.
Sorry i'm so late here but its because i had such a wonderful day and evening.
Niet te geloven hoe gelukkig ik ben. Lieve Monica het gaat echt allemaal alleen maar over liefde.
Love is all you need. Ik hoop dat het niet te overdreven overkomt want ik meen het voor 100%.

Aleksandra said...

Ben je droog gebleven daar in Arnheim?? :) Ik bedoel Rijn is niet gevaarlijk hoog of zo,daar waar je woont?Hoop het niet maar het zijn gekke tijden dus hou je goed en lieve groetjes van me!

jbkrost said...

Keep the fire...
and keep it going, thanks for your positive comments....as always you help to motivate
nice work

Sharmon Davidson said...

The drawing is sooo beautiful! I'm glad you are painting, and everything is going well for you. It does feel wonderful when you get to that place where you are your art are one- the flow...

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Hi so wonderfull is your work! I wrote you a e-mail!! I recive all!!

Nevine said...

Monica, how wonderful is your talent! You never cease to amaze me. Your ability to render emotion and expression is truly magical. Keep painting and drawing! Don't ever stop. :-)


Bitch said...

Great new start with a lot of positive energy.
I love your new woman..
I send you a hug also from Greece!

joanne May said...

Hi Monica,
I know how you feel about being a slow starter this New Year, but it sounds like new beginnings are already happening for you! :-)

Congratulations with the commission to build a website. That is great news!
Your drawing, 'Keep the Fire' is amazing, I love it. The composition is beautiful. It will be lovely to see what other works you create this year!

Best wishes for 2011 and love,
Jo. xx

Annie said...

Dag Monica, wederkerige wensen voor een creatief 2011!
Veel succes!

yvette said...

jij hebt ook zo'n mooie Martine engel...en zij een kuststuk van jou....dat zit wel goed dus.
Lieverd dank je voor je lieve commentaar op de alzheimer van mijn moeder.
Ik heb ook heel lang op een geriatrische afdeling van een psychiatrisch ziekenhuis gewerkt en weet hoe het allemaal op zijn slechtst kan...maar ik ga van het goede uit dus ...

een heel fijn jaar vor jou en dat we vaak mogen genieten van je prachtige kunst.



Très beau commentaire. J'aime aussi, beaucoup, cette femme protégeant le feu entre ses mains. Magnifique.


will-Art said...

Wat een prachtig werk!

Momo Luna said...

Thanks all for the sweet comments and sorry for my late response. (blush)

Lieve Martine,
so sweet you called her Momo and i look at her every day and then i smile feeling happy.
En nee, je komt absoluut niet overdreven over, je hebt gelijk! Dat is all wat telt, de liefde.

Lieve ALeks,
we hielden het droog hier in Arnhem, Maar we liggen hoog hè, dat scheelt. :-)
Lieve groeten en kusjes van mij!

Momo Luna said...

I am happy to motivate dear JB. You do the same for me and your art inspires me as well.
I keep the fire and i hope you also.
Sweet greetz!

Thanks Sharmon for your sweet comment that makes me smile. Yes the flow, being one > thoughts and creating hand. That's what makes it all worthwhile. And then the fall, insecurity. LOL but it's a perpetuum mobile. It comes and goes and that's alright.

And so is your art dear laura! And i was/am very happy with the beautiful photo's you made of my art in the Vienna woods.
Kisses sweet friend!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Nevine,
i will never stop, simply because i can't. :-)

A hug for you!

Thanks dear Monika for the warm Greek hug. :-)

Thanks dear Jo for your always kind comments. I am looking forward to all the magic you will bring us.....

Momo Luna said...

Dank je wel Annie! :-)

Lieve Yvette,
hmm ik hoop dat ik niet betuttelend overkwam want dat was niet de bedoeling. Uitgaan van het goede is wat ik ook altijd probeer. Dat is niet altijd makkelijk, maar zeker de moeite waard.
Ik hoop dat het wat beterder met je gaat nu.

Merci beaucoup Roger!
Comprimer le feu de passion dans les mains est une belle image right?
Sweet greetz for you also!

Dank je wel wILL. :-)