The mysterious world of MONICA CROESE


Don't touch me, touch my soul


manuel nieto said...

me encanta, un saludo, feliz año

Rachel said...

Liebe Momo,

dieses Gemälde hat Ausdruck, sehr gut...

herzlichst, Rachel

Alexandre Krestiachine said...

A very nice and expressive work! I like the background on the right and it's interplay with the woman's hair.

Manon Doyle said...

Love the new piece. Everything about it is beautiful!
Your new banner is terrific.... love what you've done!

Caio Fernandes said...

Luna ! i loved so much what you did with the colors on her body !!
this mistery air on the image is incredible . very powerful .
and the background ! so diferent and strong .
strong but don't fight with the main figure for attention .
incredible .
thank you for this Luna !! kisses !!

Jasmine said...

A very powerful and visually pleasing work. You have a lot of talent.

will-Art said...

Mooi, krachtig schilderij.

allison said...

amazing piece, deep and touching.

Annie said...

Dit is een tekening die bewerkt is met computer, hé? Welk programma gebruik je daarvoor als ik dat vragen mag. Mooi resultaat!

Momo Luna said...

I had to use my translator, but thank you Manuel. And a happy New Year to you too! :-)

Danke Rachel,
but it isn't a painting. It's a collage and then i 'paint' it (edit) on the computer.
Sweet greetz for you.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Alexandre. I just visited your blog and i am happy to see new uploads of your wonderful art. :-)

Thank you lovely Manon. Yes i'm contented with the new header also. Clean and neat i think. I always need clean and neat in the mew beginning of a year. ;-)

Thank you Caio,
i'm always happy to read your comments and i'm glad if you like my work because i think you're a genius. :-D

Thank you Jasmine. :-)

Dank je Will. Het is geen zelfportret in de traditionele betekenis, maar al mijn werk is ook een soort van zelfportret. Ze zou een (jongere) zus kunnen zijn. ;-)

I'm happy you like it Allison.

Klopt Annie. Het is een collage die ik maak en dan bewerk op de computer. Ik gebruik een heel oud, simpel programma hiervoor: Photoplus 4. Omdat het een simpel programma is, behoedt het me om het te glad, te mooi te maken. :-)

Calli said...

Hi MomaLuna~ Just came by after seeing your work at Caio's place this morning. I love this painting and the others. Such bold lines and colour, which I really gravitate toward.

Thanks for enjoyable visit~

Eileen said...

So beautiful- I think I'm actually in love with your art!