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New blog: secrets of death

I love old cemeteries. To wander there and enjoy the beauty of the old graves and the lovely old statues. Stone angels most of the time. To wonder who all these people were, their lives and dreams. Thinking about life and death. I love the quietness of cemeteries. Their serenity.
Since 2006 i have a(dutch) blog: moonlighted cemetery. But i don't like the provider of that blog any longer. So i am moving all the photographs and poetry to blogger. Take a look into my profile where you can find the url of this blog. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do.

Sweet greetz,


Caio Fernandes said...

hi Luna ! ( this is the name of my sister's cat ),i have visited your "death blog" . it is beautiful that first picture .
yes i love cemeteries too , nice esculptures , silence ... i have seem lots of great cemeteries around the world . here, 4 bloks fron my house theres one , but it isn't a good idea to go there ,it is not pretty , it seems that happened a war there , all broken . and any one will in few minutes be raped and murdered.well...let's do not call this a picnic .
by the way , i saw your lasts posts . your blog is realy great . and i want to listen your sounds ( talking about the bands)

Caio Fernandes said...

hey i saw the list of musik of your profile . there are so much great things . neubauten (i always forget how to write theys name )... old sonic youth is perfect .i complitely agree. i just listen the 80's albuns , and goo and a litle bit of durt , after this....