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Spleen * But now i have my warrior glove

Life is treating me well these days but nevertheless i feel a bit blue and insecure. Especially occuring my work. :-s Wondering why bother, why do i have this urge to create, and worse; feeling insecure about it. And being secure about it at the same time. Pffff split thoughts haha. Driving me crazy.
While feeling blue and all, a package arrived at my door. I knew it would come and i opened it with a heart filled with joy. The package came from the USA. Sweet, wonderful Gabriella had made a beautiful wristee inspired by my art. She posted it as a  puzzle, nobody guessed by whom she was inspired but i saw it immediately. But i didn't dare to guess it right away, seemed so self-sufficient. The story she wrote about this wristee is wonderful. It makes it even more special. I am very happy with it! The wristee is soft and warm, and has beautiful silvercolored beans and button. To bring the warriorfeel that makes strong. And my favourite colors that brings joy. So if i feel blue, insecure or sad again i put on my warrior wristee, play my favourite warrior music and dance, dance, dance! Dear Gabriella, thank you so very much for this gift that brings me so much. And i'm honoured that my art inspired you. 

 I made some drawings: SPLEEN   *  More about spleen you can read here.

It's good to be on the www again. I will pay you all a visit soon! Kisses my darling blogfriends. :-)


Two Tigers said...

Dear Monica! You have just brightened up my day! I am so glad the warrior glove has arrived and that its destined owner is wearing it finally! Seeing the picture with it on your arm put a big smile on my face - but knowing it can bring you joy when you are in a blue mood is even better! There is a lot of strength in that wristee - but it is also full of love. All the best to you! By the way, these new drawings are excellent!

William Michaelian said...

Beautiful — both of you.

erin said...

That feeling you have, I think it might be one we all have from time to time. How wonderful that you've this inspired warrior glove with which to dance the insecurity away with. You are fierce. You are real. You create because that is who and what you are. It is everything.

(i've moved)


Momo Luna said...

Hi Gabriella,
it feels good to brighten your day and put a smile upon your face.
I've felt the love and the strength from the wristee for sure. It brings light, look at the first photo. :-)
My boys find the wristee very cool!

Sweet greetz and kisses....

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much dear William. It's always a pleasure to read your comments.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Erin,

yes everybody know these feelings. Luckily it comes and goes like a tide. Getting older i've learned that.
Yes, this wristee is a wonderful gift bringing me so much. I LOVE to dance btw and with the wristee it's even better. :-)

Yes it's everything, i must not forget that.

Your new place is wonderful!

A hug and kisses for you.

Denise Scaramai said...

I'm sure that this beautiful glove warrior
will bring much strength and courage! was excellent of you!
Gabriella put a lot of good energy in this wonderful piece!

I left message
on Still Almost Blue :))

Caio Fern said...

wait a minute , did I understood weel ... are you feeling insecure when going to work ?
but this is soooo god . It means you care.
i only don't paint more because everyday before to start to paint i feel cramps and get frozen. really . do you know that kind of stage panic that actors and misucians feel before to go to the stage and performe ? i feel this all the time . everyday. 90% of the times I give up and don't paint . I am totaly coward about my work . hahahah!!!

so good to know you have recieved this from Gabriella .
it is beautiful

Elisabeth said...

Wonderful to hear about your warrior armband Monica and the story behind it. You are blessed.

Bitch said...

welcome back to us!!
I can share your feelings.
For about one year I am out of my
activities with my sport injure.
I can hardly walk and my body
is changing. I am putting on weight
and I am not happy about this.
But I hope it will soon be over.

You know that work is always helping.
So keep on painting..


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

halloooo Monica! So nice to see you, I hope you are better now, kiss you

beautufull glaves of Gabriella, I woould recognize one of her work between 100000000

Brian Sylvester said...


It is SO good to see you back, and I have missed your posts!

I do know that sometimes it's hard sometimes, but you have a strong group of blogfriends standing behind you, me included.

I am also happy that our connection is even stronger now, for obvious reasons.

Your new works look great!

I hope the week goes well for you, dear friend!


Poetic Artist said...

Good to see you and your new gift. Wow..I hope get better and inspiration and energy comes your way..You know I still have not sent you your gift..Sorry..Things in my world have been tiresome.
Hugs to you my friend.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Denise,

the glove already did. And it's so nice to look at it and to feel it's sofrness. :-)
And as i also wrote to miss G. i can feel the strenght and love.

Kisses for you also!!!

Ha dear Caio! Ofcourse i care, did you think otherwise? ;-)
And yes i know stage panic all to well, for being on stage for years. I don't feel that when i start a painting, it
's always when i'm halfway. That's the reason i have so many unfinished paintings in the first place. LOL
It amazes me that even genius painters (and you're one of them) are insecure sometimes about their work. But that brings trust and confidence to me.

It's good to be back!
Hugs and kisses and i love you too!

Momo Luna said...

I think i am Elisabeth. Also for having such loyal and kind blogfriends. :-)

Hi Monika!!
it's good to be back. I've missed you all for sure....
I know painting and drawing helps a lot, but sometimes there are those days.....

Yes since i have my muscle disease my body also changed a lot. First i lost lots of weight, but that was okay with me. But later i gained lots of weight. :-S Because i am not moving enough. But i wanna change this real soon. If i have more energy.

Hello dear Laura,
it's so good to see you as well. :-)
My energy level is returning the better way. And fortunately my personal life is bright at the moment so that helps....
yes i am so very happy with the glove. And i also am sure i would recognize her work between others.
She's talented and sweet.

Momo Luna said...

Hi Brian, dear friend,

knowing that i have such a great network of caring blogfriends helps a lot. And i sure have missed you all a lot. But i wás visiting your blogs at times. But there are periods i fall silent and find it difficult to communicate with words somehow. You know me....
Yes i am also very very happy to have these tangible connections as well, next to our invisible strings. It's great to have Gabriella's beautiful glove and your wonderful art. I look at these everyday and then i'm grateful and happy.
The week is good so far because the temperatures are rising and today there is lots of sunshine. Yeay! spring is coming.... But it will be colder at the end of the week haha. It's still wintertime.

I hope your week is also a fabulous oone
Hugs and kisses and i'm happy you're my friend. :-D

Momo Luna said...

Dear Katelen,

inspiration i have lots of these days, but the lack of energy is making me this restless.
Don't worry about the gift, i understand!
I am late with it also for being so very tired.
I just sended it your way yesterday. Please let me know as it arrives because our mail follows strange paths lately. :-s

Hugs for you Katelen!

whitney-anne said...

that is so very YOU!! Doubts can be good in that they make us re-comfirm where our love and our hearts are. Much love to you as always!!

renilde said...

Hallo Monica,je verrastte me met een heleboel heel lieve commentjes, thanks and thanks again.
Ik bezocht je blog al eerder en jouw werk spreekt me aan door zijn puurheid,zijn directheid. Het barst van de energie soms en de emoties, erg mooi!
En twijfels en onzekerheid steken ook bij mij soms de kop op,'is dit wel goed genoeg,waarom doe ik dit in hemelsnaam' maar er is geen andere optie, ik kan niet zonder. De ogenblikken dat ik compleet tevreden over iets ben zijn schaars ,je wil altijd beter, jezelf verrassen.En de momenten dat ik echt het gevoel heb dat niets wil lukken, daarover heb ik geleerd dat ik dan echt effe iets anders moet doen, het komt altijd wel terug.
Of gewoon wat schetsen en krabbelen en vooral je er niet te druk om maken:) Lieve Monica nogmaals bedankt voor je reacties and don't feel sad, everything is gonna be alright.I'm sure you're gonna make wonderful and good work!! x

Nevine said...

Monica, I am enamored especially of that first drawing of yours. She is quite something. And that down feeling... maybe it is an anticipation of spring. This has been a difficult winter for many. Imagine... the flowers blossoming again!

I wish you joy and peace and joyful visits from muses that touch your heart and fingers with more and more beautiful artful expression.

Thank you so much for your support, these past couple of weeks, Monica. You have been an angel.


Momo Luna said...

Hi dear Whitney,
yes you're right, doubt or insecurity can lead you to focus.
Much love for you also....

Hallo Renilde en welkom. :-)
Al mijn reacties kwamen van het hart, ik ben blij je te hebben gevonden, ik vind je werk fabtastisch! Ik herken ook een soort van zielsverwantschap in je werk....
Net wat je zegt, soms is het schilderen een strijd, maar ook ik kan niet anders, ik heb het nodig.
Gelukkig weet ik ook dat na een dip meestal de doorbraak volgt.
Fijn je hier te treffen Renilde.
Liefs, xoxo

Momo Luna said...

Dear Nevine,
i was thinking a lot of you when Egypt was on the news. I am so happy for you Egypt is free now. The future only can be much better, it must be.
Thanks for your sweet comment, it's always a joy to find your comment here.

Leni said...

i love is so much!