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Mist * Strange twisted popmusic

I wrote about the bands i used to play/ sing in. That made some of you curious. So if you're curious how my voice sounds like, take a look at my blog Starpower.


Brian Sylvester said...


I remember this illustration, it's from one of the bands you were in, right? I am going to Starpower right now to listen!

Thank you for this!


nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

such a perfect illustration... you are so good, it goes good toghether with the group!
thank you for the link too, you are a complete artist

see you

Bitch said...

Now I understand why your art is
always fitting with your music
Because you know very well both

Harnett-Hargrove said...

'Requiem for an innocence lost' is a huge HUGE accomplishment. Thanks for posting such process and vision. Off, to pop over to hear your voice. -J

Crissant said...

Right now i´m cooking and the soundtrack is Mist. Believe me, i just cook listening special sounds.
Today is the second time i´m listening this tape...and i think i´ll listen to this one a lot of times. All song are great!
Mist is now part of my discography.

Kisses and thanks, dear Momo!

Momo Luna said...

Hi Brian,
yes you're right. We layed our heads on a copymachine, making a copy and then i edited it with ink. :-)
I'm so happy you like the music of Mist.

Dear Laura,
you're too kind. It's always a pleasure to read your sweet comments. And i'm grateful to read this from a great painter as you are.
Big hug!

Yes Monika, you're right. Music is a big part of my life and also a inspiration for my art. :-)

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much Jayne! For you're kind comment.

Hi Crissant,
now you're making me happy and smiling. There is more music of Mist but it'll take me awhile to upload it to my computer and convert it to MP3 so the player can play it. :-)
But there's more to come. :-)
Kisses and a big hug!

Caio Fern said...

am so exited , i am so exited .... that i am afraid to break my foot again !!

Martine said...

Monica ik hou meer van je stem dan van die muziek. Ik zou graag een opname hebben.
Mist............zo'n mooi woord, ik hou er van.

kasthurirajam said...

beautiful art

Leovi said...

A wonderful illustration, music sounds great. Greetings.

jbkrost said...

They are frozen in time...
as always really solid work

Manon Doyle said...

Wow!! I love your illustration!! You are so inspirational, Monica!! Love this!!

Denise Scaramai said...

This illustration combines perfectly with MIST!
is amazing! those pictured are serene, but are ready for action!
I loved the sound!
congratulations for all art!
hugs and kisses dear Monica!!

will-Art said...

Je stem past inderdaad goed bij dit werk, dat beslist niet de mist in gaat. Integendeel!

Lozzano said...

This really is a beautiful memory.
No doubt you are an artist in many ways.
Thanks to satisfy our curiosity.
A hug.

Momo Luna said...

Fortunately you didn't break it again my cray friend.

Hi Martine,
ja dat vonden wij ook een mooi woord. Je begrijpt pas wat je ziet (of hoort in dit geval) als je dieper doordringt.
De muziek is ook erg specifiek, er is geen middenweg denk ik; je houdt ervan of niet.....
Nu ben ik wel nieuwsgierig waarom je er een opname van wilt, als je de muziek niet mooi vindt. ;-)
xoxo voor jou Martine!

Thank you Kasthurirajam!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Leovi. i'm glad you like both the music and my art. :-)

Tnx JB, it always makes me happy to read your comment.
Sweet greetz!

Tnx so much Manon. That's exactly what i think about your art; inspirational. :-D

Hi dear Denise,
oh i'm so happy that you think the music and art fits perfectly well. :-) Because my lyrics and melody in fact come from the same well as my art.
Hugs and kisses also for you sweet lady.

Ha, dank je wel Will, ik hou van woordspelingen. :)

Your welcome Lozzanno. And thank you for your kind words and support.

Leena said...

Mysterious, intrigueting and beautiful

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Thankyou for visiting me, I have enjoyed my visit to your blog. You have such talent and we are lucky to see it here!

Momo Luna said...

Thank you so much Leena and i'm happy to welcome you here on my blog. :-)

Tnx Lisa, i'm glad you enjoyed the visit and i welcome you. :-)

yvette said...

lieverd, ik moet eens goed de tijd nemen om hier bij te lezen..dat komt wel maar ik wil het niet opppervlakkig!

alvast een knuf